Built-in wardrobes in the interior: design, user choice, videos and photos

Housing and built-in wardrobes - what to choose and how to collect


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  • 1 What you need to know about the case of a compartment
    • 1.1 Interesting facts about the case of a compartment
    • 1.2 How to assemble a wardrobe in an alcove
  • 2 To summarize
The combination compartment cabinet with open shelves in a modern interior

The combination compartment cabinet with open shelves in a modern interior

Many apartments and houses you can see beautiful cabinets coupe, which, due to sliding doors allow you to effectively spend the free space in the room. I'll tell you what models of cabinets with sliding doors are now represented in the sale. And as a bonus will describe the algorithm stepwise assembly from the factory set.

What you need to know about the case of a compartment

Sliding wardrobe - it's furniture with sliding doors, which are free to move relative to each other by a special guide profile. Due to the lack of swing wings, this furniture can be used in the interior of small-sized apartments.

illustrations Varieties of type location
table_pic_att14939394891 hull. In fact, this is the usual trim cabinet, in which the hinged doors are replaced by sliding. In this modification has a bottom, ceiling, rear wall and side walls.

The design of the facades is no different from the design of the facades built models.

table_pic_att14939394942 built-in. Such cabinets have no rear and side walls, ceiling and floor. That is, the design takes up all the space on the perimeter of the walls, ceiling and floor.

This way the cabinet compartment design the most attractive, since blends harmoniously with the modern interior.

illustrations Variety in form
table_pic_att14939394963 direct. This is the most common cases in which the direct door located in the same plane.
table_pic_att14939394984 corner. In fact, this 2 individual closet, which, as in the photo, are combined with each other central insert.
table_pic_att14939395005 Radius. As angular such unusual cases, because they have two sets of doors, which are used detached.

This modification, depending on the characteristics of bending is set in the room in the corner, or against a straight wall.

Interesting facts about the case of a compartment

  • The first case of a compartment are not invented by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. The commander ordered the soldiers to be determined at the wait, veiled with a thick cloth niche or a corner of the room. Behind this veil of war ought to store personal belongings;
  • Sliding doors on the longitudinal rails in the cabinet design first used the Americans at the end of the XIX century;
  • Ubiquitous in the United States closets received only in the middle of the XX century, when the system of rollers and guides that is slid under the door did not publish noise it has been developed;
  • At the post-Soviet area, furniture with sliding doors appeared in the mid-nineties of the last century. This furniture has become the property of the wealthy of the time. Since the beginning of two thousandth, mastered the technology to produce domestic furniture manufacturers and closets have become popular among people with different incomes.

How to assemble a wardrobe in an alcove

To begin to answer the question of why to collect himself sliding wardrobe, because you can order professional assembly?

To build your own hands, there are two good reasons:

  • First, the simple assembly instructions and installation takes no more than 1-2 hours;
  • Second, professional installation will cost 20% of the value of the purchased cabinet.
illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att14939395016 We perform measurements. Niche in which the furniture is mounted, we measure the length and height of the inside and outside. The figures are rounded down.

We take into account that the walls may be curved. If so, it is necessary to provide tolerance to the cabinet details climbed into the niche.

table_pic_att14939395037 drawing drawing. According to measurements made by draw drawing future furniture taking into account the optimal arrangement of shelves and other structural elements.

Standard models for typical apartments has three doors and four inner sections.

The first section is for long items, the second - consisting of shelves, the third - for short things, the fourth - for the ironing board and withdrawable boxes.

The proposed scheme, the base, but it is possible to plan in its own if desired.

table_pic_att14939395118 custom furniture. Made with drawing find a company that produces custom-made furniture, and agree on the production set.

You can not make an order in the drawing, and in shot size. Then the drawing will prepare specialists.

I do not advise to contact the master garazhnikam, it is better to overpay a little and make an order for furniture factory. Despite the fact that the price will be 5-10% higher targets were met at the factory and is guaranteed to be good quality


table_pic_att14939395219 Prepare tool. Need screwdriver with a set bit and drills, measuring tool, hexahedrons 4 and 5 mm.
table_pic_att149393953010 The assembly of one of the side sections. Assembling cabinet starts with one of the side sections. Putting with shelf section and slides into the corner where it is located, but not yet fastened to the wall.

Inside and outside sections, over the holes for screws must be glued veneer stub.

table_pic_att149393953111 Assembling the third and fourth sections. Putting section on the opposite side of the cabinet. The assembled structure is also pushed into the corner, but is not fastened.
table_pic_att149393953312 Assembling the central portion. Corner sections are interconnected strap rigidity and shelves.

Stacked on top of the mezzanine bar and attached to the cabinet partitions on the screws. At its end mezzanine finally attached edge.

table_pic_att149393953513 Fasten the cabinet to the wall. Fastening the cabinet to the wall runs in the top of the attic through a special eye.

After lugs drilled holes into which are screwed dowel-nails suitable diameter.

table_pic_att149393954514 Set internal filling cabinet. At this stage, assembled and installed in its place withdrawable drawers.
table_pic_att149393954615 We set the bar for clothes. To do this, we find the center of the wall and is measured from the mezzanine of 4-5 cm at the top of the section on both sides.

Also do the layout for the installation of the lower boom. By marking up putting a flange holding the rod, and fasten them to the screws.

table_pic_att149393954816 Mounting bezel. Install the bezel on the top, sides and bottom of the assembled structure.

Previously in the bezel through holes drilled in poldiametra screw. Also at this stage is done with sweat, to the screw head went below the surface.

table_pic_att149393955017 fasten guide. Upper rails are mounted on the screws with the preliminary drilling of through-holes. The lower rails are mounted on double sided tape.

It is important to make sure that the upper and lower rails are flush against each other.

table_pic_att149393955118 install door. The upper part of the door is put into the upper rails and the lower part - in the lower profile.

Thus, the set of all three facades of the valves.

table_pic_att149393955219 Adjusting the door leaves. Using the Allen key 4 is controlled clamping flaps to the guide profile.

Once the doors are set to a comfortable and smooth shifting of our bright, stylish wardrobe can be considered collected.

To summarize

Now you know what a sliding wardrobe and how he is going. More interesting information can be found by watching the video in this article. Questions, if left, ask in the comments.