How to make a desk with your own hands( drawings)


  • 1 Table with curved table top and fittings
    • 1.1 Detailing and outline
    • 1.2 Cutting material
    • 1.3 We work and glue the edge
    • 1.4 PVC edge - features of
  • 2 Assembling of the desk parts in a whole
  • 3 Small table for teens
    • 3.1 We make the drawing
    • 3.2 We make the basis of the table
    • 3.3 We make the table top
    • 3.4 We mount the table top

You do not know where to put the computer? Do you have a school child in your family and do not have a work place? You live in a standard apartment and can not even imagine where the table can fit in here? It's time to get down to work and make a desk with your own hands.

Table with figured worktop and

fittings. This type of table will perfectly match with a bright office or a nursery. As for the figured countertop, it will make the table more ergonomic.

Detailing and outline

How to make a desk yourself? First you need to determine the size of the future design and its configuration: dimensions, height, dimensions of boxes and design. You should pay attention to the fact that it will be much better if you design the top desk cover as well as the table top( in other words, it will be the same shape).

If you want to save a little, you can make the lower part of the table from non-laminated chipboard. When preparing a drawing, you should specify the dimensions of each part - so it will be much easier for you to cut a sheet of particle board.

Cut material

In general, the cutting of the material can be made both independently and ordered in a shop or in a special carpentry shop. In the latter case, the woodworking master will cut the sheets within one working day. But it is worth noting the fact that in order to avoid claims to carpenters, a desk with your own hands drawings, should be done in high quality and in detail.

If you are not inclined to spend money and can cut the material yourself, then you will need a jigsaw. Having drawn all the necessary lines and the shape of the parts directly on the material, we cut. Specialists recommend to perform this type of work with a thin blade, which does not crumble the material.

We process and glue the edge

Now go directly to the processing - align and grind the edges( this is necessary in order not to get splinters).In the event that you ordered the cutting of material, the chopping may not be needed, but still, experts recommend taking fine-grained sandpaper and processing the edges.

The writing desk for a schoolboy with his own hands is often pasted with a paper edge. Why is this option so popular? Everything is simple - low cost of finishing material. There is only one minus - the paper edge is not durable and has the ability to come off and wear off. If you do not want to re-glue it a lot, then you can use the edge on a PVC base. To glue it is somewhat more complicated, but it lasts much longer.

PVC edge - features of

work In order to glue the PVC edge perfectly, you need to arm yourself with a respirator and a hairdryer. Pay special attention to the fact that the processing( edge ​​bonding) should be carried out in a well-ventilated room - all due to the fact that when heated, the PVC edge releases harmful substances into the air.

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Assembling the details of the desk in the whole

In order to make a desk yourself, you need to assemble it. The assembly begins with the frame - the legs and the table top are fastened together. Then, in the remaining parts, drill holes for confirmers( furniture bolts), and fasten them to the base of the structure. The lid( table top) is mounted on the main frame and is loosened with plastic corners and bolts.

To ensure that the drawers of the table are light and easy to use, the bottom is cut from the fiberboard, and the side walls and facades from the chipboard. As for the guides( with which the drawers will slide smoothly and slide out), the two are fixed with screws in a special niche( where there will be boxes), and two directly to the drawer. In the event that the box is scheduled for a serious load, the guides are better to insert metal. Well, the boxes are installed and we just have to screw the knobs. Hats of screws and bolts can be hidden with the help of plastic "molds" or stickers in the color of the chipboard.

In the same way, you can make a desk with your own hands for two people. To do this, you will need to increase the length of the countertop and add an extra leg. In the same way, the restoration of the desk can be performed by one's own hands, by replacing one or several elements of the structure.

A small table for teenagers

If your child gets knowledge not only by reading books but also by searching for the right information on the Internet, then surely you will need a small desk that does not take up much space in the children's room and is convenient for installing a laptop.
So, how to make a desk for a teenager and what we need:
1. Furniture sheets( oak or walnut);
2. Fiberboard or sheet of plywood;
3. Keys and dowels;
4. Confirmants and self-tapping screws;
5. Wood varnish varnish;
6. Joiner glue;
7. Circular saw( manual);
8. Electric jigsaw;
9. Hacksaw, hammer;
10. Clamps and grinders.


At this stage of work, you should carefully work out all the nuances - the location of the shelves and cabinets, think over the types of connection of parts and the order of assembly of the structure.

We make the basis of the table

Now we produce all the necessary details of the construction, the sizes of which we picked up in advance. We fasten the frame elements together with dowels, screws and furniture bolts, it is recommended to glue all joints with joinery glue.

The parts are assembled in a certain order: first attached to the legs on the short side, then, after sizing and drying, the longitudinal edges are fixed. Ready basis( bonded and glued) is left for a couple of days for shrinkage.

Making the table top

Now, turn to the drawing and make the tabletop according to the dimensions indicated. After it has been cut, take the cutter and gently work the edge, rounding it and grinding off all the burrs. It is necessary to take care of the holes with which the table top will be attached to the base of the table. A writing desk with your own hands photo help you make everything right.

Mounting table top

Due to the fact that the table turns out to be small, you can completely abandon the boxes or make them small from plywood. As for the countertop itself, it is attached using glue and dowels. Then, let the glue dry( 1-2 days) and proceed to fixing the decorative elements. As an additional space for storing writing materials and disks, it is possible to install a tabletop construction that provides shelves and "pockets".

The resulting construction is covered with three layers of varnish and everything, our table is ready. The writing desk with your own hands video, in more detail will highlight all the issues related to carpentry. Good luck!