Pencil case for a bathroom with a laundry basket: corner, mirror, dimensions

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Pencil case for bathroom with laundry basket
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The issue of storing laundry intended for washing is always relevant. On the one hand, I want to hide dirty clothes so that it does not catch sight of guests and residents of the apartment. And on the other - in the average family, by the end of the week there usually accumulates so much washing that it is impossible to add all the things in one place unnoticed. Mistresses cope with this problem in many ways: some send dirty laundry directly to the tank of the washing machine, others buy special laundry baskets, and the third use the clothes storage devices offered by the modern furniture industry.

Already quite a long time on sale there was furniture for the bathroom, equipped with baskets for laundry. It can be curbstones under the sink, chests of drawers and other models of furniture. Today we will talk about varieties of canisters for a bathroom with a built-in laundry basket.

Pencil case for bathroom with laundry basket


  • In the shops you can find many modifications of the cases, equipped with a laundry basket. The richness of choice makes it possible to equip any bathroom with comfortable furniture, regardless of its size.
  • A laundry basket built into a piece of furniture is a great way to disguise something that is not intended for prying eyes. By hiding the basket inside the cupboard, you can always keep it close at hand, but not in sight.
  • A bathroom box with a built-in laundry basket is a complete piece of furniture that can be used not only for storing things in laundry, but to keep the necessary hygienic supplies, towels, cosmetics, electrical appliances, etc. in it.
Advantages of a pencil case for a bathroom with a laundry basket
Advantages of the bathroom box with built-in laundry basket


  • A pencil case is a narrow and long cabinet, therefore, the laundry basket built into it can not boast of a large volume. For single people or families where washing is a daily activity, this will not be a big problem. But families, where dirty laundry is accumulated for several days or weeks, and then is washed away all at once, one should think about a more practical solution.
  • Many of those who have already purchased a pencil box with a laundry basket, note that it is not very convenient to use. The design of some models is thought out extremely badly: the basket is either fixed unreliable and constantly falls off or, on the contrary, is fixed so firmly that it is practically impossible to remove it without making any effort.
Disadvantages of a bathroom box with a laundry basket

Requirements for the

cabinet So, the strict requirements are imposed on the bathroom cabinet with the built-in laundry basket:

  • The material from which the cabinet is made must comply with the operating conditions. The bathroom is characterized by high humidity, changes in temperature, contact of furniture with water and hot steam. For the production of furniture in the bathroom most often use plastic, wood, particleboard and MDF, treated with special compounds that prevent rotting.
  • Bathroom is rarely very large, so the furniture created for this room should be as ergonomic as possible. The cabinet-box, equipped with a laundry basket, should be compact, convenient and functional.
  • The basket built into the cabinet must be as large as possible. It should have convenient fasteners, allowing you to easily remove and put the basket on the latches. The laundry basket must be made of durable material and not subject to deformation.
Requirements for a box with a laundry basket in the bathroom

Views depending on the mounting

Floor pencil cases - this is the classic option, which is in greatest demand. Such a cabinet can be installed almost anywhere in the bathroom, since the canisters are always very compact. A pencil case with a built-in laundry basket, like classic models, is usually installed on metal legs. Less common are pencil cases, which are attached to a solid foundation. In addition to the laundry basket, the cupboard is often equipped with shelves for storing various hygienic supplies and accessories.

Suspended furniture models are chosen by those who want to save every centimeter of space. Suspended bathroom cabinets are usually mounted above the washbasin, and serve to store various hygiene products. Cabinets with a laundry basket, which need to be mounted on a wall, are rarely available on sale. This is due to the fact that the filled laundry basket weighs a lot and not every fastening this weight is able to withstand( for example, to hang such a pencil against the wall of gypsum board, it will require additional reinforcement of the structure).

Bathroom floorcases with laundry basket
Suspended bathroom cabinets with laundry basket


Corner models of canisters with a laundry basket are ideal for small bathrooms. The shape of the corner cabinet allows you to fit it into the corner of the room, thereby freeing up a lot of space in the room that can be used for other needs. Otherwise, corner models have the same characteristics as ordinary floor cabinets-pencil cases. The choice of corner pencil cases with built-in laundry basket is very great: you can find wooden models in classical style, metal cabinets in high-tech style, plastic cabinets designed for bathroom in modern style, etc.

Corner cupboard cabinet for bathroom with laundry basket


Traditionally, the mirrored door has a cabinet that needs to be suspended above the sink. However, recently, other models of furniture for the bathroom have been equipped with mirrors. First, it always looks stylish and adds room to light, and secondly, the presence of mirror surfaces visually expands the space of the bathroom. Mirror pencil cases with a laundry basket - this is a beautiful and practical solution for the bathroom.

Mirror box for bathroom with laundry basket

Tips for choosing

To begin with, you need to decide whether you are going to use the storage case for storing something other than dirty laundry. If not, pay attention to compact models in which the maximum amount of space is allocated for the laundry basket. And if you are going to, then take a closer look at larger and more functional models, equipped with shelves and compartments for storing various accessories.

Also do not forget to decide in advance with the size of the pencil case. Go to the store, making measurements in the bathroom. Knowing exactly how much free space in the room you have, it will be easier for you to choose a cabinet model. The most popular sizes are 35 cm and 60 cm.

When choosing a case-case with a linen basket, check not only the quality of the case, but also the quality of the components. Handles, locks, fastenings and other small items should be made of strong, corrosion-resistant materials, it is convenient to be mounted and firmly held in place.

Tips for choosing a bathroom box with a laundry basket
Recommendations for choosing a bathroom box with a laundry basket

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