Garden design in the country: the infield project, backyard

Garden design in the country (36 images): the project, the establishment of a lawn, style "Japanese Garden", planting flowers and use of stones


Table of contents

  • 1 garden plot design project
    • 1.1 styles
    • 1.2 design elements
  • 2 Creating a lawn
  • 3 Creating a Style "Japanese Garden"
  • 4 flower planting
  • 5 Using stones
  • 6 Summing up
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Garden design in the country - it is an opportunity for a small area of ​​land to turn into a paradise for the eyes and soul. Waking up in the morning to the singing of birds, you can enjoy a unique and beautiful landscape right out the window through the basics of landscape design. Exactly how to realize the landscaping plan and decoration of a garden plot, tell our article.

garden design in the country

garden plot design project

The first phase of work on the landscape - a garden site design project. To create it must be approached carefully, pick a style, and then strictly follow him.


There are three main styles of garden design:

  1. Regular. This style inherent severe forms and clear lines. With it, you can achieve just incredible visual effect, but it requires constant work and a lot of space.
  2. Landscape. Style, reminiscent of nature in its natural form, is dominated by the rough smooth shape.
  3. Japanese garden. Sleek design of green spaces, in which the present structure of the stones. It can be supplemented with a pond and eastern symbolism.

design elements

Design a garden plot project

Registration of land in the regular style

In accordance with the selected style must draw on paper appearance portion by operating such elements:


  • trees;
  • shrubs;
  • lawn;
  • stones;
  • flowers.


  • fences;
  • track;
  • pieces of marble chips;
  • reservoirs.

Tip! If your garden is already "grown" to transplant trees and shrubs should not be to avoid the death of the plants. It is best to create the landscape around them.

During the design is better to create a comprehensive design-garden vegetable garden-a garden that all the elements were in harmony with each other. Often the buildings design taking as a basis, while the remaining part will adapt under her style.

Creating a lawn

When the project is completed, go to the next step - laid garden paths and outline the line of lawn.

Create a lawn can be the cultivation of herbs or laying turf. The results of the second method is much more aesthetic look to create perfect garden design.

design garden garden garden

Spreading turf

Turf is cultivated, cut with special equipment and coiled into rolls with grass turf.

To lay such rolls can be at any time from March to November, when there is no frost.

Laying rolls:

  • laid in the form of rolls of brickwork in order to minimize the length of the seam, from the sides vegetated areas;
  • carpet the central portion of the lawn been cut sheet to the desired dimensions with a shovel;
  • advancing further in the previous sections do not come to this board is placed on top of the lawn;
  • after laying turf ram - laid plywood sheets, and go over them to roll roots could grapple with the basic ground;
  • within 10 days conduct daily watering.

It can be carried out first haircut in 10 days after laying.

Creating a Style "Japanese Garden"

After growing the lawn pass to spray lines of marble chips. If regular and landscape pretty simple style, the establishment of a lawn "Japanese Garden" requires a lot of explanation,.

Consider the steps of creating a complex line:

  • poured into the bag and the sand is cut a small hole in it;
  • paint with sand on the lawn shape desired shape;
  • removed turf;
  • strew black portions covering materials to keep the growth of weeds;
  • top portions poured marble chips.

As chips used natural stone, preferably. However, it is quite expensive, so it can be replaced by artificial.

flower planting

cottage garden design

Japanese garden element

Neither design cottage garden is complete without flowers. You can drop them off in the form of the usual beds and can show imagination to create an unusual shape.

Examples of original registration of beds:

  • Creek plant. To simulate the flow of water used stunted plants with a long blooming period. Not planted on land set wooden bridge, on the edges of "stream" laid large stones.
  • Cans of milk. Removed a small layer of earth, poured drainage (the layer of gravel and sand) and stack container (a can, or amphora decorative bucket). In the form of extending out the milk line outline in the land, and planted in the middle of the low-growing plants with white flowers.
  • Cart with jewels. On the ground, draw a circle about a meter in diameter. To the circle rolls cart, poured drainage, and then ground in a hillock (bottom carts veiled film). Draw the outline of the future sand beds. Planted flowers with colored stripes.

Using stones

Alpine hill in the garden

Alpine hill in the garden

After Bedded start to completion - the creation of decorative elements of stone. Landscaping a garden site with his own hands acquires individuality.

There are several options for using them:

  • Plain. Stones laid out in random order on the site.
  • Rock Garden. Large stones are laid out in the form of "islands" in the "ocean" of marble chips.
  • Alpine slide. From the land of the hill create, decorate it with small stones, which are planted between the special alpine plants.

After placement of the stones work on the design of the garden can be considered ended. Subsequently landscape applications requires less effort as maintaining it in its original form and stowing after winter.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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