New kitchen: how to update the old interior?

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The kitchen plays an important role in everyday life. Because it passes most of the time, should pay particular attention to its design. Upgrade options can be two: major repairs, when completely changing the coating of walls, floors and new acquired things or cosmetic - the partial replacement of furniture or its parts, home appliances, accessories, replacement of some decoration materials. In any case, the new kitchen should look fresh and fashionable.


  1. Updating kitchens
  2. Color selection
  3. Flooring
  4. The material for the walls
  5. Kitchen set
  6. Materials for facades
  7. Updating the kitchen furniture with their hands

Updating kitchens

Even a small kitchen space should be comfortable and functional. So you should take care of the proper placement of the main zones: cooking, storage and working space. Usually, they are arranged at an equal distance from each other and form the vertices of the triangle, but it is possible to place them as desired.

Options plan kitchen units also have certain schemes that can be selected depending on the room size and ease of use. The most common are: linear, parallel, angular or L-shaped, U-shaped, with the island.

What can be changed in a kitchen space? To make an old kitchen a new, not always possible to do a simple replacement of wallpaper or textile. Sometimes it takes a more global changes, for example, to completely change the flooring, paint the walls, upgrade your kitchen.

Color selection

If the kitchen requires maximum changes, we must first take care of the color scheme. It should be guided by their own preferences, but do not forget about some of the rules.

For rooms with windows to the north is better to use in the decoration of light warm colors and solar facilities, conversely, cool. Dark shades will make the space smaller, so only use them in need large kitchens.

updated kitchen

Revive a neutral wall color, you can use bright accessories or facades kitchen units. But color is sure to have a good harmony with each other.

You need to know what color choice will affect not only the appearance of the premises, but also on the psychological state. The most favorable colors for the kitchen are: green, white, yellow, orange. Red - increases appetite and excess of blue can cause depression.


New dishes often require replacement of floor covering. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the material, because the floor is subjected to a particularly hard impact. This constant walking, bumps, scratches, dust, dirt, grease, moisture and other factors. Among the coatings can identify the main:

Wooden board - the Most eco-friendly material, but rather expensive. He will make the kitchen a truly spectacular and welcoming. Wood is appropriate for all interior styles. If the material is high quality, it will last a long time while maintaining its original appearance. But behind it requires careful maintenance, constant treatment from moisture and greasy deposits.

Ceramic tiles - Standard solution for flooring in the kitchen. Compared with wood is much more economical. Durable and relatively easy to use, but can crack or break away from the fall of heavy objects. When choosing tiles for the kitchen should stay on the matte texture options that do not slip. This will avoid injuries. If the kitchen needs a warm floor, you need to take care of the heating, because the tile itself is cold.

Ceramic tile in the kitchen

tiles competitor may be a ceramic, it has recently enjoyed great popularity. His strength is much higher tiles and can withstand the fall of heavy objects. But he was much more weight and more difficult to handle, and its cost is much more expensive than tiles.

Linoleum - the most economical option for the kitchen. It has a mass of various colors and decorations may be a matte or glossy finish. Linoleum-quality eco-friendly and easy to install, as it does not require any special knowledge and skills. Lay it on the floor you can own, without the help of professionals.

Cork - is another environmentally friendly material. It absorbs moisture and practically does not attract dust, has a high sound and heat insulation, but is easily deformed under the influence of heavy and sharp objects.

The material for the walls

Choose wall coverings need of indoor guided cuisine style. This may be the wallpaper, tile, wood or cork panels, plaster and paint.

Particular attention should be paid apron - the space between the lower and upper tables hanging cupboards kitchen units. For this role is perfect tile or tempered glass with photo printing. To spray water and fat were less visible, it is necessary to select a material with a colorful pattern or mosaic. On a dark and glossy mirror surface strongly smudges and other contaminants.

Kitchen set

Selecting the headset - charge option. On how it is practical and functional will depend on the user experience in the kitchen. The furniture can be purchased as ready-made and fulfill the order. Ready sets are much more economical, they can choose, buy and install on the same day. Since the dimensions of these items usually come standard, it is likely that they will fit in the room is perfect, somewhere may remain a gap or empty space that will have to somehow beat.

Kitchen set

But the food made to order, perfect size, exclusive and created specifically for the needs and preferences of the owner. These headsets are much more expensive and have a certain production time.

Choosing kitchen set under the order, do not give up professional measurement space, which performs expert. You may need extra fee for the service, but then will not have problems during the installation due to inaccurate dimensions.

Normally, kitchen sets model consists of an upper and lower hanging cabinets pedestals. For convenience, the new kitchen should be equipped with drawers, shelves, dish drainer, sink. Modern embodiments may include all kinds of wire basket, Storage tanks, butylochnitsy, holders for glasses, roof rails, a convenient and functional accessories, such as system facades opening Push-to-open (pulled - opened). Regarding the choice of material for the kitchen, then it all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

Materials for facades

MDF - is the most common choice for kitchens. It can be laminated, ie covered with a film or dyeing. The second option is more expensive than the first. But enamel coating protects the facade from moisture, steam, temperature changes. He looks presentable and easy to care for. Kitchen model facades enamel have different colors, but in contrast to the film, can not simulate wood or other textured surface. Laminated MDF much more economical but not as durable, since under the influence of moisture facade can swell and peel off the film.

MDF facades

Solid wood - kitchen from wood look and are expensive. It is the most environmentally friendly material. Due to the special technology the lifetime of the headset is very large, and care does not require much effort for them. Models facades made of wood usually consist of a plywood frame and veneer insert. The materials used oak, ash, cherry, pine.

Plastic and glass - such facades are used in the kitchens of modern style. Most often, they are framed by an aluminum frame. They have a variety of options of colors, easy to clean, durable and safe. But you should know that in the dark glossy surfaces more visible fingerprints and other dirt.

Updating the kitchen furniture with their hands

If the kitchen is no desire to change completely, you can update it by using other models of facades or decorate the old. There are various options for how you can own, without the use of expensive materials, update kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.

  • Using the adhesive film. Quite simple way by which you can transform the old kitchen to your taste. This will require the film to the desired decor: monochrome, wood, stone, leather or other decorative covering.
  • Using molding and painting. Quickly and effectively upgrade the facades can, decorating their narrow strips of wood or plastic. Once moldings glued toned surface of any of the selected paint from a container.
  • With decorative inserts. To view the kitchen really has got an exclusive look, you can decorate the model ceramic tile facades, inserts made of rattan, artificial leather.
  • Textiles and other interior accessories.

Our cozy little things can make an old kitchen a truly comfortable and welcoming. To the selected interior style must be chosen certain accessories. For example, for the kitchen of hi-tech suit blinds or simple fabric without unnecessary decoration. For the interior in the style of Provence, or country is better to choose curtains made from natural fabrics with small floral or checkered pattern. For them, should pick up the tone cloth and other textiles.

Glassware adorn the modern facilities and classical kitchens can use porcelain with floral ornaments.

Paintings, posters, photos and play an important role in the design space. But we should not overdo with their number, it is better to focus on two or three jobs. To the kitchen began to play with bright colors, it is not necessary to completely change its interior. Sometimes it is enough to update the kitchen facades, replace textiles or paint the walls a different color.

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