Playground design with their own hands at the cottage

The design of the playground with his own hands (39 photos) arrangement sandboxes, pools, design of green spaces, crafts and stalls


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    • 2.1 Shops and penechki
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In order for your child is not bored, erecting him a platform. In fact, the design of the playground with his own hands is very simple.

It does not require any elaborate expensive materials, but only a desire to give joy to the children and little effort.

the design of the playground with his own hands

During the summer, almost all parents try to send their children to the cottages and country houses. If you spend the summer with them in nature, then you should make sure that this holiday is not only delivered benefits to the body, but also a lot of fun and joy.

During the creation of such a platform in the design of the garden take in the child's assistants. Thus, the joint work will unite your family, as well as strengthen the relationship between parents plus clearance this site is, first and foremost, a creative activity, which is certainly useful for the overall development of your child.

All the children prefer to play natural materials (stone, earth, sticks, and leaves from the trees). On this basis, to create a variety of crafts for the site in the design of your garden should be used only natural materials.

For playground necessarily the presence of these elements:

  • Water;
  • Green spaces;
  • Sandbox;
  • Swing;
  • Playhouse or tent;
  • Gravel, stone, cones, branches or plants that can be used as material for different games.


In carrying out the design of the playground in the country, first of all, take care of the presence of good-quality sandbox. For children is very important this element.

design playground in the country

EXAMPLE sandboxes for summer cottage separated penechki

Playing with sand delivered to your child unlimited possibilities for its independent development. From it you can sculpt various figures, do pasochki, tunnels, cooking food for dolls, as well as to transport it on machines.

Another common pastime kids in the sandbox considered burying objects in the sand, and then they were digging. If the sand is damp after the rain, then it is not much fun to paint different faces or messages.

Construct and endow life sandbox with your hands can be quite simple. The first step is to decide its location in your garden design with their own hands.

Sandbox with a canopy

Sandbox with a canopy

It should not be placed in the sun, but should not be kept in the shade, where the soil may be moist, and your child runs the risk of catching cold.

Note! If you have a small child, then the sandbox should be placed as close as possible to the house, the baby all the time was under your supervision. You can also place it near the gazebo where you spend most of your time relaxing on the cottage.

Fence off different sandbox should be a log, board or stumps. If you plan to make a big sandbox, then select it in several gaming zones.

Thus it is necessary to make separate areas within the sandbox. To protect the baby from direct sunlight and burns, place the canopy.

Swimming pool

Not inferior to the sand except water. With her children will fiddle, always and everywhere, especially if they have a rest in the country. The best option would be a combination of games with sand and water simultaneously.

Shower them PVC pipes

Shower them PVC pipes

So close to the sandbox has to be placed a small water source. This may be an artificial pond, fountain or a basin of water.

The most common among children fun are the so-called "oblivalki" with a hose or a bottle. It might also be a summer shower, made of PVC pipes.

Shops and penechki

During site registration at the cottage or country house, you can not do without a variety brevnyshek, boards and benches.

If desired, can be made from penechki wonderful chairs and tables, to enclose their territory sandbox. Also stumps and logs can be used as sports equipment.

EXAMPLE benches of logs

EXAMPLE benches of logs

Children of all ages are sometimes useful to walk on the log. That'll teach him to keep his balance. If you still saw cut from the trees, then they can be "paved with" the path leading to the pool or sandbox.

Average log large tree may be used as a decorative bridge which spans the two gulf coast.

This game will be very useful for your baby, as in this case it activates creative thinking and imagination.

The presence of green spaces

If you want to build a nice and cozy area for kids, then you need to take care of the proper amount of greenery in its territory.

Put as many shrubs, fruit trees and flowers. You can build a hedge.

Decorative house of an old tree

Decorative house of an old tree

Large trees can be a place where your kids will hide in the heat, as well as during the game Cossacks-robbers.

If you for some reason had to get rid of the tree, then do not cut it at the root. It will serve as a great decorative ornaments, if have a little imagination and ingenuity.

This may be, for example, fairy house. Since the base of a huge tree can be the basis for the house, where the fairies live.

Contents inside the house with the help of available tools will be interesting to any little princess. Help your child make the furniture for this house.

Be sure to make a bed for a child separate. Suppose that for the small plot he answers yourself: watering it and caring for it.

Even if you do not want to put anything, then select a few beds and Organize for your child a real mini-kitchen garden, where it will grow the most unpretentious, but no less delicious plants. So may be, for example, green peas, which are so fond of all the kids.

Crafts on the playground

Example of decoration made of logs

Example of decoration made of logs

No less important than anything else is considered decoration area. This is a creative and fun activity that requires some imagination and inspiration.

As such ornaments can use different articles made of wood, plastic bottles or tires. Make sure to call your child to help you.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the originality of his thinking in this matter.

The obligatory presence of the tent

Playground must include a tent or gazebo, or any other place where your child would be able to play with friends or be able to be alone, to dream or read.

To do this, build your child's tent or a wooden house. Make it not so difficult.

The easiest option is to build a tent for the baby

The easiest option is to build a tent for the baby

The simplest example is the rope is stretched between two trees, poles or fence. On top of it, you can throw a blanket or sheet.

The tips should be covered with ropes tied to stakes that are driven into the ground or press them with stones.

However, the most interesting way to grow is considered a house on the site. It sounds very exotic, even bizarre. To do this, you need plants that can be twisted and which have a lush foliage

This can be beans. Next, you need to score a few pegs and lower horizontal partitions on them, then let the plant to twist this design.

Similarly, the house can be grown from sunflowers, which is considered most advantageous plant for children. He is not fastidious and has a large seed.

Sunflowers will land on a circle at a distance of about 10 centimeters apart. If your house has increased by half a meter, it is necessary to link it to the top. It is important not to forget to leave room for the entrance.

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