How to Use a Vacuumer: Pros of Vacuum Packing (Kitchen)

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Nowadays, keeping food fresh and usable is one of the main priorities of the housewife. Food Vacuumer is a new solution to this issue, which allows you to keep the freshness and taste of food for a longer period of time. But how does this device work and which one to choose?


  1. Types of degassers
  2. Why do you need a vacuum sealer for products: advantages and disadvantages of vacuum sealers
  3. What to look for when buying a vacuum sealer?
  4. A small rating of vacuum cleaners and how to use them
  5. BORK Z610
  6. Redmond RVS-M021
  7. Kitfort KT-1510
  8. Chamber vacuum sealer CASO VACUCHEF 40
  9. Chamber vacuum sealer Sea-maid E-2000
  10. Recommendations for the use of vacuum cleaners from manufacturers

Types of degassers

There are only 2 types of vacuum cleaners (or bag sealers) on the market: a household vacuum cleaner and a professional one.

  • Household home vacuum sealer is suitable for use at home or in the country, it is compact and does not take up much space.
  • The professional vacuum cleaner is designed for use in large enterprises where a large amount of work is required.

If we talk about technical characteristics, there are 2 types of vacuum packaging:

  • Tubeless.
  • Chamber.

Professional vacuum sealers are always chamber, more powerful and more expensive.
Home packers are smaller, simpler, cheaper. They can be chambered and tubeless.

IMPORTANT: almost all manufacturers of household vacuum cleaners strongly recommend letting the appliance rest for at least 40 seconds between uses!

Next, we will talk about the benefits of vacuum packaging.

Why do you need a vacuum sealer for products: advantages and disadvantages of vacuum sealers

Why housewives value vacuum cleaners? As expected, this device has a huge number of advantages. There are very few drawbacks, but they are significant.

So, about the pros:

  • A vacuum sealer keeps any product fresh, preventing it from spoiling and losing vitamins due to the lack of air. At the same time, the “imprisonment” also includes a smell that will not go anywhere from the package. This is relevant for vacuum-packed storage, for example, of fish that has a bright and often annoying “aroma”. You can store such food for a very long time.
  • Compact and convenient storage of the vacuum bag is an essential advantage of the device. Every housewife knows that a refrigerator or drawers in a kitchen set are not made of rubber, and free space for storing something is worth its weight in gold.
  • The device has small dimensions (if we talk about a tubeless device!), Which is very valuable when stored in the kitchen. And also it is convenient to take it with you to nature or the country.
  • The unexpected fact is that the use of vacuum sealers may be different. For example, for long-term storage, not only food can be vacuum-packed, but also any things, such as a cell phone, passport, and even medicines.

There are not so many disadvantages of a package sealer. To be more precise, there is only one significant drawback - its cost. Moreover, you will have to overpay even if any element of the vacuum sealer fails - spare parts are expensive, and for some models you need to purchase not universal, but certain consumables materials.

Also, the lack of complete tightness can be attributed to the disadvantages. At the end of the work, air, albeit in minimal quantities, will remain (this drawback is practically absent in chamber models!). Also, the following can be attributed to the disadvantages: most tubeless vacuum cleaners do not have the ability to seal double and more multilayer bags.

What to look for when buying a vacuum sealer?

How to choose a vacuum cleaner? When choosing a vacuum sealer, pay attention to its characteristics and functionality. It is important to choose a device that suits your specific needs. The best package sealer can be selected based on user ratings and reviews.

  • The cost of goods is an important point of any purchase. It must be remembered that most often the lower the price, the lower the quality of the device. For example, if the vacuum cleaner has plastic case, its price will be lower than that of a similar device, but from of stainless steel. The latter will last many times longer, hence the inflated cost. If we talk about the fact that the light weight of the vacuum sealer is important for the buyer, then the plastic device will fit better.
  • From a practical point of view, attention is paid to the consumed power. Standard limits declared by manufacturers for tubeless bag sealers: 80 - 250 watts. The higher the power, the higher its cost and speed - everything is obvious.
  • Packet Width different models have different. It varies from 22 to 45 cm. What to choose for yourself is an individual question.
  • Availability additional features, which can be very many. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of manufacturers. Therefore, for convenience, they include many options in the device, for example, the AUTO mode, which itself does all the work, from deflating the air to sealing the bag.

A small rating of vacuum cleaners and how to use them

Consider different models from different manufacturers, and summarize all the characteristics in a comparative table. It will, of course, not be a TOP-5, but you will get an initial idea and a minimal overview.
We will also describe the basic functions of vacuum sealers, and it will be clear to you how to use them.


