Overhaul of soft roofing with your hands: the technology works, an example of the estimates, videos and photos

Repair of soft roof. Types of defects and diagnosis. Restoring surfaced roofing, small defects, shingles


Table of contents

  • 1 Types of soft roofing defects
  • 2 diagnosis of the roof
  • 3 Features of work and cost estimates
  • 4 repair technology
    • 4.1 Restoring surfaced roofing
    • 4.2 Independent repair small defects
    • 4.3 Repair shingles
  • 5 In conclusion

Roof - is a universal solution, it can be used for the roof of a private house, and for protection from precipitation or high-rise roof of an industrial building. Defects soft roof often arise due to violation of the technology works, but they are fairly easy to remove, even on their own. Repair work is not tied to a specific time of year, so it is quite possible even repair soft roof in winter.



Types of soft roofing defects

In order to determine the need for maintenance, it is not necessary to wait until the leakage occurs, capping problems can be diagnosed at an early stage and not to lead to extremes. Flow - an extreme step, its appearance means that suffered the rafters and attic floor.

can be judged by the following criteria about the need to repair:

  • the appearance of bumps on the roof surface, it shows a partial detachment of the material from the substrate. It leads to such effects violation stacking technology roofing material (adhesion to wet the substrate) as well as water seepage into the cracks on the surface of the roofing material;
Consequences of the violation mounting technology

Consequences of the violation mounting technology

  • when a repair of the old roof, often observe a dense network of cracks on the surface of the roofing material. This is due to exposure to sunlight and in that the material for years of operation has lost most of the protective padding;
Over time the roofing material cracks

Over time the roofing material cracks

  • on the roofs of high-rise buildings vegetation exacerbates damage to the roof. Entrenched in small cracks in a few years the plant damage even concrete;
  • in private homes can be seen a slight warping of the material at the edge. In apartment buildings common defect - damage to the "pie" of the roof in the area at the eaves;

Bend up shingles in a private home - a sure sign of poor attic ventilation.
Warm dry air desiccate bituminous roofing material and causes it to warping, cracking.

  • often caused by mechanical damage repair are;
  • on a flat roof can be problems with deviationsAs a result of standing water, it is better to eliminate this type of defect, before the moisture will find its way through the roof;
The roof is in terrible condition

The roof is in terrible condition

  • Another common reason for repairing - flowing in places where the roof removed ventilation pipes, chimneys.

diagnosis of the roof

Diagnosis can sometimes be complicated, with roof problems can be invisible and only the appearance of a leak will show that needs repair soft roof. To avoid this, it is recommended to periodically check the roof.

Determine the need for reconstruction work can be on several grounds:

  • the presence of even a small vegetation in the cracks requires urgent intervention. This phenomenon is most often observed on flat roofs;
  • mesh fine cracks requires local replacement roofing material;
  • if used shingles, even in color, you can assess the condition of the roof. Untrustworthy sites appear discolored (this is due to the fact that with them disappeared protective powder), cut off the petals and can be diagnosed by visual inspection. At this stage, even the repair can be done without major costs;
Cut off the petals visible to the naked eye

Cut off the petals visible to the naked eye

  • presence in the trough of a large amount of mineral material (powder, which is simply washed off with water during rain) also requires intervention. Powder-free roofing material quickly cracked due to exposure to UV rays;
  • mechanical damage is easily identified by visual inspection.

The most unpleasant of all possible cases - leaking roof, which while visually looks intact. The fact that the defect of the roofing pie can be positioned much higher than the flow. In this case, the repair of the roof with his hands require inspection the entire roof may be such that the distance from the leak to the fault of a few meters.

The leak is usually located higher than the place where water penetrates into the attic

The leak is usually located higher than the place where water penetrates into the attic

Features of work and cost estimates

Manufacturers themselves stress that the fundamental difference in the installation and repair of the soft roof in summer and winter there.

One need only consider the following factors:

  • in wet weather work is not carried out;
  • if the day temperature does not rise above +5 ᵒS, the roofing material is not stored on the street, and a heated warehouse. If you keep the web material on the street, because of the low temperature it just cracked when it is unfolding;
  • required the use of a burner for heating the lower surface of the roofing material. When installing shingles burner can be replaced with a hairdryer construction.
The burner softens the lower material layer, it is securely adhered to the substrate

The burner softens the lower material layer, it is securely adhered to the substrate

Repair of the roof in the winter even more advantageous as finding a free construction team much easier.
And the prices they are more forgiving.

As for the estimated cost, it all depends on how it will be carried out repairs.

If your own, and calculations will be simplified:

  • You will need to calculate the volume of defects;
  • knowing the cost of materials for repair, figure out how much will cost the roof restoration. Labor costs are not taken into account.

An example of the estimates for the repair of the roof includes all types of work, as well as the cost of the work of specialists.

