MDF lining: interior metal doors, video-installation instructions with their hands, and photos

MDF lining, "sleight of hand and no fraud"


Table of contents

  • 1 Causes of leadership
    • 1.1 The advantages of using MDF linings
  • 2 species
  • 3 mounting Features
  • 4 conclusion

Mounted MDF lining on the metal door began relatively recently and rather quickly and is sure to become a leader among other methods Facing door panels. I use them more like a perfectly executed trick than the actual finishing work, so everything is simple, quickly and effectively obtained. Next, I will describe to you more and more detail.

Photo of a metal door with a plate of MDF

Photo of a metal door with a plate of MDF

Causes of leadership

The front door to my apartment for a few years, slightly lost its luster, although, frankly, from the very beginning not particularly aesthetically pleasing. But with its main task, on the protection of my holdings from possible encroachments of various kinds of offenders, she continued to handle very well.

That is, change it completely, there was no sense, but the update to the neighbors and visitors are not ashamed, while the time has come.

And then I began to analyze the options facing the door leaf:

  • Powder paint. This is only concealed to scrapes and scratches would give a new color entry in my apartment, but would require time consuming preparation work and the use of special equipment. Somehow to me this option is not very much, and I went in his research on;
Painting of metal doors

Painting of metal doors

  • Application of decorative film. This decision seemed durable enough, and in the strength of the layer of film, I wondered. In addition, the texture of the door panel trim, such as would not be able to change, and I wanted to create the illusion of a full upgrade to stronger impress the neighbors. Although I must note the unique ease of implementation of such a method of finishing with their hands;
Facing with the help of a self-adhesive film

Facing with the help of a self-adhesive film

  • Applying wood trim. Here I have certainly turned out to give a completely new look of my door, but I was confused by the relatively high price and the hydrophobicity of the timber. So I decided to look for an alternative to this method, it is.

So I came to the lining of medium density fibreboard, the dignity of which I was pleasantly surprised.

The advantages of using MDF linings

MDF manufacturing process involves compressing the fine chips under heat, wherein the binder resin are the urea released from the timber.

This determines the presence of the following positive aspects:

  • Excellent appearance, successfully imitating natural wood. There also should be noted, and more ease of processing panels considered, due to which they are easily decorated with decorative carvings that truly opens a wide range of design solutions;
Lining on the doors of MDF can have the most unexpected and at the same time beautiful appearance

Lining on the doors of MDF can have the most unexpected and at the same time beautiful appearance

  • Absence of tendency to deformation due to changes in ambient temperature. That is, there is no effect of "sozhivaniya" in the winter frosts, and expand the effect of the summer heat, so that the appearance of the cladding will remain unchanged;
  • Water resistance. Though the base and present a hydrophobic wood, she, on the other hand, fairly saturated with moisture resistant resin, which determines the final product to moisture. This not only extends the service life of the pads themselves, but also provides protection and material of the door, covered them;
  • The lack of toxicity. Urea resins mentioned above are not the synthetic product, so that the formaldehyde emission is less than the level that is observed in real wood. Pros: environmental friendliness;
  • Low thermal conductivity. Wood has good insulating properties that appreciable extent transferred from it and manufactured fine plate medium density. To iron the front door is the property is very important if you want to reduce heat loss in your house or apartment;
Lining the doors on the basis of MDF are excellent insulators

Lining the doors on the basis of MDF are excellent insulators

  • Good noise reduction. Isolate themselves as much as possible qualitatively from the porch or street sounds - the dream of every family that wants to be at home comfort and peace;
  • High resistance to mechanical stress. Appearance of scratches and heavy abrasions can not be afraid;
  • The ability to perform the installation on their own, to what I will elaborate more by sharing their own experiences. The process is very similar to that which occurs when assembled furniture lining of MDF;
  • Reasonable cost. At least, it is much lower than that of wooden panels, as I have noted above, it was at the time the choice is very important for me.


