Remove stains from wax from clothing, furniture and carpets

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How to remove wax from clothes?

It should be noted right away that it will not be possible to wash wax traces in the usual way - the specific structure of the candle material does not dissolve either in water or in detergents.

Ways to get rid of unpleasant stains depend on the material on which the wax has fallen, but a common feature in almost all cases will be the use of extreme temperatures.

Natural, non-washable fabrics( cotton, linen, jeans, etc.)

Remove the wax stain from unpretentious materials in a few simple steps:

  1. Boil the water in a sufficiently large container.
  2. We put the fabric with a stain for a few seconds in pure boiling water. On the surface of the water should appear greasy spots.
  3. Remove the stained fabric and inspect: if the traces are left, repeat step 2.
  4. Wipe the product in the usual warm soapy water.
  5. Rinse the cloth first in a warm, then in cold water.

Wax removal from natural fabrics

Fabrics with unstable coloring

In this case, you should wait for the full hardening of the stain, and only after that proceed with its elimination.

  1. Strongly three wax or paraffin contamination to break and crush it.
  2. We fall asleep with a stained place with chalk or talcum, we put a napkin and a load on top.
  3. After an hour, and preferably a few hours, we clean the stain with a brush, trying not to damage the fabric.
  4. With a sponge and clean water, rinse the remains of the absorbent( chalk, talc) and wax residues from the fabric.

Uncomplicated fabrics

Dense non-shedding blankets, stretch-free jeans and other products that are usually not ceremonious when washing, you can simply wash in a typewriter in a mode whose temperature for at least half an hour keeps from 50-60 degrees Celsius - this will be enoughto get rid of wax contamination.

Or, as an option, to soak a thing in a basin with hot water for half an hour, then just wash it.

We get rid of wax stains by washing in the typewriter

Remove stains from wax from whimsical fabrics( silk, wool, drape, etc.)

If the candle drops are on delicate products or outer clothing, do not try to remove a fresh stain - you will only smear the material, which will remove it from thefabric becomes even more difficult. It will not be possible to cope with pollution with the help of washing, but the temperature cleaning will come to the aid.

Cold against wax spots

After contaminating the stain, put the soiled stain in a cellophane bag, firmly tie it and put it in the freezer for an hour( for longer stains, you can wait longer).The frozen paraffin and wax easily crumbles if the fabric is rubbed, as when washing. This removes even the elements absorbed in the texture.

For larger things that do not fit all in the freezer, you can use ice packs.

After such cleansing, there will be a fat trace that will be removed by any stain remover.

Cold method - the best option for delicate fabrics, it will allow to easily return to life as a thin silk blouse, and a draped coat.

Iron against wax stains

You can remove annoying dirt with a conventional iron. For this, prepare:

  • itself iron;
  • hair dryer;
  • packet with ice;
  • wipes;
  • cotton cloth.

So, let's start the hot dry cleaning of the thing:

  1. The thing is laid out on the ironing board.
  2. Place the napkins in two layers under the spot and cover it with a clean white cloth.
  3. We iron the problem area with an iron, heated to the recommended temperature for this thing.
  4. Change the wipes and repeat step 3 until the spot completely passes to them.

Attention! For small spots, you can use a spoon heated in boiling water or a hot knife blade.

Remove wax stains with iron

If the stain was left with colored wax, getting rid of it will be much more difficult, but the last way will cope with it. However, in this situation, it is recommended to use denatured alcohol: put a natural cloth moistened with denatured alcohol on the ironing board, on it - place with a spot that is covered with a natural wet cloth and napkins. All this combination should be ironed and changed the napkins on it until the stain does not stop appearing.

From greasy stain, which remains instead of wax, you can get rid of the usual grandmother's methods, and with the help of stain remover.

Attention! If you are at a loss to determine which method is more suitable for your fabric, or a thing is expensive, use a dry cleaning service. First, professionals will do their job better, and secondly, they can be recovered from a damaged item in case of failure.

Wax: how to remove?

It happens that the wax or paraffin drips on pieces of furniture. How to get rid of stains and stains in this case?

We remove traces of wax from wooden furniture

It is not difficult to remove wax from wood polished or ground surface. Some people prefer to scrape it with a knife, but this method can lead to damage. Scraping is easier and safer with a plastic or wooden spatula. The remains of the candle material should be warmed up with a hair dryer and get soaked with paper napkins.

After the furniture is processed with a special tool for polishing your type of wooden surfaces and rubbing with rags.

Removing wax from wooden furniture

Remove traces of wax from upholstered furniture

If it is possible to remove the covers and clean the contamination in this way - you can apply any of the methods of removing wax spots from clothes, except for velor and velvet.

Try to start with detergent for dishes or ordinary soda, but in case they fail, you will have to use "heavy artillery".For these hairy materials, the iron is strictly contra-indicated, but treating the site with turpentine or white spirit( spot) will help to solve the problem.

Wax removal with dishwashing detergent:

  1. Densely apply a dry cloth.
  2. Wait until the liquid has completely dried.
  3. Wash the fabric "dry": wipe the stain with a damp sponge until foam ceases to appear.

Wax spots on upholstered furniture

In case the dirt got on the upholstery of furniture, it is recommended to cool the stain as much as possible with an ice-warmer, then scrape off the plaque with a knife, and then remove the remaining material in the fabric with a soft brush and then wash it with a sponge.

We clean carpet from wax spots

Carpets are initially adapted to high resistance to any type of pollution. The easiest way to deal with drops of wax, fallen on a carpet with a hard nap. In this case, the simplest way to clean the product - a vacuum cleaner - will work.
Wax spots on the carpet

For carpets with a more delicate pile, both the cooling method with the ice-warmer and the iron-ironing method and the use of napkins are equally suitable. However, if the stain is too large and the carpet is tender, it is better to trust the qualitative stain remover of fatty traces without unnecessary experiments.

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