Repair of a private house: basement and fix the kitchen floor unit with their own hands

Repair a detached house: the restoration of the roof, basement, floors and kitchen


Table of contents

  • 1 Question number one - roof
  • 2 How to deal with the foundation?
  • 3 Accepted for floor repairs
  • 4 Kitchen - great room, which requires a thorough renovation
    • 4.1 Features kitchen repairs
    • 4.2 stages of repair
  • 5 Summing up

In this article we'll show you the highlights from what you need to start the repair of private homes. How to repair the roof, foundation, floor and kitchen, what to look for and how to save.

Repair of private homes

Question number one - roof

Repair of a private house basementStart with a thorough inspection of the house roof. If there is any damage to the roof, they must be eliminated. Without a full repair of the roof of a private house is not necessary to proceed to the inner workings.

What is included in the repair of the roof:

  1. Restoring the base under a pitched roof.
  2. Thermal insulation.
  3. Waterproofing.
  4. Vapor barrier.
  5. The device roofing pie.

The roof covering is most varied since boards and finishing tiles.

Depending on the availability of funds may be performed following repairs:

  • Change tiles;
  • use roofing felt;
  • waterproofing;
  • obmazochnuyu insulation.

Do not forget that the concept of the roof extensive and not limited to the roof. It includes a variety of accessories, including watercourses. This is an important part of the roof, which must be in good condition all the time.

How to deal with the foundation?

Repair floor in a private houseThe basis of any home - the foundation. The process of strengthening and repair of private house foundation is considered a very time consuming and hard work. The method of repair of the part of the house is based on reason.

For those reasons include:

  1. Visible destruction of the private foundation within the entire perimeter of the house.

It is necessary to:

  • along the basement dig a trench;
  • clean the foundation and walls of mud, plaster;
  • put in a foundation construction metal grid and fix to the anchors;
  • set the formwork;
  • concreted;
  • to fill the trench and compacted.
  1. Replacing part of the foundation.

The sequence of works:

  • lay additional areas on the sides of the destroyed foundation;
  • masonry made of a certain width, connecting the old part of the foundation with a new one.

Tip! With this repair experts advise not to deepen the foundation sole.

  1. Strengthening the foundations of the places that have become weak.

It is necessary to:

  • make reinforced concrete cage;
  • tie clip with a clutch via a through anchoring.
  1. Strengthening of the bearing capacity of some parts of the foundation.

The sequence of works:

  • lay out a new foundation on both sides;
  • Using a through anchoring communicate the old with the new foundation;

Accepted for floor repairs

Renovated kitchen in a private house

Laying floorboard

Repair floor in a private house begin with the study of materials suitable for it, are capable of providing heat and dryness.

  1. floor screed - is its concrete base. The thickness of the screed frequently does not exceed 5 cm. Welded mesh reinforcement is used. If the area is quite large, experts advise to make incisions, to prevent the formation of cracks.
  2. Waterproofing. This is important, particularly for buildings, located in the zone with high humidity, because the wooden floor begins to rot, and the excess moisture from the concrete - disintegrate.

Today, there are four types of waterproofing:

  • Plastering. This multi-layer coating consisting of a cement-sandy solution with polymer additives. Price - 69 rubles.

Suggested to apply a thin layer of solution on a dry surface, only to wait for drying and thereafter apply the next layer.

  • Okleechnaya. It comprises several layers of sheet or web material which is glued to the surface.

Tip! It is recommended to use roofing felt, foil insulating, insulation, waterproofing, gidrostekloizol, armobitel, ekarbit, synthetic rubber, polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride.

  • Cast. It is considered the most reliable, because solid layer is poured and the solution is waterproof.
  • Paint. Good for protection from capillary moisture. For this, the surface is painted with bitumen or polymer lacquer.
  1. Thermal insulation of the floor. It is recommended to use a substrate of expanded polystyrene or expanded clay backfill.
  2. Flooring. Choice is quite rich: board, parquet, laminate, tiles.

Typically, private homes are advised to take a board, preferably oak, as it is more durable and at the same time looks attractive. A more economical option would parquet.

Kitchen - great room, which requires a thorough renovation

Features kitchen repairs

renovation of the kitchen in a private house has certain differences to repair and design of the apartment.

The space allotted for the kitchen in a private home, makes it possible to arrange a dining area, as well as to arrange all the necessary equipment: stove heating boiler, dishwasher.

Before you begin to repair a detached house with his own hands as a whole and of its kitchens in particular, it is recommended to create a design project premises.

stages of repair

  1. Full exemption premises.
  2. Dismantling of equipment.
  3. Cleaning the surface of the walls of the existing wallpaper and tile.
  4. Leveling the floor and walls.
  5. Replacing communications, pipes, wiring (if necessary).
  6. Installation convenient outlets.
  7. Execution of the lighting system.
  8. Replacement and installation of new heating appliances.
  9. Finishing the ceiling water-resistant materials or materials to clean.
  10. Decorating the walls. We advise to take for the walls are several different types of materials.
  11. Floor Finish. We recommend to use a special tile.

Kitchen in a private house has a good area, allowing to place on its territory a dining area. Separate this area from the work you can use the installation and finishing of the arch or bar.

cozy kitchen

cozy kitchen

Stylish and practical to arrange the workspace, it is advisable to decorate the walls in the kitchen ceramic tile. But the walls of the dining room preferably washable wallpaper paste over. On the floor you can lay a laminate or tile. The result is a cozy kitchen, spacious and comfortable.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.