After I read all the above advantages possessed by MDF door lining, my choice was clear. But it turned out that they also come in three types, among which should also be defined before the exercise or purchase order:

Type of pros Minuses
  • The relatively low cost;
  • aesthetics;
  • Good performance properties
  • Some vulnerable to the effects of ultraviolet radiation
  • High resistance to weathering, including solar rays;
  • Durability;
  • A wide range of bright saturated colors
  • Ability to receive damage due to mechanical impact
  • The maximum similarity with the door leaf made of natural wood, both visual and tactile
  • The highest cost
Lining on the door from MDF different species

Lining on the door from MDF different species

Since I had an acquaintance with a look trim door panels, I decided to buy poostorozhnichat and economical option, laminated PVC film.

Laminated lining the metal doors from MDF most accessible financially

Laminated lining the metal doors from MDF most accessible financially

mounting Features

An exemplary schematic instruction has the job

An exemplary schematic instruction has the job

As I noted above, MDF interior metal doors lining does not require any specialized skills, enough to be able to use a tape measure, and power tools.

Me respective work was performed as follows:

  1. Carefully fulfilled all its linear dimensions of the door: height and width. According to information received ordered laths of fine fraction;

Tip: It is recommended to remove sizes from different parts of the door, because, for example, the width of the upper part may be different from the width of the bottom.
So it is better protects you from possible inconsistencies, which eliminate virtually impossible.

  1. While waiting for the execution of the order, has acquired all the necessary accessories;

Tip: when buying pens, door "eyes" and locks do not forget that after facing the door leaf becomes thicker. Required thickness note installed linings.

The thickness of the door by installing patches increases

The thickness of the door by installing patches increases

  1. Zapasshis necessary materials, went to training tools. If something of the following is in your household is not available, the additional purchasing or rent:
Tool appointment
Roulette Performing measurements
Drill Creating holes in the canvas and linings
screwdriver Tightening the screws
Screws Fixing pads
EXAMPLE suitable for drills

EXAMPLE suitable for drills

  1. He took off the door leaf from its hinges and it is conveniently located on a solid table to perform further manipulations;
  2. Dismantling the old hardware, I removed all the debris and dirt, the weld seam, thereby preparing the surface for further mounting process;
  3. The ends pasted PVC self-adhesive film, which has the same color as the purchased my door linings made of MDF at the door. As an alternative they can be painted, but the color is then still try to choose the appropriate so as not to disturb the illusion of wholeness;
  4. Drilled around the perimeter of the through-holes with a pitch of 150-200 mm for installation of the inner lining;
Drilling is performed strictly at right angles

Drilling is performed strictly at right angles

  1. I put a MDF panel and screw on the outside of the screws fixing it. In this case, they need to be included in the cover of not less than 2/3 of its thickness, the only way you can guarantee the reliability of the lining;

Tip: The hole should be a sweat in order to allow them to drown head screws.
Otherwise, they will interfere with the attachment of the outer panel.

  1. Then, similar to drill holes for the installation of the outer lining, attached and fastened it. Thus it happened that the cap screws holding the inner panel were hidden under a veneer. So that neighbors will assume my front door one-piece construction;

Tip: do not regret the amount of self-tapping screws, as their deficiency can lead to loosening of the lining.

Screws should be enough

Screws should be enough

  1. Drill holes for fittings and fulfilled its installation, although this can be done after the door to return to the loop, as you will be more convenient. Again I focus on the fact that before "perforate" the door, just follow all the required measurements as "remake" has not come out;
Installation of the door "eyelet"

Installation of the door "eyelet"

  1. Hung door leaf in place.
The return of the door leaf on the hinge

The return of the door leaf on the hinge

Tip: If after installation of the sealing rubber door does not close, then just correct "grinder" door inset.

In this plating MDF door lining ends and the entrance to your apartment or house gets a second life, delighting you and your guests with its aesthetic appearance.


The lining of the medium density fiberboard look great in most cases mimicking real wood, but unlike it deprived hydrophobicity and have higher performance characteristics that are essential for the fabric input doors. Installation of decorative panels is easily done on their own. Personally, I was pleased with my choice and so far have never regretted about it.

EXAMPLE metal door, refiner plates MDF

EXAMPLE metal door, refiner plates MDF

Videos in this article will introduce you to a certain number of additional materials related to consideration of the topic. If you experience the same any questions, ask them in the comments.