How to install a steel bath

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  1. Preparatory stage
  2. Installation Methods
  3. Connecting the bath to the sewer

Currently, it is not difficult to purchase plumbing for a bathroom. There is a wide variety of models on the market for every taste and color. Very popular shower cabins. These are multifunctional and compact products. But most people still prefer to use a regular bath. The most practical and inexpensive goods are products made of steel. Therefore, the question of the correct installation of a steel bath sounds very relevant.

steel bath

Preparatory stage

Before proceeding with the installation, it is necessary to completely complete all repairs in the bathroom, except for the finishing of the walls. It is necessary to level the floors and lay the flooring. If a ceramic tiled floor, it will be correct to apply the solution before laying, not with the comb method, but with a continuous layer. This will ensure even load distribution and avoid cracking on brittle ceramics.

Installation of the bath begins with the assembly of the product. To do this, legs are mounted on the bottom. These devices are included in the mandatory package and are mounted on the bathtub with self-adhesive pads. To simplify the process of installing the supports, it is recommended to carry out this activity in the hallway (if the area allows) or in the room. The bath is turned upside down, the surface is degreased, the support posts are assembled and fixed in place with a self-adhesive film.

installation of legs on the bath

Important! For some steel bathtubs, the posts are fixed to the bottom with threaded connections. It is better to refuse such products. Excessive force can damage the enamel at the tightening points of the fixing bolts. This will significantly reduce the life of the product.

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After that, the bath is brought to the installation site (it is better to do it sideways so as not to damage the corners of the product) and align in height by tightening the support posts. It will be correct to install a bath with a slight slope towards the drain, this will provide quick water leaving.

installed legs

Now you can proceed to the final installation. There are several ways to do this.

Installation Methods

There are several ways to properly and securely fix the bath in place. Steel baths do not differ in weight compared to their acrylic or cast iron brothers. Therefore, all actions can be performed alone.

Easy way

The edges of the product are sealed with mounting tape, then the bath simply slides close to the walls.

installation of a bathtub to a wall

All slots are covered with tile adhesive, and the joints between the bathroom and the wall are coated with silicone.

silicone joint processing

After that, the adhesive tape is removed and you can begin to connect the drain.

Strob or frame

In the first case, in the wall, at the edge of the bath, a strobus breaks through. To do this, you need a hammer drill. After that, the edge is simply brought into the completed strobe and the bathtub is fixed as in the previous version. This method allows you to gain a few centimeters of free space and provides the bath with additional support.

In the second case, the stability of the bath gives an additional frame. You can do it in the following way: a metal corner is attached to the wall using dowels, nails or anchor bolts. Bathtub sides adjacent to the wall are laid on it.

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This is the most time consuming way to install a steel bath. First you need to make accurate measurements of the height, length and width of the bath. Then, under the bottom and sides of the bath, brick columns are installed that will serve as a support. First, the central support is laid out, then the side ones. In order for the bathtub to lie clearly on the columns, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the bricks when measuring. Installation of the bath begins after the cement-sand mortar has set. To fix the connection of the bath with the brick, you can use glue for tiles. This installation method is considered the most reliable.

installation of a bath on a brickwork

Important! After installation, the steel bath must be grounded! This is done by connecting the grounding cable to the bath body.

Connecting the bath to the sewer

For this stage, you must purchase a siphon. This device not only minimizes the possibility of leaks, but also greatly facilitates the process of removing blockages in the pipes. Pipes for connection are better to use plastic, smooth-walled. Corrugated pipes are not recommended, debris will accumulate in the folds, which will cause blockages.

brass siphon connection

Please note that the siphon must be located above the outlet level of the common building sewer pipe. The connection is made using fitting connections.

plastic drain

After installation, the drain is checked, and then you can proceed to wall decoration.



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