BORK is a popular Russian company manufacturing household appliances. Established in 2002, the company is actively developing, offering innovative technologies. All models are designed in a minimalist style, so their household appliances are suitable for kitchens of any design. Professionals are responsible for the quality.

Vacuum sealer model BORK Z610 quickly became a customer favorite. What could be easier than to attach a special package to the device and get the result after just one click?

The model has 3 modes of operation for different types of products:

  • AUTO mode (automatic vacuumization) starts in case of solid, dry and free-flowing products. In this mode, air is pumped out to the optimum value with further sealing of the bag.
  • Delicate modeMOIST serves for vacuumization of juicy products (soft products with a small amount of juice). Work takes place at a reduced speed of the device, followed by sealing the package.
  • Manual MANUAL mode will help to control the operation of the device from start to finish. It is usually used for vacuumizing “delicate” products such as fresh bread, fruits, berries, etc. However, any type of food can be used. In this mode, the air is pumped out without automatic time limit.

The model has a function of sealing the bag without evacuating air, called SEAL. With it, you can securely seal the package after working in MANUAL mode.

The manufacturer of the model warns against vacuuming products with a large amount of liquid / juice, such as soups, jams, etc. This will damage the device.

Vacuum model BORK Z610

Redmond RVS-M021

Redmond is another Russian company producing various household appliances that has become an international brand. The brand was launched in 2006, and a few years later appeared on the market multicookers Redmond, which have become the most popular in terms of sales. Currently, the company is represented in 35 countries of the world and does not lose ground.

In the model Redmond RVS-M021 there is nothing superfluous. Simplicity and convenience are what the manufacturer provides to the buyer. The touch menu consists of 4 buttons: Start/Cancel, Product Selection, Pump, Seal. The set includes bags of 28 cm x 40 cm (8 pcs.) and 22 cm x 30 cm (10 pcs.), as well as 3 vacuum storage containers with a volume of 2, 1.4 and 0.7 liters. Also a nice “bonus” is the recipe book attached to the vacuum cleaner.

The main technical characteristics of the device are described in the table below.

Vacuum model Redmond RVS-M021

Kitfort KT-1510

Kitfort was founded in Russia in 2011 in St. Petersburg. The first batch of goods was induction cookers. The following year, the assortment consisted of 16 positions, and in 2023 - more than 2000. Currently, the company is increasing the number of sales in neighboring countries.

Model Kitfort KT-1510 has 2 modes of operation:

  • Auto - the device pumps out air automatically, sealing the bag at the end of work.
  • Pulse – air is pumped out for as long as the button is held down.

In addition to operating modes, the model contains 2 modes for choosing a product:

  • Dry - the main mode for dry products.
  • humid - the mode has an increased time for sealing the bag due to the presence of excess product liquid.

Button Container Designed for pumping air out of containers. This happens with the help of a special silicone hose that connects the container to the vacuum cleaner. Containers are not included and can be purchased separately.

The kit contains 5 bags measuring 22 x 30 cm, as well as a cutter to cut the bag and remove the seam after evacuating the air.

Touch button soldering time allows you to choose one of two options:

  • Usually - soldering time 13 seconds:
  • For a long time - Duration 17 seconds. Extended time is used when working with a double or thick bag, as well as with a damp product.
Model of vacuum cleaner Kitfort KT-1510

Chamber vacuum sealer CASO VACUCHEF 40

We have considered the so-called tubeless (or aspiration) vacuum sealers. But there is another type of this equipment. Chamber (or snorkel) degasser significantly different from tubeless because it has a camera. A very high vacuum is created in it, hence the main advantage of this type of degasser.

Chamber vacuum sealers are more common in industrial premises: shops, restaurants, etc. They can be floor-standing, table-top and even dual-chamber – simultaneous bagging increases productivity device.

Let's move on to the chamber type model CASO VACUCHEF 40. The German brand CASO is one of the most famous companies in the production of kitchen appliances for professional and home use. The company, located in Arnsberg (Germany), was founded in 2003. Vacuum sealers entered the product line in 2007, and CASO entered the Russian market relatively recently - in 2015, and since then has strengthened its position.

Model of chamber degasser CASO VACUCHEF-40

About the model. The front panel has several touch buttons. Button Vacuum has 2 modes:
  • Normal — for work with soft products.
  • Strong - for solid products.

Button Sealing is the package sealing time setting, it includes:

  • Normal - short sealing time - mode for dry products.
  • Strong - long sealing time - for wet products.

