Garden design with their own hands, area, winter yard: stones, gazebo, pond

garden design with your hands (45 photos): winter garden, Japanese-style, construction of rest areas, an artificial pond, the use of stones


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  • 1 Winter Garden
  • 2 Garden in the Japanese style
  • 3 Equips the recreation area
    • 3.1 Equips gazebo
    • 3.2 Live gazebo
  • 4 Artificial pond in the yard
  • 5 Stones in design
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Own smallholding - a great way to unleash your creativity and make the design of the garden with his own hands. Should I take for it? Our answer is unequivocal - yes!

Many believe that the design of the site - it is the most pleasant thing in the country. Process improvement can be endless, because the plants require constant care, watering and transplanting, and decorative elements become obsolete and go into oblivion.

garden design with their own hands

If you want to unleash your creativity, make rockeries or alpine hill in the middle of the yard, landscaped roof of your holiday home, cover terrace green composition of the vines - you can always find something on the plot of soul.

In addition, the garden design their own hands - a long-term occupation. Some plants bloom only a few years after planting.

And if you want to grow an orchard, be prepared to wait up to 5 years, while in your yard will be delicious fruits, and the eye will enjoy the bright foliage.

Winter Garden

garden design with their own hands

Winter Garden

Amateur gardeners complain that in our climate they can not fully satisfy their craving to care for plants. In winter, the land is nestled thick layer of snow, and everywhere you look, you will not see a single green leaf.

An excellent solution in this case is to create a winter garden. Start with the development of garden design project, take care of thermal insulation, installing double-glazed windows.

Draw a sketch of the winter garden, which you so long dreamed of, and follow the step by step a few points:

  1. Create a plan for the future garden.
  2. Draw dendroplan - placing plants.
  3. Design interior of the premises.
  4. Take care of proper engineering services: install automatic watering systems, lighting, air conditioning and heating.

Plants can be planted in individual pots or in large containers, flower beds.

Do not forget about the artificial constructions - stone cliffs with waterfalls and other decorations. Arches, niches and pilasters also help to diversify the design of your green area.

Garden in the Japanese style

conservatory design

Comfortable extension to the house

When selecting styling for your garden, many people are turning to traditional Japanese themes.

The main components for the construction of the garden in the Japanese style - it is water, rocks, green crowns of trees and shrubs. In addition, in such a garden you can often find bridges, symbolizing the setting sun.

Small pond with rocks, overgrown with moss like the sea washing the mountains. Typical Japanese structure coated with curved tiles, represent clouds. This classic elements of landscaping garden site in Japan.

Consider the most common in the Japanese garden plants:

  • bamboo, represents the resistance;
  • Sakura - symbol of spiritual beauty;
  • lotus - a sign of wisdom;
  • Camellia - means caution.

Unfortunately, in our belt bamboo can not exist in the open air, so the winter is necessary to take the tub with this plant in the house, in order to protect from frost.

In addition to these plants, the Japanese are popular flowering trees and shrubs - rhododendron, magnolia and decorative drain. Among the perennial flowers are revered irises, chrysanthemums and peonies.

Equips the recreation area

design garden arbors

green gazebo

But back to the infield. Winter passes, and you have no place to relax after a day out in the beds. It's time to create a recreational area.

Equips gazebo

A great place to relax after a hard day's work will be a gazebo. Regardless of the weather conditions, you get the opportunity to get some fresh air and take refuge from the summer heat.

Design garden gazebos can be quite varied, from the construction of wood or stone to a conventional plant canopy.

Choose among metal, wood, brick pavilions of various shapes and sizes can be very difficult, but we know only one thing - garden furniture should not look like a separate structure, and create an atmosphere of unity with nature.

Live gazebo

For the construction of an organic nature, we need gazebo iron frame and a few vines. The frame is installed in the place where the necessary construction and cased grapes.

Gradually plants entwine metal rods and make an arbor impenetrable to sunlight, and a couple of years and the rain. We can only make a couple of small shops in and enjoy the unity with nature. And, of course, do not forget - we must first carry out the repair of private homes.

Another natural material is wood. Pleasant to the touch, to accumulate heat and resist moisture wood - this is an excellent material for the construction of buildings for recreation and improving the site design of the yard-garden.

After a rough calculation of the structure and size of the creation of the gazebo plan are starting to make ground. Of course, you can make a wooden platform in order to protect themselves from flooding during rain, but just enough to lay the foundation of paving tiles.

Digged in the corners of the pillars, the lower part of which is processed sludge. After installing poles and cement solidification obtain the finished design for fastening a roof. Completing the canopy installation and can decorate the resulting structure, and to conduct electricity to a more comfortable pastime.

Artificial pond in the yard

garden landscape design

Pond in the courtyard

Extension of recreation areas can become an artificial pond - a pond, in which flows into creek.

First we need to create a design project, describing the future size of the garden, the materials needed for its construction, as well as assessing the possibility to increase it in the future.

Neutral design garden pond involves dressing area near the water with special plants that need a lot of moisture and bloom almost all year round.

In addition, it is necessary to understand the purposes for which created body of water: as decoration, places for swimming or fish farming. To improve the decorative role would be better to install additional fountains with lighting.

Swimming pool is more suitable than the pond, although in recent years designers create something between these two bodies of water, combining the benefits of both designs.

Stones in design

site garden courtyard design


Garden in the garden - it is a constant changeability. Plants grow, bloom and die, the land is transferred to the wind and rain, but the stones are always in the same place.

That stones in garden design are constant, so experienced designers use them to decorate flowerbeds and tracks, walls and buildings of architectural figures, as well as to create artistic compositions - al'pinariyev and rocky gardens.

Rules and guidelines for the selection of stone rocks for garden decor:

  • Built - stones large size and high strength, resistant to external influences;
  • Coating - stone tiles of small thickness;
  • paving - paving and other hard rock.
  • decoration design of reservoirs - pebbles, boulders and pebbles (stones of the processed water).

So, landscaped garden - a fairly simple activity, especially if the comprehend it not only theoretically but also doing practical exercises on their own plot.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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