Overhaul of Khrushchev with his own hands: how to develop a design for an apartment

Khrushchev repair their own hands (48 photos): extension of re-planning, training, communication and finishing


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  • 1 Expanding space redevelopment
    • 1.1 When the need to replan
    • 1.2 In search of alternatives
  • 2 Preparatory work
  • 3 Communication in the Khrushchev
  • 4 finishing Khrushchev
  • 5 Summing up
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Khrushchev repair their own hands - troublesome. And the rub is not only the difficulty of repair, but also in the fact that everyone wants to finish to correct the shortcomings of this type of apartments.

So, what are the key points in the repair of Khrushchev?

Khrushchev repair their own handsThe main problems faced by the repair Khrushchev in the owner - a limited area of ​​the corridor, bathroom and kitchen. Here you can add the low ceilings. Well, if you went to Khrushchev, most likely, the state of communications in it (water, sewerage, wiring) is deplorable.

Expanding space redevelopment

Any repairs should start with a plan, and if we have already decided to make a typical Khrushchev decent housing, we will gradually solve the inherent problems. Let's start with the principal - tightness.

Overhaul of Khrushchev

Room Studio

When the need to replan

There are many tricks to expand the space visually a finished apartment. The most radical option - the demolition of walls and combining several rooms into one large studio (combining the kitchen with the living room or the living room from the hallway).

If the design of the building allows, combine the bathroom in a relatively large room, in which instead of the cumbersome bath set shower.

In search of alternatives

However, the demolition of the walls - this is an extreme measure, which is not always appropriate. For example, if a family has children, you can not do without a separate room.

A compromise embodiment in this case will be the studio division into separate zones by means of screens.

Note! All work on the redevelopment of apartment associated with the dismantling of the wall partitions with either device openings in bearing walls, as well as the redesign of the bathrooms should be legalized. This procedure is lengthy and costly, so the paperwork should be addressed well before the scheduled beginning of repair.

Redevelopment, without changing the load-bearing walls, to legitimize not require. It will be enough to make these changes in the technical passport BTI.

Preparatory work

Repair of apartments with their own hands Khrushev

alignment walls

Before starting any work on finishing in the Khrushchev is necessary to make preparations to repair the apartment.

Work plan:

  • line the walls with plaster;
  • align the ceilings;
  • laid on the floor leveling plate;
  • establish new woodwork (windows change to modern metal and plastic, aluminum or wood);
  • replacing radiators.

Communication in the Khrushchev

The next thing that should be mentioned in this brief - a communication in the Khrushchev. Most often flat before repair are in poor condition. If you choose to do major repairs to all the finishing work must be:

What to do repairs in the Khrushchev

Replacing the wiring

  • re-pave the wiring;
  • replace the pipe water and sanitation systems.

After this "necessary minimum" is made, you can proceed directly to a repair.

finishing Khrushchev

What are we going to take at this stage, to reduce to a minimum the disadvantages inherent in "Khrushchev"?

  • On the basis of their own ideas repair Khrushchev think through the overall design of the roomIs determined by the style and purpose of each room. At this stage it will have to decide what is really necessary and which ones can be safely discarded.

For example, the bulky wall "painless" can be replaced wardrobe, and if you add to this the mirrored door, floor space significantly increase.

  • Change the window, extending the window openings. If instead of the standard frame set modern metal windows with a narrow profile, light and air in the room will be more.

In addition, you can get a visual extension of the space due to the form of slopes. Instead of the standard rectangular, they can be made by expanding into the room and decorate a light plastic. In this case, even a small window will miss a lot of light.

Note! Installing energy efficient windows with modern double-glazed windows allow you to save on heating. If you set a reflex or selective glass, air conditioning include you less.

When choosing what to make repairs in the Khrushchev, pay attention to the color of the flooring, walls and ceiling. The best option for visually increase the height of the ceiling - to flow from the bottom up color from dark to light.

For example, in the bathroom, we laid with dark blue floor tiles or a polymeric self-leveling floor, walls are lined with turquoise tiles, ceiling do white or light blue.

Also, pay attention to the material finishes. Textured materials such as decorative plaster, under different deposition process can either conceal the space, and increase it visually.

  • Make Khrushchev unlike the standard apartments you can use the non-standard finishing doorways. Here we use the drywall and metal guides that make it possible to design complex shapes.
    Changing the geometry doorways

    Changing the geometry doorways

Naturally, after the installation opening puttied and completely hides trim, wallpaper or painted decorative plaster.

As you can see, the price of Khrushchev becoming a dream apartment is small, if all competently to think over and to make repairs apartments with their own hands.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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