Ideas repair Khrushchev: making furnish at 2 and 3 room apartment

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To date, the choice of finishing materials is so broad and so design ideas diverse that small areas typical of Khrushchev can be turned into fairly comfortable and comfortable apartments. Let's look at the typical and unusual ideas repair Khrushchev.


Ideas repair KhrushchevEveryone knows the shortcomings of Khrushchev: the small size of the room, a tiny kitchen, dark corridors and low ceilings. In part to correct this deficiency may help demolishing walls and merge several premises, such as bathrooms and kitchens or rooms and the corridor together.

Why demolish walls

To date, designers invented many ways to divide the space into zones. Demolition of walls and combining space - it's a great way to create an original design of the apartment with the help of color screens and multi-ceiling structures.

A common variant of re-planning of small-sized one-bedroom apartment repair - the demolition of walls between the bedroom, hall, kitchen and corridor.

Obtained large studio, where each zone is different from the other special flooring. Scents which during cooking can penetrate into the accommodation space in the kitchen, is easily removed by suction and a good conditioner.


With the color of the walls or the ceiling in a different color designers create functional areas that contribute to the expansion of visual space, as well as giving the room more comfortable.

2 repair rooms Khrushchev

Note! Demolition of walls today is not possible in every Khrushchev because of the dilapidation of the housing stock. Before you perform a repair, providing for redevelopment, apartment owners must first coordinate with BTI.

Khrushchev repair options that do not involve the demolition of the walls

Less radical version of the struggle for living space - a visual increase in the area of ​​a finished apartment. To date, invented lots of ways by which you can visually push the boundaries of space.

Save space, you can use the door. Firstly, they can all be removed, and in place of the doorways with their own hands to build a beautiful decorated arches. Second, the conventional opening doors for small premises is not suitable. Output - installed in the room sliding door coupe that will save some space in the room.

If you have a scheduled repair 2-room Khrushchev, try to install in the rooms ceilings. Especially for repair Khrushchev designers strongly recommend the use of high-gloss, lacquered or mirrored stretched canvas.

Decorative ceiling wall takes only 3 cm in height (if you prefer to harpoon or wedge mounting method), however, visually add a few meters up the room, as the room will be displayed again in the surface tension ceiling.

This is a proven and really works way to deal with low ceilings Khrushchev. The color of a tension fabric can choose whatever: classic white, pale pink or even extreme black (provided sufficient illumination of the room). Today, the price stretch ceiling varies from 450 to 3200 rubles.

Tip! If you are not afraid of bold design solutions, high-gloss canvas stretch ceiling can be placed on the wall. This unusual step to push the boundaries of space as well as a mirror surface on the ceiling. room dimensions visually increase is not up, and in breadth.

Repair 3 x room Khrushchev

Cloth stretch ceiling on the wall

In small rooms usually not accepted to use wallpaper with a large pattern. Decorating the walls is to apply to them the light materials - paint, paper or liquid wallpaper.

If the owners want to see Khrushchev on the walls, not only color, but also drawing, best to choose diagonal lines, which visually enlarge the room, or vertical, visually "lift" ceiling.

With regard to diagonal patterns, then they may be present on the floor covering, have a positive effect on the visual perception of space of the room.

Repair 2 room Khrushchev and often involves the replacement of furniture. Of course, the interior is best to choose based on the style and color of finishing materials involved in the renovation. However, other things being equal, should give preference to furniture bright colors.

Note! Massive seating area, as well as over-decorated cabinets and hinged chandeliers out of place in a small room.

How to make repairs in the KhrushchevBathroom in the Khrushchev

In the middle of the last century builders greatly save on dimensions of the bathroom. In those Khrushchev, where bathroom and toilet are combined in one room, in a space sankomnaty still can accommodate a sink or even a small washing machine.

If renovated bathroom in the Khrushchev is separated from the bathroom wall, the owners even turn around in each room can be very difficult. How can free up some space in the bathroom?

To this end, during the repair of the bathroom can be removed, and in its place establish a shower. So once freed space for washing machine, which is used to take part of the kitchen. Hinged shelf furniture instead released a little more space.

Doorways during repairs in the bathroom in the Khrushchev can be a little higher, to create the illusion of a high ceiling.

Khrushchev in the kitchen

To free up space in the kitchen Khrushchev can take a number of measures:

  1. The size of the kitchen space can be increased slightly by extending the doorways. The problem of food odors, which is in the cooking process, is achieved by a good conditioning system, elegant curtain or sliding doors.
  2. Kitchen furniture, like any other, must correspond to the dimensions of the room. Today in the shops you can find the kitchen wall cabinets and shelves, specially designed for smaller size rooms. Dining Table-transformer - irreplaceable thing in small kitchens Khrushchev.
  3. If apartment owners are willing to sacrifice the pantry, which is located next to the kitchen, you can arrange a place for a refrigerator or a washing machine. To do this, cut out enough during the repair of the wall, which leads to the pantry, beautifully decorate the niche and set to a large appliance. So you can win a square meter of space in the kitchen, which is not bad for Khrushchev.

Before making repairs in the Khrushchev, consult with a professional designer. He will give interesting tips on how you can visually expand the space of the small-sized rooms.

Summing up

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