Calculation of plasterboard: video-installation instructions with their hands, especially components for walls, partitions, structures, calculator, price, photo

Calculation of plasterboard on the ceiling, walls and partitions


Table of contents

  • 1 General wishes to start
    • 1.1 In the direction of repair
    • 1.2 From the ceiling to the walls
    • 1.3 Partitions in a few words
  • 2 Finally

It is really a truism, any properly constituted calculation makes it possible to buy material repairs with a minimum of residues, saving power and family funds, decided to repair the spend. Calculation of plasterboard, profiles, suspensions and other components of the process - the need, raised to the rank of axioms.

For a start needed calculation scheme, sketch, anything.

For a start needed calculation scheme, sketch, anything.

This manual has been prepared in such a way as to remind you once again:

  • stages of the construction of drywall constructions;
  • sum calculation of materials for each operation.

If you think that we know your housing, you are wrong.
We give you the general formulas and calculations, and you apply them to your own environment with their hands is calculated needs and save their own funds.

General wishes to start

The calculation of each stage.

The calculation of each stage.

Recommendatory-narrative of the material suggests to highlight issues on which the calculation will be carried out.

Thus, the transactions in question:

  • Install furring ceiling: the calculation of drywall constructions;
  • Installing Drywall: calculation of materials for walls of plasterboard;
  • Installation falshsten and partitions: the calculation of the partition of the drywall materials.

Also, during each operation individual bonuses we will give you technical details attachments, which can be saved by replacing them with other materials.

In the direction of repair

No matter what materials you carry out repairs in his apartment, repair always begins from the ceiling, ie top down. event logic is clear and the child, marching in that direction, all renovated will shine novelty and will not be damaged during subsequent maintenance operations.

We will also begin his story with the construction of ceiling structures:

  • The construction of crates on the ceiling starts with the installation profile. Remember that this product is set on the perimeter edging ceiling structure assumed in a horizontal plane. It is in the groove of this profile will include a CD counterparts, but more on that later.
    We expect material on a simple principle:
Crate ceiling.

Crate ceiling.

    • Measure the perimeter of the premises, which will be erected in the plasterboard ceiling.
    • The resulting number is divided by the length of one profile UD, which may be 2750, 3000, 4000, 4500 mm. To facilitate the calculation of the problem suggest that you listen to our next council.

In the calculations, be guided by the factor that the structural integrity is better than typed from pieces.
Thus, the width of the room to 3.5 m involves metal strip 4 m.
Snip 50 cm can be used in the near-wall space or on the dock.
But transoms 50 cm 3 m from the profile lead to the fact that the wall you will have two pieces, but still in the residues from one operation bude 2.5 m UD profile.

  • Installation CD profile and crates of it. We remind you that the first design exhibited in the direction of the length of the room. Step movement - 60 cm. At the same time, no matter how you tried, but sections have lengthened.

Of course, if the room is more than the length of 6 m, and can be ordered such products, but the price is incommensurate. And here it included first embodiment savings. For extension profiles CD, there are special extensions, independent design, which also have their price. And they can be neglected, substituting residues CD analogues, about 20 cm from each connection side.

Setting the first and last sections made UD slots located on the longer walls, and the rest are arranged one behind the other with a known pitch. Furthermore, every 60 cm are mounted transverse partitions of the same CD products. Docking takes place using the mounting members crab-type or T-shaped duplex connectors.

But you can save money and the second docking carried out either by cropping the ends of the cross-piece and stykuya profile in the profile with screws or using UD profiles, and arching their notching at 90 degrees. (Cm. also the article How to make a niche plasterboard: features).

And the ceiling and walls will put drywall.

And the ceiling and walls will put drywall.

  • Calculation guide for drywall conducted in the following areas:

The sum of all of the longitudinal profiles + See all 60 segments of the transverse insert divided by the length of factory products, we get the number of necessary consumables the UD + calculation components Plasterboard (extenders, adapters and other materials from one calculation "crab" one crosspiece, one T-shaped connector for each docking with the terminal profile).

