Wrought iron fences for private houses: 6 options

Wrought iron fences for private houses - 6 different designs


Table of contents

  • 1 types of fences
    • 1.1 Option 1 - fence with metal columns
    • 1.2 Option 2 - fence with brick pillars
    • 1.3 Option 3 - forged structure with stone pillars
    • 1.4 Option 4 - volumetric structure
    • 1.5 Option 5 - artistic forging
    • 1.6 Embodiment 6 - a combination of forging and other materials
  • 2 Output
Forged fence looks great in any part of

Forged fence looks great in any part of

You can not decide which fence for the site to choose? Let's look at forged design - I'll tell you about 6 different fences and describe all their pros and cons. Using simple guidelines, you can easily pick up a reliable and durable fence.

Forging is combined with other materials

Forging is combined with other materials

types of fences

We consider the following design options:

  1. With the metal bumps;
  2. With brick pillars;
  3. With stone pillars;
  4. Solid structures;
  5. Artistic forging;
  6. The combination with other materials.

Option 1 - fence with metal columns

This type of barriers has the following features:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14947945132 Reliability. The design consists entirely of metal, so different strength and durability. Most importantly - securely fasten all the elements and periodically update a protective coating.
table_pic_att14947945153 Simplicity. The structure consists of columns and spans that are supplied ready-made and welded to the supports in place. Of course, independently carry out the installation with no experience will not be easy, but if desired, and the presence of minimal skills in welding work does not cause much difficulty.
Diversity. Appearance of the fence can be almost arbitrary. Any manufacturer will present you a catalog with tens or even hundreds of options. And you can order a unique execution if desired, of course, the price of such a project will turn out higher, but this fence will not be nobody else.
table_pic_att14947945164 Durability. The service life of such constructions is 20 years or more. Those wooden fences are at times less, and for the same period of time you spend on them anymore, as it is necessary to replace the items several times.

To design a long time served as the need to carefully handle the space paint welding. And during the operation to update the cover once every few years.

This type of fencing many do not like because of the excessive simplicity. Yes, and from prying eyes, this design does not protect in the best way. But these fences to the side and rear side of the site fit perfectly.

Option 2 - fence with brick pillars

This type of construction has the following advantages:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att14947945175 appeal. Forging is very well combined with a brick of any color. The result is a very solid fence. Most often selected a brick as for the construction of the house, if the house is not made of this material, the texture and the hue is determined according to the general portion design.
table_pic_att14947945186 Reliability. Everyone knows how strong and durable brick fences with its use differ long life.

It is very important to build a foundation for a quality fence with brick pillars. If the foundation is weak, over time the design cracked.

table_pic_att14947945197 Solidity. If the construction is done accurately and qualitatively, it itself becomes an ornament of the site and an indicator of wealth and taste of the owners.

Particularly well this version is suitable for those who have remained after building a house brick and put it nowhere. So you can save on materials and at the same time get a reliable fence with wrought. Naturally, the work can be carried out only one who has the skills of a bricklayer.

Build straight poles can only be one who is able to put a brick

Build straight poles can only be one who is able to put a brick

Option 3 - forged structure with stone pillars

This option is much like the above, but has its own characteristics:

  • Low cost of construction. In most regions gather stones for fences is not difficult - you need to go into the field and search for items of suitable size and shape. Even if you buy ordinary stones, the costs will be much lower than when buying a brick. Exceptions are valuable species, they are very expensive;
Wrought iron fences for houses with stone pillars look very authentic

Wrought iron fences for houses with stone pillars look very authentic

  • Interesting appearance. Such designs are reminiscent of medieval Europe and the fence looks solidly and thoroughly. Forging perfectly with any type of stone. The most important thing - to find the spans for your site, stones always look the same, and give it originality metal structural components;
  • The possibility of decorating existing poles. If you already have columns of concrete or brick, then you can just oblitsevat them from natural or artificial stone elements. This is a budget solution, which looks very attractive, and in the implementation of a lot easier. In addition, the choice of cladding is so wide that you can find variations of any color and shape;
Finishing sandstone columns

Finishing sandstone columns

  • High requirements for installation. If the pillars are constructed entirely of stone, is to carry out works with his hands is unlikely to succeed without experience. In view of the fact that uses elements of irregular shapes and sizes, laying on forces only to professionals, but these services are not cheap. This is the main disadvantage of this solution.
To make stone pillars for fence wrought - a difficult task

To make stone pillars for fence wrought - a difficult task

Option 4 - volumetric structure

So called wrought iron gates and fences, some of which is curved outwards and creates the volume effect. This species has such features:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149479452312 A variety of options. Curved can be either the whole structure or part of it. The photo shows a variant in which the volume is made fence down, but even such a small change made unusual design.
table_pic_att149479452513 Unusual appearance. Curved design looks much better than standard straight spans. Of course, the cost will also be significantly higher, but if the end result is important to you and you are willing to spend money, with this solution, you will make a fence in this section decoration.
table_pic_att149479452714 Easy installation. Many people mistakenly believe that the curved spans much more difficult to establish. In fact, installation instructions are no different from the usual straight spans. The elements are available in finished form, and they should only be welded to the bracing on supports.

Option 5 - artistic forging

I am not mistaken if I say that this is the most beautiful wrought iron fences, their characteristics are as follows:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149479452715 Luxurious appearance. Elements of artistic forging look elegant and unusual. These fences are very rare, as are expensive and quite time-consuming to manufacture.
table_pic_att149479452816 A variety of versions. Since each span is done manually, the master may implement any plan. The structure may be straight, voluminous, have an irregular shape, etc. You can even order different versions for different spans - in this case you can choose the outcome.
table_pic_att149479452917 The ability to create compositions. A professional blacksmith can stylize your fence as anything, this creates unlimited possibilities for the design of the site.

Embodiment 6 - a combination of forging and other materials

Forged fence can be combined with other materials, the main options are:

Illustration Description
table_pic_att149479453018 The combination with wood. Classical solution in which forged flight filled with wooden slats. This is to protect the yard from prying eyes. Needless fence looks very good, especially if the tree cover impregnation, which does not hide the structure of the material.
The combination of polycarbonate. This option is relatively new, but has gained popularity due to the low cost and ease of implementation. To the rear side of the strip are secured crossings or whole pieces of polycarbonate. The material transmits light, but protects you from prying.
table_pic_att149479453119 The combination of three materials. It is also a good solution, which combines brick or stone, wood and forged or polycarbonate. Option you choose, depending on the features of the site.


Now you have an idea of ​​forged fences and can choose the best option for your site easily. Videos in this article will help you understand the topic better, but if something is unclear - ask in the comments.