Repair of old wooden house foundation: repairing the roof and floor it

Repair of old wooden house foundation: inspection, restoration tape and columnar base


Table of contents

  • 1 inspection of foundation
  • 2 important steps
    • 2.1 Step One - Preparation
    • 2.2 Step Two - Establish a jack
    • 2.3 Step Three - rise homes
    • 2.4 Fourth stage - site preparation of concrete and reinforcement
    • 2.5 Fifth step - tape foundation, removal of jacks
    • 2.6 Step Six - at the bottom of the replacement crowns
  • 3 Strip foundation and its repair
    • 3.1 One crack in strip foundation
    • 3.2 Several cracks in the strip foundation
    • 3.3 Shedding strip foundation
    • 3.4 Cap foundation resembles clay
  • 4 Pier foundation and its repair
    • 4.1 Subsidence pier foundation
    • 4.2 banks pillars
  • 5 Summing up

Too many wooden houses were built not less than 40-50 years ago, which affects, primarily, on their foundation. To house could continue to serve properly, it is necessary to prevent its further destruction, in particular, to do this kind of work, how to repair an old wooden house foundation.

Our article introduces the sequence of repair of the foundation, in addition, we will reveal some secrets of the professionals.

inspection of foundation

Repair of old wooden house foundationAs practice shows, often in need of repair crown bottom because its logs are located on what was left of the columns made of brick. And if the soil at the site of construction of peat, saturated with moisture, it exacerbates the situation. Particularly affected by this waterproofing of roofing felts, the ability to turn into dust for many years.

The important point. We advise to pay attention to the waterproofing and replace it, using modern high-quality materials. When repairing the foundation is very important to replace the lower crown of a log house and make a new solid foundation, raising a house on 0.5 m.

Figure 1 demonstrates the disruption of the lower crown.

Repair wooden house foundation

The destruction of the lower crown

important steps

Step One - Preparation

As well as the repair of a wooden house roof, foundation repair begins with design choice. Experts believe that the best option is to provide a monolithic reinforced tape, which cross section is 20x20 cm.

When this binding is reinforcing steel rods with a diameter of 12 mm. Furthermore, it is necessary to prepare the boards for repair crown they should be smooth and have a length of not less than 6.4 m.

Note! If the house is located on a slope, it is better to do a screw foundation.

Step Two - Establish a jack

One of the most important things is to install jacks and lifting work on the house. Need to raise the structure uniformly, given the fact that the bottom of the logs will cave in under the main load. If the rise is uneven, the lower logs can break.

To avoid this, it is advisable to make fastening rims on the inner side boards, on the exterior - steel rod with a diameter of about 20 mm. Rams must be installed carefully and only where a strong tree, no rot. Figure 2 shows a diagram of the installation of the jack.

Repair of the roof of a wooden house

Scheme jacking

Once disassembled Zabirko angular and space for installation of jacks prepared not forget to make gaskets, which represent the steel plate 5 mm thick. They will distribute the load on the logs. As a reference site for the jacks can take cutting boards, 50 cm long, that might remain after the repair of wooden houses.

Step Three - rise homes

At this stage of repair of private houses is necessary to raise the walls of the house by 5 cm, remove the old adapter and set the house on temporarily by the support. Each wall rises alternately, is put under the logs lining and establish new logs treated with antiseptics. among antiseptics we recommend paying attention to ForWood, the price - from 168 rubles.

Note! Recommended routed between the logs tow, the width of which is chosen at double thickness boards.

Figure 3 shows the construction scheme for this stage of repair.

Repair floor in a wooden house

design scheme for lifting the house

After you put the timber on the foundation, the load imposed on the jacks can be removed. In this case, make sure the time of placing the logs on a log prepared by frame, they have to go very accurate. To do this, they can fasten straps.

Carry out work on lifting without haste and bustle, as if picked up the walls necessarily shifts the center of gravity and any excess movement may lead to undesirable consequences.

When raising the height log at the level of 5 to 10 mm must be inserted into the distance, formed between the beams and the support prepared gasket. This insurance is required in the event of failure of the jack.

Fourth stage - site preparation of concrete and reinforcement

Repair wooden house foundation provides for the manufacture of the concrete pad around every corner. pad size 60x60 cm.

On-site cast concrete column, the height of which is equal to the tape renewed foundation. In this case, the corners are laid on the pillars of a new plinth height of two bricks. Such preparatory work needed in order to mount fittings, make the formwork and then concreted. Figure 4 shows the final results of preparatory work.

