Repair slate roof: replacement façade and metal finishing balcony

Repair slate roof: the restoration of small defects and replacement of sheets of slate


Table of contents

  • 1 Repair small defects
    • 1.1 materials
    • 1.2 Mixture:
    • 1.3 Carrying out works
  • 2 Replacement sheets of slate
  • 3 Summing up

So the inevitable happened - over time, the roof began to leak, and it means that you have to repair a slate roof. Do not despair, in some cases you will be able to deal with the cause of the leak yourself, repairing the roof with his hands.

Repair slate roof
Repair of metal roofing

damaged slate

To begin with - to estimate the scale of the disaster. Very often you can not change the sheets entirely, and confine overlaying patches.

Repair small defects

If the cause of leakage are small chips or cracks on one or more sheets can also try to patch damaged.

Before starting work, clean the areas to be repaired roof with his hands from dust and debris, washed with water from a hose. While washed roof dries, you can prepare the composition.


  • cement (grade M300 or higher);
  • PVA glue;
  • asbestos can take the finished fluff or grate asbestos sheet on a fine grater (the price - 35 rbl.).

Note! All work with asbestos should be carried out only in a respirator!


  • 1-2 M300 portion of cement mixed with 3 parts fluffy asbestos;
  • the resulting composition is filled in with a mixture of PVAc and water (ratio 1: 1) and qualitatively knead;
  • prepare the masses should have the consistency of thick cream.

Once the mass is ready (it is better to cook it in small portions, since the period of its maximum efficiency does not exceed two hours), proceed to repair.

Carrying out works

Repair of the roof of slate

Applying patches

  • Damaged areas to be repaired roof of a private house or any other structure gruntuem diluted at a ratio of 1: 3 with white glue.
  • Damage to fill the repair mixture twice so that the layer composition was more than 2 mm. It is better if the work will be carried out on a cloudy day, so repair mass will slowly dry out and will have time to gain more strength.

Note! If repairs have to apply the composition in hard to reach places. To get to them and do not crumbled slate, step on it, use a board with stuffed transverse bars. By hooking the board of the roof ridge, you will be able to move freely through it, without creating excessive pressure on the sheets.

Practice shows that this method is good even when repaired the roof of the garage or balcony. Applying the repair mixture made on this recipe, you will extend the life of your roof for 5-7 years.

Replacement sheets of slate

If the slate roof is damaged badly enough, the only way out is its dismantling and installation of new sheet.

The sequence of works:

  1. We produce dismantling coating, ensuring the absence of protruding nails. We assess the state of the rafters and the formwork, perform their replacement, if necessary.
  2. To ensure maximum tightness trusses plank top layer of roofing felt or other insulating material.
  3. After roofing paved, proceed to laying the sheets. Slate begin to stack with the bottom corner, moving incrementally to the opposite corner of the roof. Thus, we provide a geometrically correct folding to the desired overlap.
  4. The overlap is provided by stacking the sheets so that the edge of one sheet coincide with the second wave.
  5. After the first horizontal row is laid, we proceed to laying of the second row, with an overlap of at least 10 cm.
  6. Where the sheets in favor of the dimensions of the roof or run into the chimney, cut off their own hands with the help of grinders with diamond disc.
  7. Fixing the slate to the rafters (crate) is produced using a special slate nails. To prevent the formation of micro-cracks or chips, trying to drive a nail into the top of the wave, not forgetting to make enough from the edge of the indentation.
Repair and roof replacement

Replacement sheets of slate with new

Note! When used for roofing slate in the rubber base, the nails must be driven into the cavity, as close as possible to-lap.

In order to ensure the most secure fit slate sheets, use of long nails. The longer the nail, the longer the resulting structure will exist without bias.

The final stage is to protect the roof ridge. In order to ensure their integrity, protect these places with special plates made of plastic, metal or metal roof repair.

Using the methods described in this article, you can quickly fix a leaky roof, and if necessary - and replace the worn slate. Thus, repair of the facade and the roof will be completed in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.