TOP-5 filters and column systems for water purification, softening and iron removal

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These kits are traditionally used to reproduce specialized water treatment technologies. But serial ion-exchange and aeration columns for water purification are produced in different versions. To correctly determine the best option, check the equipment with options, functionality, and other features of the equipment of the corresponding category.

Top 5 columns for water purification, softening and iron removal

Advantages and disadvantages of filter columns

Specialized devices are used in everyday life to purify water from iron, mechanical particles, organic substances and other impurities.

Processing is carried out in a cylindrical container where filter materials are loaded:

  • quartz sand;
  • Activated carbon;
  • ion exchange resins;
  • catalytic mixture.

Advantages of the method in comparison with other methods of water treatment:

  • high degree of purification from a wide range of contaminants;
  • allows the use of different types of loadings, taking into account the composition and concentration of certain impurities;
  • low power consumption, which is spent on the operation of the control unit and valves;
  • maintaining the quality of filtration at maximum loads.

According to the principle of constructing a typical equipment scheme, an increased working volume is created. This means that flushing can be done less frequently even under heavy operating conditions. Replacement of disposable cartridges is performed weekly if the concentration of contaminants is increased. Typical filter materials can be used for more than 10 years.

The following list shows the tank sizes and their respective synthetic ion exchange resin load capacities:

  • 1252 - 40 l;
  • 1054 - 50 l;
  • 1465 - 75 l.

A separate plus is the automation of flushing. This recovery process is triggered by a timer or by the amount of liquid treated, which is recorded by a special counter. The user can change mode settings, connect the system to remote control and monitoring facilities.

Advantages of filter columns

For an objective assessment, we list the characteristic disadvantages of columned water treatment systems:

  • take up a lot of space and may not be suitable for small spaces;
  • require regular replacement or regeneration of filter elements;
  • do not cope with bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, other types of pollution;
  • make a lot of noise during the flush cycle.

Equipment with an extended set of options provides comfort to users. Such a set is more expensive than a cheap basic version. Replenishment of salts for the preparation of the regeneration mixture cannot be automated.

Some shortcomings are due to the peculiarities of the download. If you choose ion exchange technology, you will have to add pre-filters. They extend the life of synthetic resins. Special water treatment prevents their mechanical damage and the formation of a film on the surface that blocks the process of ion exchange.

The water filtration column is connected to engineering networks, which, according to technical characteristics, must meet certain manufacturer's requirements. For the operation of individual models, it is necessary to maintain the temperature and humidity regimes established by the instructions.

TOP 5 best column filters

Consider five typical models that differ in their characteristics, functionality and price. We will study in more detail the main control characteristics along with the features of the configuration.

Hollow fiber water purification and softening system Aquaris 3000

This model is recommended to be installed in a facility with high consumption - up to 72,000 liters / day. Even at maximum load, the hollow fiber membrane does not allow fractions larger than 0.01 micron to pass through.


  • pressure - from 0.14 to 0.8 MPa;
  • degree of purification - 80%;
  • dimensions (Length x Diameter): 515 x 161 mm;
  • weight - up to 8 kg;
  • water temperature - not higher than +45 ° С;
  • price: 55 700 rub.

Universal membrane suitable for drinking water filtration. It works more efficiently than coal loading. Its performance is many times greater compared to the working modules that equip reverse osmosis systems.

Akvaris 3000 hollow fiber column

The installation works without electricity consumption. It is suitable for deferrization of water at the stage of removal of suspensions. A characteristic feature is the lack of compatible automation in the standard package of options. The corresponding task will have to be solved independently. The washing cycle is carried out for 15-20 minutes. To remove calcium deposits, disassembly and soaking of the membrane for 2-3 hours in a weak acid solution is required.

Aeration column for purification and iron removal of water Runxin 1054

This column uses aeration technology - the saturation of water with oxygen to convert dissolved iron into a precipitate, which is then removed by a filter. The efficiency of the cleaning method is maintained at a high content of iron (up to 15 mg/l) and manganese (up to 3 mg/l), as well as at low hardness and acidity.

Column control parameters:

  • productivity: up to 1.2 m3/h;
  • water pressure - from 0.15 to 0.6 MPa;
  • volume - 63 l;
  • dimensions (WxH): 264 x 1586 mm
  • price: 14 650 rub.

