Design kitchen with balcony: the interior blinds for balconies, combined with a kitchen, a balcony door

Kitchen Design with Balcony (photo 36): the association, moving the dining area, the creation of the garden, pantry


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  • 1 An association
  • 2 Transferring dining area
  • 3 Garden on the balcony
  • 4 Balcony - Pantry
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In some apartments balcony is located in the kitchen. And to the owners of the question is how to use this space. We propose to consider the design of the kitchen with a balcony.

By choosing options, our goal was to increase the usable area of ​​the room.

design kitchen with balcony

The area of ​​most kitchens are not particularly high. For such facilities the existence loggia or balcony can be perceived as a gift.

Using modern technology and the correct design of a small kitchen with a balcony, we will expand our premises are not only visually.

It is clear that the repair of your kitchen depends on the size.

Let's look at what do we have options.

  1. Combining the kitchen and a balcony.
  2. Transferring a dining area and recreation area on the balcony.
  3. The use of the balcony as a garden.
  4. The use of the balcony as a storage area.

I want to note that choosing any kitchen design combined with a balcony, assumes capital warming room, loggia for a little bit easier, as they were originally made of brick.

Let's take a closer look at each of the options.

An association

Design a small kitchen with balcony

kitchen design, combined with a loggia

To begin, insulate walls and ceiling of the balcony, insert the frame with double glazing, and do not forget to take care of those with underfloor heating. Conclusion as radiators without special permission from the BTI is prohibited.

Warning! Dismantling balcony unit, keep in mind that this wall is a bearing, a complete or partial analysis which can threaten the security of your and neighbors.

Windowsill we replace the bar or distributing table. If the balcony is large, part of the kitchen units can be placed directly on it, but more often this option is used when the selected design kitchens combined with a loggia.

In this way, we are practically free the kitchen area. It can now be used as an extension of the living room or dining room.

Obviously, this will transfer communications (gas, water and sewage). This option is suitable for homes with electric stoves, because the transfer of gas can be problems, and it is not worth much to load the balcony slab.

Transferring dining area

Kitchen Design room with a balcony

Kitchen on the balcony

Most often choosing kitchen design room with a balcony, a dining area here carry or equip a place to rest. For this room as well insulated.

This room can be designed in the same style design with a small kitchen, and you can vary the interior, selecting a different design. The main thing is that all looked harmonious and comfortable.

When you transfer any of the zones to the loggia or balcony, take care of comfortable furniture. A well thought out every detail of the interior. If you put a country style wicker chairs and a table, a classic - a seating area, modern means more glass and metal.

Choosing the design of curtains for the kitchen with a balcony, the advantage should be given to natural materials that do not break out in one second: cotton, linen, organza. Color and style for each case is individual.

The main thing - the curtains must integrate harmoniously with the interior of the kitchen.

Choosing the design space:

  • For small and narrow spaces Preference is given to light tones with a horizontal pattern.
  • Choosing contrasting colors, do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes the most incongruous colors, are the right solution for the room.
  • If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult with a specialist.
  • When choosing curtains design should not be limited one kind of tissue combine.
  • When choosing furniture allowed to mix styles to order you to do anything you want. Just do not overdo it.

Garden on the balcony

kitchen united with a balcony design

The design of the balcony - garden

Choosing the design of the kitchen with the balcony door, should consider the option of converting the balcony in a green garden. With good insulation, it will make us happy and winter.

Amateur gardeners can grow it, not only flowers, and herbs for the kitchen and in the winter time. If you decide to turn a balcony into the garden, put a large window and doors entirely of glass.

This will give the room the effect of the presence of plants in the room. If desired, and possibly on the balcony set table and chairs. Nice to dine in the garden.

If there is a loggia, you create a garden in the apartment. Plants not only decorate the room, but will also purify the air and regulate humidity.

When you select this option, considering the design of curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door, it is not necessary to dwell on the model from the ceiling to the floor.

Much more interesting design will look like a small-sized kitchen with an arch, long tails at the edges and almost completely open middle. The windows on the balcony as follows pritemnit (much light is not always useful for color), and you can use blinds or roman shades.

Of course, this option will not add to the square room, but visually make the kitchen bigger in size, the plants will clean the air and create a good mood.

Tip! Equipping a garden on the balcony can install shelving made by a special technology. Plants are arranged in rows and supply water is carried out so that it is sufficient for the upper and lower for plants.

Balcony - Pantry

kitchen with balcony design

Balcony - Pantry

In this embodiment, the balcony is a logical continuation of the kitchen. That is, it is stored reserves of food and preparations for the winter. What you will agree, too, took place in the kitchen.

On the balcony, set the rack or cabinet with shelves and drawers for storage. In terms of design, this space can not match the interior of the kitchen, or may be a continuation of it. Here, you decide. The presence of curtains, it's also a purely personal.

And so we looked at a few options, but it is not necessary to dwell on one of them. It can be combined. For example, what's wrong with a dining area in the garden.

And you can make out the room in different styles. Visually divide the room into zones is possible due to the use of different floor coverings.

The main objective when combining the kitchen with a loggia or a balcony is to increase the useful kitchen area by improving the functionality of the balcony.

Simply put, a sin not to use the free space, it's almost a whole room. It should be noted that the presence of balconies, some works are simplified, but the trouble to still have.

Choosing a design kitchen with loggia, not limited to one option, consider several. But then you will be sure to choose the best.

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