How to install a bath: instructions for acrylic and steel.

Bath installation or where to start. ..

There are several types of bathtubs and each has its own finenesses of installation, which we will discuss below, but there are general mounting principles for all models.

  1. Similar for all types of assembly and installation of the siphon. Now we will not delve into this matter, this will be a separate article.
  2. Any bath is put on supports. Here there is no unambiguity and there are a lot of framework designs. Some are satisfied with the factory legs, others completely sweep this option out and prefer the brick pillows, for example, in case of installing steel and cast-iron baths, but everything in order. Installing the bathtub
  3. Noise isolation and bath insulation. This point applies to acrylic and steel models, cast-iron ones already hold heat well and do not need noise insulation. The insulation is made with the help of a mounting foam applied outside the whole surface of the bath. To do this, you need to stock up 3-4 bottles of foam.
  4. Fitting the bath with respect to the upper level so that there are no distortions. The bath is positioned using the support legs with adjusting screws. The leveling of the bath is controlled by the lath level.
  5. Vessel fastening is provided for light acrylic and steel bathtubs, while cast iron itself is heavy and will not shift or overturn under the weight of a person. To fix a bathroom it is necessary to walls with special metal hooks or brackets which are also used at installation of boilers. It is necessary that in time the bath does not depart from the wall and the latter does not become damp and not covered with mold.
  6. Sealing the gap between the bathroom and the walls. This work is done when the bath is fully installed. This can be done using a special corner, a curb tape, tiles or sanitary silicone.

Installation of the bathtub

What you need to consider for installing each type of bathtub

How to install a steel bath. Important points.

Take into account all of the above and proceed to the manufacture of a brick cushion. Let's take into account the height of the future design. If, for example, you plan to later purchase a screen, then they go standard sizes of 550mm or 650mm from the floor to the side of the bathroom. Samodelkinym you can not sweat about the extra centimeters, but too high a pedestal is also not practical - climb into it will be difficult.

Brick cushion - it's kind of a wall around the edges of the bathroom and a small pillow under the bottom. If the design of the bathroom allows you to put the vessel in the middle of the room, then the pillow must be made around the perimeter. Remember that in the middle you need to leave an empty space of up to 10 mm, which then fill with mounting foam. All the subtleties in practice can be seen in the video at the end of the article.

Installing the bath yourself

Assembly of an acrylic bath with your own hands.

Acrylic in installation and operation is very whimsical, and the following nuances should be taken into account:

  1. The legs are screwed to the bottom of the bathroom with screws that come with the bathtub. But you can not take too long - hole the object, and it will be in the dump.
  2. The brick cushion is made in the same way as described above. It will not be superfluous if the owners of the apartment are large enough people.
  3. The height of the installation depends on the protective screen, and it will have to be adjusted to fit the screen, as you can hardly make a curved screen yourself, which is often acrylic bathtubs.
  4. Mounting. Not only is the bath fixed to the wall, so also the legs should be screwed to the floor by three screws.

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