Application for the repair of the roof: an application, a sample estimate, repair list and act

Application for roof repairs: input data and details, the subject matter, the request for action, defective act


Table of contents

  • 1 What to do first
  • 2 Documents: collect correctly
    • 2.1 Inputs and details
    • 2.2 Essence of the question
    • 2.3 Request for action
  • 3 What is the defective act, when and by whom it is made
  • 4 Summing up

Unfortunately, for people living in the upper floors of houses, a typical situation where a particular room begins to fill with water damaged roofs. In this case we have to contact the management company and to write an application to repair the roof.

Application for roof repairsWhat to do first

The first of your steps - apply to the housing department, the Criminal Code of the HOA or other public organization that serves the house. Application can be submitted in oral form - in person or on the phone and in writing. The first - very rapidly, but ineffectively.

The sample application in the repair of the roof

To apply, contact your HOA, the Criminal Code or the housing department

Tip! If you have done so, be sure to record the date, time and call all the data is received by his manager.

The second take more of your time, but will be much more productive. Generally, the sample application for the repair of the roof has a free form, unchanged and only cap to date signed by the applicant at the bottom of the sheet. It should be noted that many management companies have their own application forms.

So how do you write a good application for the repair of the roof?

Documents: collect correctly

Inputs and details

As well as any other documents supplied to you the statement must begin with the destination data and the applicant. In the upper right corner of the page write in the "To": Name of the chief (director) of municipal service, the name and business address. Below - "From" - your data and address.

It will be good to specify any telephone number (home or mobile) - municipal office may need to contact you promptly.

Stepped back, in the middle write the document: "Statement". In this case, it applies it, because you fed it the application for repair of the roof, and not a complaint or claim.

At the end of the sheet set the date and signature in parentheses decode it indicating your name.

Essence of the question

Furthermore, the cause of treatment. Write what you are owner of an apartment in which there was a leak from the roof and on the basis of a legal document, you are to them. A photocopy of it can be attached to the application.

Next, describe where it all began - the number and estimated time, and in some of the rooms. Describe leakage: Where does the water, how flowed on the ceiling and walls, how much.

Then describe the material damage: it was damaged due to your property, the room renovation (or the whole apartment), a plan is needed, it is important and the price of the damaged property

The company should be examples of all the documents necessary to begin the repair, including the damage report and a sample estimate for roof repairs. In any case, check with them.

Tip! Lawyers strongly recommend to photograph all the places of leaks and the damage they caused. Photos can be useful if it carried out an independent examination or sue in court. They can also attach to the application.

Request for action

Your application must be terminated with a request to make a defective act to repair the roof, remove the leak and repair the damage caused.

Example application:

"Based on the foregoing and guided by Articles №36 and №162 of the Housing Code, the article №4 of the Federal Law" On Protection of Consumer Rights ", item B article №40 «Rules of content of common property in an apartment house," as well as Appendix №2 «Norms and rules of technical operation of the housing stock" I beg…".

Note! Request shall contain, assigning them serial numbers, articulate clearly. Links to laws and regulatory framework - the most important factor. They will demonstrate that you are familiar with their rights and know how to defend them.

Specify a list of documents attached to the application. Having written two instances, one give the dispatcher the second with his signature on the receipt, leave at home.

If the manager refuses to sign or accept an application, write about it when the two witnesses in the document and the fact Sight their signatures.

It is worth noting that you have submitted an application may not be the last that you have to write. This may be documents sent in housing inspection, the court, the regional administration, the Prosecutor's Office. The instructions can be used when referring to any of the instances.

What is the defective act, when and by whom it is made

Sample estimates for the repair of the roof

Defective act

Drafted by a defective statement on roof repairs needed to justify the adoption of the chief of the HOA, of the Criminal Code or housing department decisions about usefulness of repair works as an alarm, and the current in the surveyed residential facility.

  • In your case, the document must be a technical specialist (engineer), managing organization.
  • To specify the repair object in the "Object Name" it should specify the address of a house, an apartment and all the rooms in need of liquidation of damages.
  • Further, driven list of works under the "Type of work performed" technical worker must indicate the specific location, list of damage and repair methods. For example: "Cuisine, leaking ceiling in boards with stains on the wall. It is necessary to make repairs in the kitchen ceiling and wall damage. "
  • If there are any defects of any structural elements, the future contract for the repair of the roof must be drawn up taking into account their visual observation and photography.
  • All identified damage are recorded in the act in box "Description damage structural elements" with optional refinement portion and scope of destruction. Describe damage, faults, defects can be in any form. In the column "Notes" document, you can specify that any non-standard specific to the particular case.
  • Akt plays a role of the original document, under which is the estimate for capital, emergency and routine repairs.
  • They can be performed by a managing organization or contracting economic method. In the second case, the contract drawn up a contract with construction companies.
  • The whole package of documents: application for roof repair, the defective act, the estimate appears to the chief operating company for approval.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful and you now with your hands for you to be able to make an application to the municipal service. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.