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Garden Design (60 photos): design and surface decoration and fruit garden plot


Table of contents

  • 1 planning principles
  • 2 Small area - what to do
    • 2.1 The advantage of a small area
    • 2.2 Work plan
  • 3 Investigated with surface
  • 4 Decorate orchard
  • 5 Summing up
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How to make your own garden design, a little effort, we describe in this article. All you need - is your imagination.

Owning your own garden plot - it's fun, which is available to few. It should be just a little imagination to connect, and a small piece of land near the country house will be a real paradise with exotic plants. garden design

To make a small suburban area real work of art, you need to learn the basics of landscape design and give free rein to their imagination. When taken for the design? pPosle direct repair of a private house with his own hands.

planning principles

Project future garden is put on paper, it is necessary not only to calculate the location of each bush, flower or an artificial elevation, but also to present future garden design a single entity to take into account all the nuances of when creation.

It should develop a zoning area, highlight the major and minor parts of the total composition, as well as to calculate each flowering bush and plants to get a perfect harmonious panorama.

Do not forget to consider all the conditions in your area and create an atmosphere for a comfortable existence of the new plant, then they will delight you with bright blooms and make you feel comfortable in the garden.

Small area - what to do

garden design

Interesting site design

At first glance, creating a design for a small area - a problem quite complicated. After a small area Easy access to, and therefore, all design elements must be harmoniously combined in a single composition, and not to stand out from the crowd.

The advantage of a small area

In practice, however, the owner of a small garden gets a lot of advantages, including easy upgrading and maintenance of the site, a small waste on the purchase and maintenance of plants. Therefore, making repairs a private home, safely proceed to the design.

If you only have 4 weave - Design a garden plot turns into an exciting experience that will give a lot impressions, in addition, you do not have to hire a landscape designer, all the work you will be able to perform independently. To begin, make a plan work.

Work plan

First of all, it should create a recreation area, where you can enjoy views of the grounds and the fragrance of rare flowers. For such a pastime suitable even ordinary bench with backrest, a bench gardener called designers.

Of course, garden design is not limited to a bench gardener, in a recreation area, you can make a custom gazebo.

You can make an easy grape arbor out by driving into the ground supports, around which gradually obovotsya vine, however, have to wait a couple of years. Or build a fence made of stone with a place for a fire and a cozy dome, able to protect from sun and rain.

Investigated with surface

4 weave design of a garden plot

tiered garden design

Experienced designers share a garden area into several types:

  • slopes;
  • swamp;
  • foliage;
  • dunes;
  • plane.

Oddly enough, the design of the gardens of the first four types of causes difficulty - even an amateur can create a beautiful picture, little effort or finding a design plan, but the flat terrain can be confusing even seasoned designer.

On a flat surface look simply do not catch hold, therefore, in this embodiment, it is best to create a multi-level garden. This will not only save the panoramic view, but also to hide the unsightly parts of the territory, as well as visually increase the site.

However, peering into the landscape design, do not forget about the repair of the old wooden house foundation, unkempt basement can spoil all the impression of a garden.

Multilevel compositions with flowers of different colors and decorative stones are often decorated with the design of a small garden plot.

Beautiful combination of flowering plants and shrubs will create a true masterpiece, decorating the area near the country house. great also will look artificial stream flowing downward with makeshift hill.

Decorate orchard

garden planning and design

Making orchard

Of course, garden design and the design does not involve the use of the infield only for the cultivation of ornamental plants.

Creating a home garden design, you should immediately decide whether you are willing to wait seven to ten years, until the seedlings will gain strength and begin to bear fruit, and be planted large trees and getting harvest immediately.

You should not only be guided by your own taste when choosing plants can seasoned dendrologist tell what plants harmoniously on the site, and which should not be used to create garden design.

Note! Some trees can inhibit the growth of its neighbors, and even lead to their death, so consult an expert before planting plants on the site.

So, if you still decide to plant seedlings, look for most young plants. Older trees is very difficult to transplant without damaging the root system, and this, in turn, adversely affects the survival and adaptability of the new parts of your garden.

Expect to design an orchard so that the trees are not shaded low plants, because the lack of light can contribute to illness and death of a flower or shrub.

Time of planting new trees also depends on their age. Large trees are usually planted after the first winter frost, small trees can be planted in the warmer months, so that they have time to get accustomed to the new location.

Design orchard involves not only the usefulness of fruit trees, but also a decorative effect. Breeders were able to bring a lot of varieties at the same time enjoy the beautiful leaves and delicious fruit.

Armed with the knowledge gained in this article, you can easily make a beautiful garden design with their own hands. Landscape design - a very interesting science that allows you to create true masterpieces in the backyard.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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