The low cost is due to the simplicity of the kit. Air supply is organized through an ejector without a compressor. This feature limits processing efficiency but reduces operating costs. Connection to the mains supply is not required.

Aeration column Runxin 1054

Simplicity of equipment means not only low price. The absence of complex functional components increases reliability and reduces repair costs. If necessary, the basic set can be supplemented with specialized units for supplying air to the main or main tank under high pressure.

Water softening column with salt tank Geyser WS10x44

The system works on the principle of ion-exchange water softening, that is, the replacement of calcium and magnesium with harmless sodium. This method of water purification is effective at high water hardness, which leads to the formation of scale on pipes, plumbing and household appliances. The set is equipped with a tank for storing salt and supplying a solution for regeneration, pre- and final filters.

Water softening column with salt tank Geyzer ws10x44

The advantages of this well water treatment column are:

  • effective reduction of stiffness;
  • automatic control and monitoring of work;
  • economical consumption of salt (water for regeneration);
  • ease of installation and maintenance.


  • nominal rate of water treatment - from 1 to 1.3 m3/hour;
  • iron concentration in the source - no more than 6 mg/l;
  • permissible hardness - 12 mg-eq / l;
  • price: 31200 rub.

The system must be connected to the mains and sewerage. It is not able to remove chlorine, organics or bacteria. For cleaning from the corresponding types of pollution, it is necessary to install special equipment.

Ion exchange column for water softening Clack 1252

This set of equipment also works on the principle of ion-exchange water softening. It features higher performance and larger work tank compared to the previous model.

Control parameters:

  • nominal / maximum processing speed - 1.5 / 1.7 m3 / hour;
  • pressure (at the inlet / drop) - 6 / 0.8 atm;
  • loading volume (resin / gravel) - 56.6 l / 10 kg;
  • overall dimensions (Diameter x Height) - 320 x 1540 mm;
  • salt tank - 70 l;
  • recommended number of regular consumers - up to 3 people;
  • price: 80790 rub.
Ion exchange column Clack-1252

The column water softener is supplied complete with high-quality loading Dowex (Italy). The Clack control valve (USA) provides automatic flow rate regeneration. It can be used in systems with backwash flow rates up to 101 l/min. Connecting dimensions for connecting plumbing piping - 1".

Water softener column WiseWater SA

This series presents models with good basic equipment, which includes automatics for regeneration operations. A complete set of various Clack WS control units is offered: 1.5 RR, 1.25, 3, 1650, etc.

AQUASEGMENTUM standard loading is made on a polystyrene basis. This resin can be used for ion exchange in alkaline and acid environments. It is characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Permissible operating temperature is up to +120°C.

Column softener Wisewater SA

Characteristics of serial products (min. / max.):

  • productivity - 0.7 / 20 m3 / hour;
  • loading volume - 20/650 l;
  • size of cation-exchange granules - from 0.4 to 0.7 mm;
  • inlet pressure - 2.5 / 6;
  • price - 27780/ 138400.

At the ordering stage, you can choose equipment with a direct and reverse flushing scheme.

Which filter column is better to buy from iron?

The choice of equipment depends on the following factors:

  • source and quality of water;
  • quantity and composition of contaminants;
  • filter performance and resource;
  • cost and complexity of installation (maintenance);
  • environmental friendliness and safety of the cleaning method.

If water from a well or well has a high content of iron (more than 3 mg/l), manganese (more than 0.5 mg/l) or hydrogen sulfide (more than 0.03 mg/l), then it is better to buy an aeration column. It effectively oxidizes and precipitates these contaminants.

An ion-exchange column type softener is used if the water from the centralized system has an average content of iron (up to 3 mg/l) and manganese (up to 0.5 mg/l).

The hollow fiber membrane can be used for any level of soiling. It is used as an additional filter after the formation of fine suspensions by precipitation. It is suitable for retaining salts at an early stage of transformation into crystals.

Drawing conclusions

We advise you to pay attention to the following parameters for the correct choice of basic criteria:

  • productivity - corresponds to the need for water;
  • resource - sufficient for long-term operation without replacement or regeneration;
  • cost - justified by the quality and efficiency of the filter;
  • installation and maintenance should be simple and convenient.

It is impossible to make a good recommendation without a detailed analysis of the baseline. In one case, it is enough to put a simple coal column for water purification. In another, you will need a complex scheme with several processing steps, including the use of preliminary preparation. Seek professional help if you need it.

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