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Garden + garden (photo 60): landscape design. functional areas


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  • 1 Required functional zones
  • 2 simulate site
    • 2.1 choice concept
    • 2.2 Development site
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Unfortunately, not always possible to independently develop the most successful variant of garden planning. Thus, Garden & Horticulture - landscaping a small area - the theme of this article.

Before you proceed with the major works, imagine a clear plan of the division into zones.

garden garden landscape design

They must vary their functional load. Do not risk to take on work without a plan, especially if you are new in this business.

Note! Study area should begin by defining the type of soil and its characteristics, important acidity, the presence of ground water. Separately, pay attention to shaded areas and the areas that reside under the sun. Only after the preparation of the plan can begin to work on the choice of plants and their combination.

First of all define the style in which you want to work. This will depend on the nature of the image produced and the garden you. And important structure that will contain information about where, what and how much will be planted. A separate item should go areas with flowers in the garden.

Required functional zones

garden design

EXAMPLE residential zone.

It is known that the design of the garden and the garden must be organized according to functional areas.

  • Entrance. Typically it includes structures such as garage parking.
  • Living. Residential referred to the whole territory, directly adjacent to the house.
  • Rest zone. It can be a gazebo, tent, hammock, an artificial pond or pool, ornamental garden and barbecue.
  • Shopping. It means the presence of sheds or storage buildings and other structures directly associated with utility software.

This portion 6 ar design variant is suitable only if everything is left to chance.

  • Vegetable garden or orchard. Here are the beds with vegetable crops and fruit trees and shrubs.
garden design ideas

EXAMPLE rest zone

All parts have their functional purpose, and you can combine them roads paved with paving slabs, gravel or cut logs.

simulate site

Before simulate the design of the garden house, consider how its individual elements will be located. It is important that the proportions have been met.

For this purpose professionals use by grid overlay, which is created on the basis of the territory plan. grid spacing is then equal to the actual size of the territory and buildings.

choice concept

Directly from the landscape features of the territory it depends on the choice of the main style. Small areas that are usually perceived as a whole, it is desirable to arrange so that regardless of the season they looked impressive.

In this case, all items must be carefully designed and selected so as to conform to one style.

Development site

When you have developed a general concept and formed the structure of the garden, go to the creation of the plan landings of plants. In this case, you need to know the basics of landscape design. Plants should be in harmony with the topography and the type of terrain, as well as on the site architecture.

As a rule, landscape design gets its best appearance a few years after its designing and creation. Trees and flowers have time to gather strength and flourish.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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