If you choose not to spend money on extension cords and adapters, then keep in mind that a single compound "crab" is replaced by four 20 cm lengths of products UD, and the T-junction - two.
If you decide to join a profile in the profile, the cross segments should be at 60 and 80 cm.
The only items that are not necessary to replace it straight canopies, their number is determined by the calculation - for each overhanging structure longitudinal guide one to shed every 60 cm.
And further! When making all calculations assembling batten to the resultant addition value is added from 10 to 20% of the products.
Like it or not, but only up to mm, the calculation will be difficult to produce, pruning is not necessary to assemble in a single ensemble, they had better get another use.

  • Calculation of materials - plaster and screws. Since plasterboard will be no problem, the standard sheet sizes 2500h1200, i.e. 3 square meters, and that's cut out their discretion. There are other standards for the sheets. But as soon as I want to restrict this subject, they are designed for large areas of office and industrial premises.
    Calculator Drywall clearly show that in the room you will need 18 squares 6 full sheets. But what about the self-tapping screws? Here, too easy, the standard flow rate of 100 pieces per sheet. Dowels for fixing UD strips and direct shelters: at canopy - two anchors on each article of the UD to 1 in every 40 cm.

To close the threads offer you practical advice.
For a person who does not deal with such things on a daily basis, the calculation and presentation of materials for future construction causes some difficulties.
So take an A4 sheet of paper and draw a drawing with all the proportions, more visual and clear solutions to the problem, and imagine.

And after such placement obtain embodiment.

And after such placement obtain embodiment.

From the ceiling to the walls

Now turn the calculator for calculating drywall constructions on the walls:

Setting battens near the wall begins with the definition of a single vertical level which is limited by two parallel arranged UW profiles. Thus one is mounted on the floor and the other on the ceiling to an installed structure.

These profiles are inserted CW profiles based - every 60 cm at a wallpaper pasting walls and every 40 cm when laying tile or decorative tile. Fastening profiles to the wall by means of direct canopies.

It seems simple, but the calculations of:

  • UW calculation - two rooms + perimeter of one profile into every corner of the entire height of the frame for the crates + each window opening with transverse inserts every 60 cm of side pieces plasterboard sheets; (Cm. also the article Decorating the living room with plasterboard: features).
On the wall is applied and insulation.

On the wall is applied and insulation.

  • Counting profile CW - the simplest event, if you make it to the apartment with a standard ceiling height. Pull back on the angular and go along the wall every 60 cm entering profile.

Wall profile without exposed pieces. If you need to hold a crate wall in Khrushchev, take the profile of the minimum length, cropping will be, well, so far without them.

  • Calculation of plasterboard as follows. Length times the width, and gives an area divided by 3 square meters, give the number of sheets of plasterboard. It is natural that we will be rounded in a big way only.
    By the way, if you find a store where drywall sheets are not sold, and by calculation, let us know. And now, to the resulting value will not forget to add window and door openings, again with rounding.
Permissible installation options.

Permissible installation options.

  • Calculation of plasterboard walls includes a calculation on the screws, which are estimated - 100 pcs. one complete sheet on dowel-nails that go into the calculation UW every 40 cm, and two for each straight canopy, with direct awnings are calculated the same way for the wall rack profiles, as well as for ceiling.

Partitions in a few words

Calculation of plasterboard partitions:

You will need:

  • UW profile - calculated on the perimeter of the structure;
  • CW products - every 60 cm length without audio fragments;
  • gypsum boards - a necessary area multiplied by two (two-way partition is still;
  • screws - is based on a full sheet of drywall anchors only on ceiling, floor and wall profiles UW.

If you stykuete partition to the opposite wall, then you may need additional UW and CW profiles for lathing education above the door, in most cases it takes a bit, but still needed.
Here you have a photo septum.

Where it is so.

Where it is so.


After all the calculations you will only have to include the costing calculator. And bring his formula of happiness. And to this formula to work, watch our video.