Figure 4. Final results of the preparatory work

Figure 4. Final results of the preparatory work

All reinforcement bars are installed with the proviso that they can be combined into a single frame. Provide the required strength dressings nodes spaced a certain distance from each other. Before pouring the concrete foundation for the new tape poured layer of gravel, brick adding fight it. The thickness of this layer is 10 cm.

Fifth step - tape foundation, removal of jacks

After completed work on the manufacture of the angular columns, and lowered to the frame already frozen brickwork can begin the process of manufacturing foundation tape. To start the work, you must clear the ground under the walls of a private house to be repaired and put formwork.

Pay attention to the need to settle into the socket recess for the Rams. This eliminates the problems during the descent home. Once the house will be on the newly created foundation, you can lay all brick niches. In this work will be completed.

Step Six - at the bottom of the replacement crowns

We propose to consider the diagram in Figure 5, which illustrates the basic replacement crowns wooden house.

Figure 5. Replacing the base crowns wooden house

Figure 5. Replacing the base crowns wooden house

Since there are different types of foundations, a closer look at the repair the most popular ones.

Strip foundation and its repair

A clear sign of the need to repair the strip foundation are cracks on the surfaces of the cap.

One crack in strip foundation

If a crack is detected, it is probable that at this point are fed sewer or cable. Occurrence of a crack due to a tunnel, which is undesirable near the foundation. The crack will get water that freezes in the winter and spring thaw.

Repair in this case is necessary. To eliminate errors with their hands must be otkopki two cubes, one cube of concrete and reinforcement is required.

We recommend that such work be carried out in the period from May to November.

Several cracks in the strip foundation

If you have found a few cracks, it is important to identify the cause of the destruction.

  1. The house stands on sagging bulk soil.
  2. Laying nets has not been filled in the assembly of a number of blocks FBS.
  3. Not space frame made of reinforcement fittings are used instead of or old pipe.
  4. The foundation does not mesh reinforcement.
  5. There are no closed holes for ventilation.
  6. The foundation was built without the proper calculation of the load.
  7. The construction is made of concrete, kneaded by hand, at the same time there is a suspicion that the grade of concrete does not meet required.
  8. The foundation has no weirs.
  9. Fundam made close to drainage.

At detection of cracks paste beacons of the paper and watching the cracks increase. If the cracks are increased, it requires a thorough overhaul, if not - enough to cement the cracks.

Shedding strip foundation

If the foundation is crumbling, it can cause:

  • foundation embedded in winter without antifreeze additives;
  • liquid concrete has been used very diluted with water;
  • It used in the construction of clay, which promotes the formation of large pores, which are gaining moisture.

Figure 6 shows the circuit strip foundation repair.

Figure 6. Schemes repair strip foundation

Figure 6. Schemes repair strip foundation

Cap foundation resembles clay

If the cap resembles clay from which pieces are easily separable, it is likely a low cement content and a high content of clay. In this case we recommend to make a new foundation.

Pier foundation and its repair

On the pier foundation subsidence affected by the change of the lower soil layer. In addition, the often negative consequences have waged near building earthworks.

Maybe all the way around, piles begin to rise, skewing the house and thus spoiling all made repair it. It is also associated with changes in soil.

Subsidence pier foundation

The first symptom - a crack in the column, which can be increased gradually. At the first prominent changes require action. Suggested to dig a hole at an angle of 35 °, the depth of which reaches the base postelistogo stone.

Thereafter, insertion need of asbestos-cement pipes having a diameter of about 20 cm and its filling solution.

Then again set beacons on a crack and stronger piece of wood at the beginning of the cap and the edge of the top of the blind area.

banks pillars

Sometimes it happens that the house, which is surely standing for a long time, began to list. The reason for this are the raw soil. Figure 7 is a diagram of a clear corrective roll.

Figure 7. roll correction method

Figure 7. roll correction method

Needs to be done to undermine the pillars, to apply force to align, pour concrete, dig poles. This procedure should be repeated a year later.

Professionals advise:

  1. Raise the house and put it on support. No doors, no windows need not be removed.
  2. Disassemble the tilt poles.
  3. Make a house a trench and compacted sand bed.
  4. Pour the reinforced tape 20 cm thick.
  5. Put the tape poles.
  6. Mount the steel beams.
  7. Lower house to the newly created foundation and adjust its position.

Important in the process of repair of the foundation - it is timely to begin work. Only in this case, the house will serve you for a long time and for many years.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.