Button progress Responsible for the execution of your assigned work.

Button Auto/Cancel contains 2 modes:

  • Automatic evacuation and sealing of the bag at the end of the work.
  • Container vacuuming.

Seal button Seal has 2 functions:

  • Sealing the package without evacuation.
  • During automatic vacuum operation, pressing the button will stop the vacuum cleaner, the bag will be sealed.

Button Marinate will help marinate the products in the bag. At the same time, at the end of the work, the device will not solder and will not automatically vacuum. This can be done separately manually.

Vacuuming liquids with chamber vacuum systems CASO DESIGN. Video

Chamber vacuum sealer Sea-maid E-2000

Sea-maid is a Korean manufacturer of home appliances for the kitchen. Their main products today are vacuum sealers and immersion thermostats. Initially, the company became known in Europe, and since 2018 “Sea-maid” has entered the Russian market.

Model Sea-maid E-2000 is an industrial chamber vacuum sealer, it is suitable for working with smooth and corrugated bags. The control panel is written in Russian. The device has 2 operating modes:

  • Auto - automatic mode with indicator.
  • Soldering - also has an indicator.

The vacuum cleaner has the following buttons:

  • Stop — to stop operation in any mode.
  • Pickling - the process of evacuation and subsequent pressure reduction is repeated 5 times. With this function, the pickled product can be obtained after 20 minutes.
  • On off - the button is activated when it is pressed for 2 seconds.
  • Degree of vacuum - allows you to independently select it in the range from 0 to 45.
  • Sealing time with a range of 3 to 9 sec. You can also select manually.

Important! The model manufacturer recommends a pause between vacuuming of at least 40 seconds.

Sea-maid E-2000 vacuum cleaner model
Bork Z610 REDMOND RVS-M021 Kitfort KT-1510 CASO VACUCHEF 40 Sea-maid E-2000
Housing material plastic plastic,
stainless steel
stainless steel
stainless steel stainless steel
Number of modes 3 1 2 2 2
Power consumption, W 120 120 130 280 150
Suction rate, l / min 12 70 60
Maximum package width, cm 28 29 29 25 30
Weight, kg 1,5 1,4 1,1 8,3 10,9
dimensions 390 x 200 x 120 370 x 144 x 74 mm 370 x 105 x 72 mm 320 x 175 x 340 mm 386.5 x 360 x 225
Warranty period, months 12 12 12 24 24
Control sensory sensory sensory sensory sensory
Country of Origin Russia Russia Russia Germany Korea
Cost, rub. (as of September 2023) 12 000 12 000 4 000 from 37 000 from 67 000

Recommendations for the use of vacuum cleaners from manufacturers

Using a vacuum sealer is easy. You just need to follow the instructions that came with the device. We list some recommendations from manufacturers, as well as comments and reviews from owners of vacuum cleaners.

  • Do not use bags that are not intended for vacuumization.
  • Filling the package should not exceed 2/3 of the total volume of the package.
  • It is not recommended to vacuum products with sharp parts to avoid rupture of the bag. However, there is a little trick: spicy foods can be placed first, for example, in a paper bag, and then in the equipment.
  • Most models are not designed to vacuumize liquid products. In this case, special containers are used. In this case, any liquid must be well cooled to avoid its seething during air evacuation.
  • Vacuum-packed product must be protected from direct sunlight to avoid spoilage.
  • After the end of the work of the vacuum cleaner, it is recommended not to immediately open the lid of the device. In order to avoid the seam not solidifying and getting a leaky package, it is necessary to wait 2-3 seconds after deflating the bag.
  • To avoid food clamping by the cover of the device, it is necessary to provide a distance of 2.5 - 3 cm from the edge of the bag to the seam.
  • Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners warn that you need to store the device with the lid open, since the seals can change shape due to long squeezing. This will cause air to pass through and cause the vacuum sealer to malfunction.
  • Most manufacturers recommend not to seal many packages at once in a row - the break between solders should be about a minute. A small number of packages can still be sealed one after another without an interval.
  • The bags used must be dry.
  • In chamber models, after each vacuum packaging of the bag, it is recommended to remove liquid and food residues from the chamber.

Which vacuum sealer is better is an individual question. It's hard to recommend a particular packer. The choice of a particular model is still a personal matter for everyone. We hope that our review will help you with your choice. For our part, we examined in detail the advantages, did not hide the disadvantages of the devices, and also gave examples of several models of vacuum cleaners from different manufacturers. Now your products will be under reliable protection!

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