Repair of single-lever mixer: ceramic device of its kind, video

Repair of single-lever mixer: Features


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  • 1 design Features
    • 1.1 Principle of operation
    • 1.2 The basic malfunctions
  • 2 Repair faucet at home
  • 3 Summing up

Over the past few years, the use and repair of single-lever mixers have become quite common. This is due, primarily, the structure durability and ease of operation in comparison with a conventional mixer.

So, consider the single-lever mixer: the device and repair.

Repair of single-lever mixerdesign Features

Principle of operation

The main feature of the design is that instead of the usual two control heads, in the presence of only one, and the name of her arm. Thus, by turning the knob, you will easily be able to set the desired pressure and temperature conditions at the same time to choose.

However, to change the pressure of water supplied can be and without changing the temperature. This is provided by the fact that for various functions meet the various twists and turns of the handle. For temperature - from left to right, and for pressure - up and down.

Long service life of single-lever faucets, no doubt due to the fact that their structure does not rubbing metal parts, as well as various rubber seals.

This crane these parts are replaced by a similar, made of high-strength ceramics. Tightness is ensured considerable accuracy and cleanliness of the processing surfaces which adjoin.

The basic malfunctions

The only threat to the ceramic elements can become mechanical impurities contained in tap water directly. It refers to rust, sand and other abrasive particles that are fed together with water. Experts recommend to install filters, mechanical treatment before such cranes. By the way, the filter will not only be a guarantee of long-term operation of the crane, but also ensure a clean water supply, the price - from 6300 rubles.

Sometimes manufacturers specify the filter installation necessary measure to ensure that the product warranty to be valid.

Repair faucet at home

Repair the mixer with their hands is relatively simple. First of all, pay attention to the cartridge made of ceramics, often this is where lies the cause of failure.

  • If you are buying for the first time this kind of products, you should consult with an expert, because the cartridges even one manufacturer can not meet several parameters.
  • Since repair of ceramic faucet, close the full water supply. If the valves, which are responsible for the overlap of water, do not work well, attract plumbing.
  • To repair their own hands is necessary to make a series of simple sequential operations. First - this is the removal of the plug. The plug is made of resistant plastic, for its removal must pry item sharp object. It can be a knife or a screwdriver.
  • The plug closes the hole inside which is a screw plug. With the help of the tap, namely, its handle can firmly be fixed on the lever control cartridge.
  • A little by unscrewing the locking screw, remove the handle with the control lever. Typically, the locking screw is made with a hexagonal slot-opening.

Interestingly, this at first glance quite simple screw was first patented by the company "Khan sgroe" and the name of his well-known «boltic».

Single-lever mixer device and repair

Repair of cranes

Once you have removed the handle, slowly loosen the first decorative, then the cap nut, which tightly pressed to the faucet cartridge seat. Decorative nut is easily the onslaught and can be unscrewed by hand.

In order to loosen the union nut, you'll need a special key. If not available, you can do an ordinary pipe wrench, which is carried out repairs of the spherical mixer. Broken cartridge is not subject to use, so it is removed and a new set.

Installation must be done in such a way that all holes are lined up with the tab on the saddle.

Repair of ceramic mixer

We continue to repair

Once you have installed a new cartridge, you should wrap the nuts again. First, the cap, and then the ceramic. Do it, pressing it firmly into the seat. tap handle is put on the control lever and is wrapped back.

Next, using the Allen key locking screw wrapped then put in place a plastic plug. So, you can easily and quickly to repair single-lever mixer.

After repair, return the water supply and check the functionality of the new cartridge.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.