Repair of the room with his hands: finishing toilet and sleeping area in a hostel

Repair of the room with your hands (33 photos): a sequence of finishing


Table of contents

  • 1 The procedure for carrying out repairs in the room
  • 2 Operating Details
    • 2.1 Dismantling of old materials
    • 2.2 Fine finishing room
  • 3 Summing up
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Repair of the room with his hands - the theme of this article. You will learn in what order to perform better job, especially roughing and finishing, the nuances of the design rooms for different purposes.

The procedure for carrying out repairs in the room

Repair of the room with his handsThe first thing is to take a pen and a sheet of paper or enter a specialized computer program and create a room design repairs you plan to implement.

Dream up on how a house will look after renovation can be independently or seek help from a designer. Creating their dream plan room, list the details on the actions that you are going to take to translate ideas into action.

Full repair cycle in one room looks like this:

  1. Work on removing old plaster, partitions transfer device of doorways.
  2. The device interior partitions.
  3. Installation of the ventilation system.
  4. Electric installation work.
  5. Laying low-current cable (telephony, Internet, security system, TV).
  6. floor screed.
  7. Covering the walls with primer, putty, plaster.
  8. Installation of windows.
  9. Mounting of the outdoor unit for air conditioner, air device for an internal unit.
  10. Laying floor tiles.
  11. Finishing with plasterboard with their hands.
  12. Putty, plastering the ceiling.
  13. Installation of window sills.
  14. Installation of decorative elements.
  15. Painted walls and ceilings.
  16. Installation of interior doors.
  17. Installing suspended ceilings.
  18. Laying of floor coverings (linoleum flooring, carpeting).
  19. Wallpapering.
  20. Installation of casings on the windows.
  21. Installation of a plinth.
  22. Installation boxes of switches and sockets.
  23. Hanging ceiling lamps and wall sconces.
  24. Garbage removal.

It is said that the procedure for the repair room usually does not change.

You can skip some items from the list, if you do not intend, for example, to install wiring or re-transfer wall, but procedures should not be changed. It is fraught at the best appearance in your apartment additional debris. At worst - will have to redo the work already done on several occasions.

Operating Details

Dismantling of old materials

Repair of toilet room

Dismantling of old wallpaper from the walls

Repair bedroom, as well as any other room in the apartment, begins with the preparation of the walls. The purpose of this work - to create a perfectly flat surface for applying to them the new surfacing materials.

Removing old wallpaper from the walls can turn into quite a troublesome task, if the sheets were pasted on a solid wallpaper paste. To quickly deal with the job will help pre-wetting of the surface of the walls.

Note! In some cases, if the wallpaper "sit" on the walls is very hard, you can use a liquid intended to dissolve the adhesive and easy to remove old wallpaper. Funds are sold in specialized construction and hardware stores.

Repair washroom involves dismounting tiles or paint removal. To remove the old tile from the walls, you need a hammer drill or a jackhammer. Remove the tiles, planted in cement mortar, without destroying it is impossible.

Painting decorative plaster on the walls is usually scraped off with a spatula or sharp ax. Just gently "passes" of his blade on a tangent. Rinse old plaster solvents useless.

Professionals use to remove the paint from the walls of the building hair dryer. This tool, which heats the upper layer paint, so that it is softened, and it can be removed easily with a scraper. It is important to heat the surface gradually, in small portions.

This method of paint removal is effective, but is not for everyone. First, it requires construction directly dryer (not the most popular tool in the household) secondly, the hot air, through which the paint is softened, a bad influence on plastics, which may be in a closet or bathroom.

The ceiling is also exempt from old paint or plaster. Whitewash removed by dry or wet process using a scraper or well-moistened cloths.

The procedure for repairing rooms

Preparing walls for final finishing

Then the ground surface, shpatljujut and plastered to the walls and ceiling Get the most smooth. It is these surfaces are required to be applied to these new finishing materials.

To check the evenness, anywhere in the wall, you can make two-meter rule. If the work done performed qualitatively, between the rule and the lumen wall should not exceed 2 mm. Currently, high-rise walls originally so far from perfect that the lumen may be 1-7 cm.

Note! Alignment surfaces must be not always. If you plan to use for the walls thick wallpaper or panel can be limited to the removal of old materials. The same rule applies to the ceiling, for mounting the tension or hinged design, you can save time and energy on the lining surface.

Repair bedroom

The apartment with a fine finish

Fine finishing room

After repairing a dorm room, apartment or house is made, you can proceed to the application of decorative materials on the walls, ceiling and floor ..

More often than not in the rooms intended for housing, the walls of wallpaper paste.

Note! In new houses are not recommended to use expensive materials in the first 2-3 years after the date of occupancy. This is due to the draft of the construction, which resulted in many domestic materials deposited on the wall, can be deformed. The best option for the repair of the rooms in the new house is considered wallpaper cloth.

The wall surface before the application of the wallpaper glue is greased. This creates a better coupling between the surface and the web. The strip of wallpaper is cut to the height of the wall + 5-7 cm. Wallpapers are applied to the wall and smoothed so that remains on the surface of air bubbles and wrinkles.

There are other popular finishing materials for the walls. For example, decorative plaster looks great in the rooms. It is beautiful, durable and, most importantly, washable material.

There are different types of decorative plaster: relief, like marble, Venetian. It withstands scratches and bumps, so it can be used in the decoration of the hall, kitchen, bathroom. In addition, the price of such a finishing material is sufficiently democratic.

Dry decorative plaster diluted with a special composition and applied with a blade onto the surface of the plaster walls in several layers. If desired, you can wet plaster to create relief.

Many options for finishing the living room. Think carefully about the design of the premises and in accordance with the sketch Pick up those or other finishing materials.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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