The interior design of the cottage: country house project

The interior design of the cottage with his own hands


Table of contents

  • 1 As a draft
    • 1.1 Porch and kitchen
    • 1.2 Living and dining room
    • 1.3 Bedroom
    • 1.4 other rooms
  • 2 Example design house
  • 3 Summing up

The owners of country houses often cause a slight, but still the envy of the residents of city apartments.

If the latter is limited in scope in the repair of your own home, the cottage interior design can be anything, limited only by imagination of the owner and his financial capabilities.

cottage interior designFirst of all, the cottage renovation should begin with a detailed drawing of an architectural project with the location of utilities, furniture and decoration of all premises calculation surfaces.

  1. Draft designs, which contains at least two options for the design room with furniture. The drawings are reviewed and adjusted. For clarity, we can visualize the sketch in the computer program.
  2. After the approval of all the nuances created a working draft, which is a sketch plan of the cottage with all the design ideas. With the help of detailed room plans, drawings and plans placement of partitions and interior specialists implement ideas into reality.

As a draft

country house interior design

The mansion in the English style

The very design of a country house interior is developed in stages, taking into account the peculiarities of planning, location and communications needs of the tenants of each room.

Porch and kitchen

Veranda - the part that is not in the plans of the repair of conventional apartments. But for the development of home design and interior of the house also need to spend a lot of effort. In summer it is used for relaxing in the shade of greenery, and in the winter - a bridge of unity with nature.

Kitchen in a private house serves only one function - cooking. In view of the many rooms, the owners do not have the need to combine it with the dining room, so you can turn around.

Note! Normal part of the kitchen in a private home - gas boiler, so the interior should organically blend in with this piece.

Living and dining room

Dining room - great room, which serves to unite all residents of the house for a single ritual. In addition, here are methods and guests, so dining should not only have a dining area with a large table and chairs, but also a seating area with sofa and armchairs.

Interior design houses cottages

Living in style kitsch

Living room. In this room are moved away after a meal, it must also be sufficiently functional and comfortable. Are required for placement in the living room: a large sofa and a couple of armchairs, a coffee table, TV, audio equipment. If you are supporter of classical style, appropriate in the living room will also be a grand piano and a small library. Fireplace - one of the interior, making the atmosphere cozy and comfortable.


Bedroom. This room is probably the most important for the tenants of the house, because after a busy day, it offers relaxation and recreation. Required attributes the design of the walls: a large double bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers, dressing table for a girl to read the table.

Design cottage interior design

The original solution: WC + library

other rooms

Toilet and bathroom. Fortunately the owners of the interior design of family houses are not forcing them to save space and to combine all the plumbing in a single room. In the bathroom, you can install and shower, and hot tub, allowing you to choose the level of comfort. Bathrooms can be a little.

Other premises. The owners of country houses can afford not only the standard rooms are inherent in the apartment. Consider the option of a separate arrangement of the gym, library, office, dressing room.

Example design house

Dining Rococo

Dining Rococo

Using one style for the whole house - it's not as interesting as the decoration of each room in a different style.

  1. For a small living room, dining room or the ladies' room is ideal rococo. Distinctive features of the style - easy and relaxed.
  2. The Grand Hall will look great in a classic or baroque styles solemn and majestic.
  3. Gothic interiors are appropriate for the design of the library and office.
  4. The bathroom is better to draw in oriental style: with lots of ornaments and frescoes.
  5. A kitchen - it is now the Mediterranean, a combination of blue and white and plain simple design will create a great atmosphere.

So, making interior design project of the cottage should not be determined with any particular style for the whole home, apply the best option for each room enough.

Summing up

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