Repair acrylic bathtubs: restoration chipping enamelled surfaces, the coating liquid akrillovoe

Repair acrylic bathtubs: cleaning and aligning, priming, coating enamel, especially the filling method and the method of "bath in the bath"


Table of contents

  • 1 restoration stages
  • 2 Cleaning and alignment
  • 3 Primer
  • 4 Apply the enamel
  • 5 restoration Methods
    • 5.1 Repair acrylic
    • 5.2 the filling method
    • 5.3 A method "in the bath tub"
  • 6 Summing up

Repair acrylic bathtubs - a procedure that allows you to return to your original appearance of the bath. How to make it pure white and glowing with their own hands, we will cover in this article.

After several years of using a standard bathtub does not please the owners of its whiteness and brilliance. Overwritten, darkened surface is not very motivating to the adoption of water treatments, and buy new plumbing only because of the appearance seems wasteful.

Repair acrylic bathtubsReturn pristine bath condition and make it even more beautiful - a goal that guides during the restoration work.

There are several options for restoring enamel:

  • Manual coating is (is not guaranteed quality and durable coating);
  • repair acrylic self-leveling manner;
  • acrylic repair gusset way.

Next, a detailed look at each of them.

restoration stages

Repair bath enamel

Apply the enamel

To restore the surface in decorated bathroom, special wear-resistant coatings can be used. They can be purchased in the form of a conventional paint or aerosol. The second option, of course, more convenient, however, enamel, wrought thus lasts less.

The restoration process can be divided into three stages:

  1. Cleaning and surface preparation.
  2. Primer.
  3. Direct coating.

Note! On the packaging of cans with enamel often given detailed guidance on its use.

Cleaning and alignment

So, the first - surface preparation. Using the cleaning powder type "Pemolyuks" remove the old coating layer since places scratches and chipping. If you use waterproof sandpaper or an abrasive stone, this process goes quickly, but do not hurry up and perform the work carefully.

It is the quality of the execution of this phase depends on the success of the whole operation. The resulting powder was thoroughly washed off from the walls and fill the hot water bath for 10-15 minutes.

Do not forget also to repair chipped bath. Significant damage can overwrite an epoxy resin or a mixture of superglue and nitroemali.

After drying the surface degreased it and re-dried. As a result, we get a smooth, dry surface.


The second stage - the primer. Without surface preparation layer of the new enamel will keep bad, leading to its rapid degradation. Can be primed using any aerosol primer.

Perform all operations carefully, because the appearance of bubbles and chips right now would lead to the destruction of the layer in the future. After the completion of phase thoroughly dry the entire surface.

Apply the enamel

Finally, a major part of all the work - applying the enamel. Is performed using a conventional brush with natural hair, or tissue swab. The second embodiment is preferred because it avoids sticking of hairs in the coating layer.

Coated in several layers with intermediate drying.

Note! For a better drying at room temperature should be maintained between 20 and 23 ° C.

It dries completely within a week, and until that time, the use of the bathroom is prohibited. This procedure should be done every 5 years, then your bathroom will always look perfect and fit into the interior done in the bathroom repairs.

restoration Methods

Repair acrylic

Repair enameled bathtubs

acrylic coating

It is known that repair enamel bath via an acrylic coating - more convenient and reliable way than that described above.

Acrylic surface is more resistant to mechanical damage and easily correct any defects existing coating.

Acrylic is resistant to time, not erased, not crack, not impregnated with dirt and easy to clean, have better hygienic properties, makes swimming more enjoyable and safe.

the filling method

The advantages of liquid acrylic:

  • Speed ​​and comfort. Restoration is quick and does not bring any discomfort to others. The whole procedure takes no more than 3 hours, and the material is odorless.
  • Quality and safety. The filling method eliminates the direct impact on the work surface, making it impossible to match the fault of the master, repair acrylic bath.
  • Efficiency and reliability. In standard bath takes no more than 5 kg of liquid acrylic.
  • Durability. The service life of such a bath of up to 15 years, and provides a guarantee - 2 years.

A method "in the bath tub"

Repair chipped bath

intercalated method

Easily carried out repair enamel baths using the insert method of restoration of acrylic. To this end, it produced a special acrylic liner, which can be of any shape and coloring. In fact, a new bath, which is inserted into the old. Both buildings are securely fastened and the seams are sealed with silicone. This option will serve you for at least 5 years and will be pleasing to the eye shine and whiteness. Price acrylic liner - from 3800 rubles.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.