Landscaping ideas with his own hands: create beauty

Landscaping ideas (48 photos) with your hands transforms cottage


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To date, it developed a lot of landscaping ideas - with their own hands, you will be able to transform the smallholding, cottage or backyard.

Of course, you can use the services of a professional designer, but a pond, alpine slide, or even lawn by yourself "from scratch" are you a hundred times nicer and nicer!

landscaping ideas with their own hands

Top aides in search of ideas for the design of your garden will be the nature and your imagination.

And indeed, there is no magazine on design, no professional advice can not be compared with peeped a small waterfall in the mountains and the desire to put it in a nutshell.


To undertake the creation of a unique landscape in the area is better when he was still a virgin. It is much easier to plan and implement all the elements of design, before the area will be built a house, laid communication, installed all the outbuildings.

Once you have decided on the basic structures, you will be able to divide the area into zones and to arrange her green spaces easily.


The basic elements of landscape design is the lawn.



  • Lawns can be both the basis of garden design with their own hands, in this case, we share their tracks curly or small hedges, and complementary to other structural elements.
  • Lawn you need to choose flat areas of soil without significant deviation.
  • The coating may be used turf (economy option that with proper care looks very presentable) or a special lawn grass.

Tip! It is necessary to choose carefully, many imported lawn mixtures do not differ sufficiently cold resistance and severe winter may freeze solid wholly or partly bald spots forming.

  • If you have suffered such a fate can either completely replace the turf, either periodically sow seeds of trouble spots in the more cold-resistant plants - bluegrass or fescue.
  • Lawn care is necessary, first of all care implies regular haircut. Uncut lawn will look messy, so if you do not want to walk on a regular basis with the mower, on the site of the lawn can be left natural lawn or flowerbeds break.


Recognized as a classic landscape design are evergreens. They, unlike hardwood counterparts, pleasing to the eye all year round.

In our latitudes well established boxwood and juniper, it is used both as a stand-alone landing, or in combination with other plants.

But with the "import" evergreen species should be extremely careful. Like some lawns popular among designers arborvitae and cypress trees in cold climates do not feel very well. They do not take root in the new location, prone to disease and slow growing. Therefore, they can be recommended as design elements only in warmer southern regions.

Beds and slides

Different beds and slides can become an ornament to your site. The main thing is to choose the right place and choose the plants that in this environment will look the most advantageous.

Alpine hill

Alpine hill

Flower beds in the garden is better to make small sizes. When choosing plants for flower beds such, it is important to take into account the period of flowering of different species.

Combining three or four species in the flowerbed, you can get a blooming land, which will be pleasing to the eye from early spring to late autumn.

As for the slides, then their construction debris construction materials are ideal, remaining after the construction of your country house.

Using a broken brick and cinder block as the basis, and overlay the resulting hill outside wild stone, you get a great result at the lowest cost.

For landscaping slides can use ground cover plants, and if the climate in the region is soft enough, and succulents.

Ponds, canals and waterfalls

Pearl is a portion of any water source. This may be a small pond, a series of ponds, connected by canals, or even a small artificial waterfall flowing along one of the walls alpine slide.

homemade pond

homemade pond

It is important not only to plan the design of these elements, but also competently to build communication. It is quite difficult, especially if you do not have much experience with plumbing fixtures and pipes.

It is also important to consider the design of the garden paths, then the composition is complete.

Naturally, water bodies need to pick up appropriate plants suitable cattail, sedge and reeds on the banks, lilies and water lilies - in the pond. And if the volume of the pond allows, you can settle there even a couple of carp, they are pretty unpretentious!

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you are limited only by your imagination. And if you do something really likes you well on the shoulder to realize this design finds on your site!

Summing up

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