When ordering reconstruction estimates compiled by all the rules:

  • defined scope of work;
  • Each group corresponds to a certain cipher works in the resource estimate standards and prices;
  • It calculates the cost of each type of work, taking into account the real volume;
  • The estimate includes the cost of wages, are also considered necessary deductions.
A fragment of the usual estimate for the roof restoration

A fragment of the usual estimate for the roof restoration

Typically, such documents are drawn up, when a major overhaul of the roof - the estimate in this case - the basic document. It draws all the details are recorded until the gas flow rate in the burners.

At some renovation and a small volume of the work often go without unnecessary bureaucracy.
Couple working for a few hours to cope with the repairs.

repair technology

Virtually any type of defect can be fixed by yourself. Special skills and tools do not need to have to buy unless the roofing material to replace the damaged areas and get a burner / dryer building.

Restoring surfaced roofing

The easiest type of repair - restoration diverged tightness joints.

To do this:

  • dissolve the edges of the material in hand, to clear the ground under them;
  • to ensure coupling of roofing material to the base is applied to it heated bitumen, the material is pressed to the base;
  • joints further processed bitumen.
In this example, diverged joints simply poured resin

In this example, diverged joints simply poured resin

If the number of local defects is large, the old roof can be used as a base for a new coating.
In such case, the new material is deposited on the entire roof area, and the old coating serves as a base.
The maximum number of layers is 8.

Overhaul of fusing roofing is performed in cases when the roof is in a catastrophic state.

The scope of work includes:

  • complete removal of roofing material, screed, insulation layer;
  • roofing pie arranged again, focusing on the slope surface;
  • re-executed installation of thermal insulation, covering, roofing material and a protective layer.
When overhaul is fully restored roofing pie

When overhaul is fully restored roofing pie

At a cost of repair may even exceed the cost of roofing from scratch. The fact that the room is laid still and dismantling work served its roof.

Independent repair small defects

Membrane roofing can be used in private construction.

To eliminate the cause of local defects specialists pointless, so analyze how to resolve major defects:

  • a small hole - eliminates the conventional patch. It is cut from the membrane by the same manufacturer as the main roofing material, the size of about 5-7 cm longer than the dimensions of the holes. Due to the welding patch is securely anchored in place;
Driving membrane roofing repairs

Driving membrane roofing repairs

The technology allows for the repair of soft roof arrangement of patches under the roofing material, such a method is used in case of heavy pollution roof covering.

  • The same defect can be eliminated and by means of adhesive tape, in which case the burner is not required. defect place cleared Lata first waterproofing, and then the outer roofing material. For greater sealing edge further processed sealant;
Ribbon structure of butyl rubber-based

Ribbon structure of butyl rubber-based

  • blisters on the surface can be removed in the same way as the bubbles on the wallpaper. Bloating incised crosswise, petals divorced and problematic place is dried. Then, on the basis of fixed pitch (using a bituminous mastic, nails). In addition, the incision processed bitumen;
The bubble is cut and glued to the bottom

The bubble is cut and glued to the bottom

  • water stagnation place on a flat roof can only be repaired correcting flatness of the concrete base. Roofing material removed is laid on the problem of concrete mixture, dried and re-laid soft roofing material.

Repair shingles

In most cases, the cause of problems with shingles - its damage during the cold season. The frost it becomes brittle and even a small load leads to cracking, the result of all this can be a peel tab, it is desirable to correct such a defect immediately.

The estimate for the repair of this type of soft roof is minimal - often reduced to a simple repair shingle replacement or even a separate tab (if one looked up, then change the whole shingle makes no sense).

Work is carried out in this order:

  • damaged lobe need to precisely cut and remove, it needs to raise the 2 rows on the damaged;
  • then deleted attachment, fixing shingles and cut off the damaged lobe;
  • Substitute shingle cut from a petal, is greased with a bitumen mastic underside and is fixed in place remote, aligned and permanently fixed by nails;
  • reliability and nail heads are coated with mastic, like the underside of the raised rows of tiles.
For sealing the underside of the tile series is greased with mastic

For sealing the underside of the tile series is greased with mastic

Another common defect - flow at junctions for pipes, can also be a problem with waterproofing in the valleys. To resolve this problem, remove the tiles from the problem space restore waterproofing and re-install the shingles. When a leak at the junction with the pipe problem is solved by installing a new collar made of tin or plastic.

In conclusion

In most cases, the repair of soft roof with his hands on the effectiveness comparable to the work of experts, special difficulties should arise. The article discusses only the most common types of defects and how to resolve them, but this will be enough to maintain the soft roof in excellent condition.

The video in this article shows a process for repairing local damage via liquid membrane.

In the comments, you can specify the scope of work for the restoration of the roof, depending on the type of defect.