Perforated MDF: decorative sheets, video-installation instructions with their hands, and photos

Perforated MDF - aerial grace, and a pledge of comfort in the house


Table of contents

  • 1 HDF or MDF
  • 2 Scope and range perforated panels
    • 2.1 Where will the relevant perforated panels
    • 2.2 A variety of shapes and sizes
    • 2.3 Homemade screen for the batteries - one of the options for using perforated panels
  • 3 Summarizing

MDF sheets with fancy holes in them look great and are able to liven up any room. It is important that the perforation does not affect the cost of sheets, afford such a purchase can each. Today I will share their own experiences of using this material, and I hope that it will help you make the right choice and place the application in their own house or apartment. So, in a way!

Perforated panels in the interior

Perforated panels in the interior


In stores you can often find references HDF MDF instead of the usual, it may confuse an untrained person. In fact, no confusion or mistakes in terminology there. Just fibreboard (MDF and refers precisely to this category of finishing materials) include several items.

Decorative Perforated MDF panel composition is 99.9% identical to the HDF, the difference is only in the higher density, and hence the strength of the board. The rest - both of these boards are made from wood industry waste with a minimum addition of adhesives, so worried about ecological material is not necessary.

Wood is over 99% volume cookers. Remaining 0.3-0.4% being resin and paraffin.
Even during the combustion of harmful substances into the atmosphere substantially not allocated.

According to the density difference noticeable in HDF, this figure does not drop below 800 kg / m3 (and more often comes to 900-1000 kg / m3). But the density of the MDF, at best, up to 800 kg / m3, more often this indicator at the level of 650-750 kg / m3.

Key indicators MDF

Key indicators MDF

Hence, differences in minimum thickness HDF panels have a strength comparable with not the hardwood, and therefore the minimum panel thickness can be 3-4 mm. In the case of MDF find plate thickness of less than 6 mm will not work.

Scope and range perforated panels

Perforated panel made of MDF looks much more attractive than the usual (smooth surface). Hence, the main purpose - interior design, but in this matter is to understand more.

Where will the relevant perforated panels

Perforated panels are used not only to meet the needs of designers.

This material is used:

  • furniture makers - of such sheets obtained original doors for wardrobes, base tables, backs of chairs, etc .;.

Especially convenient perforation for self-creation.
Thick perforated panel can be used, for example, as a basis for the cabinet and through holes height of shelves can be adjusted without any problems.

  • in the regeneration section of such panels can be used in the design, e.g., the walls of the arbor. Large holes in the sheets will serve as a support climbing plants. However, in this case, you need to think about protecting the material from moisture and hungry insects;
  • with his own hands made of perforated MDF (HDF) can make an elegant display, which will close the gap with the heating panels. This will lead to a decrease in thermal power batteries by about 15-20% (even in the case of a large perforation) so that they can be installed only when the surplus power heaters;
  • if necessary, divide the room into zones, in some cases, perforated MDF sheet will look much more favorable to the usual wall. Small perforation makes such a panel in a great sound insulator;
  • the strength and rigidity of the perforation, of course, is slightly reduced, but it is still enough to use such panels for the walls or ceiling device.
Applications perforated panels

Applications perforated panels

A variety of shapes and sizes

With regard to size, the thickness of the sheets of HDF starts with 3 mm MDF with a 6-8, but different sizes in terms of much more. The sheet has dimensions of 600h1200 mm to 1200h2440 mm and even more, can be up to about 3 meters. That is, a single sheet can be cut off the standard room from floor to ceiling.

The material is easily sawed and drilled, so obtained from the standard sheet the desired shape without any problems.

As for the shape of the holes in the sheet, there is a variety of options. On sale you can find a panel with simple round or square / rectangular openings, but there are more subtle perforation in the form of intricate patterns with lots of curls.

In principle, you can organize any form of perforations, the main thing - that there was a demand for such panels. Producers will have only one time to invest in a punch press set-up and everything.

Several perforation options

Several perforation options

Perforated MDF panels may vary and method of surface treatment, can be identified:

  • polished, uncoated with paint or varnish - are less likely perfect for unusual projects, because you can process them in any way;
  • with one-sided treatment - the front surface in this case is polished, painted, varnished. Most often used in this type of wall covering;
  • with double-sided processing - apply where appearance is important structures, such as in the case with furniture or wall in the room;
  • Many manufacturers offer the customer to choose their own way of handling. Can be ordered, for example, simulation of a particular type of wood or metal paint under. Price, of course, increases slightly, but the customer gets exactly what you need, do not have to change their plans depending on which sheets are available.
The sheet can be painted in any color

The sheet can be painted in any color

perforated MDF cost does not allow to recommend it for covering the entire house, and look this decision is debatable. For example, as of spring 2016 is the easiest screen for radiators 1200h600h3,2 for painting will cost 168 UAH (about 300-370 rubles). There are options and more expensive, one of the most expensive radiator screens with sizes 1280h680 mm will have to pay up to 500 UAH (1300-1400 rubles).

Homemade screen for the batteries - one of the options for using perforated panels

Battery is in every house and they do not always look nice. Fix the problem with the unsightly appearance will help a sheet of perforated MDF, little solid MDF, glue and time.

The easiest, if the battery is located in the recess, in such a case it is sufficient for it to place the reflecting screen (suitable and conventional sheet metal), and the niche itself close panel with large holes. We consider the case of floor placement of the heater, ie, You will need to make a box.

The box for the heater

The box for the heater

for the manufacture of decorative boxes instruction will have the following form:

  • frame must be rigid, parallelepiped therefore will have edges of the thin boards or HDF solid (MDF). Its dimensions must exceed the radiator dimensions 10-15 cm on each side. The sidewalls of the box, they may be solid, made hole conduit;
box model

box model

  • facepiece duct must necessarily be openwork (the larger area of ​​the apertures, the more heat from the radiator receives room), the upper part - on request, but considering the direction of movement of warm air, it is better to do and perforated her;
What should happen as a result of

What should happen as a result of

  • box is not going, we need to fix the array of HDF on its walls. The most convenient way to mount the panel on the back side to the frame, and it is desirable that it has retained the mobility and can move freely upon heating / cooling. Can be on the back side of a frame with the upper and lower sides to provide a plurality of clips, and simply insert the panel at them from the front of the difference with the glued panel is not;
  • box assembly can be performed with the help of tongue and groove joints, glue, nails and screws no one, of course, is not prohibited, but in case of emergency will be easier to make out the design without permanent connections.
In the photo - the result of work

In the photo - the result of work

On all the above manipulations will go just a couple of hours, and the savings compared to buying ready screen, or order it from furniture makers to get a solid.


Perforated sheets MDF - real find, through holes open up this material several new applications compared to sheets with a solid surface. Now, one can not just furniture or box for battery manufacture, but the original lamp or any other decoration for the home.

The video in this article is an example of perforated cladding panels.

The comments share their ideas on the use of perforated sheets HDF (MDF) in the regeneration housing.