Kitchen Design 7 square meters, 4m 137 series: select options

Kitchen Design 7 square meters (54 photos): style, color, kitchen accessories, cooker hood, portable stove and sofa


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With the right approach, a skilled owner can convert a variety of structural interference in the lovely interior. Performing design kitchen 7 sq m - a gas pipe in the corner or the airbox are the most common obstacles to the perfect interior.

Kitchen - is, first and foremost, a place where every evening the whole family to share the news and just relax from the hustle and bustle. That is why pay special attention to its arrangement. In deciding independently to update the interior, use a small hint of professionals in this field.

kitchen design 7 square meters

designers Tips

  1. Choose a design style. For this issue should be taken seriously as possible. It's no secret that fashion can not keep up and the chosen design of small-sized kitchen today, tomorrow may be no longer so popular.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended to choose a universal solution is time.

  1. If you want to change the color.
kitchen design 7 square meters of the gas pipe in the corner

An example of a combination of styles

To do this, you need to purchase 3 or 5 small cans of paint of different colors. They are needed for the trial. Then apply on the wall a few squares of different colors.

Their size should not be less than 1 square meter. Some time later, as the vote this or that color fits the design of the kitchen 7 sq m.

  1. The most popular designers of advice: be careful with the size of the samples of work surfaces.

Note! Most often in stores, we offer a small sample of the surface. Thus, we can look at it and to visually assess the quality only at close range. It is important to bear in mind the laws of perspective. Any working surface which has a granular structure in the region will have a totally different look.

Therefore, when choosing a small kitchen design to evaluate the sample surface at different angles and at different distances.

  1. white kitchen.

If you have small children, white kitchen - not for you. You will regularly face the problem of repairs, since the wall light shades require regular updates.

Kitchen 4 square meters of design

Design Example performed in several styles

However, choosing this design 7 m kitchen, you will visually enlarge the space and make it light, regardless of the season.

  1. metal displacement effect. Do not be afraid to experiment with this issue. Feel free to use various combinations, such as chromium mixer with a bronze chandelier.

The use of such combinations guarantees the originality and uniqueness of the interior.

  1. Kitchen accessories. From time to time, change your favorite accessories. This must be done in order to freshen up the look of the room. It is also important to remember that these items should not be too small. They must be placed above eye level line.
  1. extract
kitchen design 7kv m

An example of a modern drawing

It is not necessary for a long time to think over the question of whether the hood is needed. Thus, the design of the kitchen series and 137 in other layouts This necessarily implies its presence.

By installing this design you get rid of the problem of odors, humidity and the presence of excessive smoke.

It is necessary to take into account the suction power and set it no higher than 90 cm from the surface of the cooktop. The best option is considered to 80-82 cm.

Furniture and Appliances

portable stove

This stove is a very useful thing. She is simply irreplaceable in the holidays when you want as much as possible the burners for cooking. This plate may be an additional workstations equipped for your assistants. It takes at least a working surface, and can be located anywhere.


7m kitchen design

Multi-colored couch

If you plan to combine dining and working areas, think about the seating area. Seats on it must be low, so they can be placed comfortable pillows.

Unfortunately, the design of the kitchen 4 square meters does not provide for any corner or other place designated for recreation. In this situation, designers recommend to transfer the sitting area in the adjoining room, for example, living room or hall.

triangle rule

This rule is considered to be fundamental in the design of kitchens with their own hands. When the work area layout plays an important role location of four main elements - a desk, sink, refrigerator and stove. These items are most needed in the cooking process.

One party must act as a work desk and a refrigerator, stove and sink should not be co-located. Allowed distance of three meters. This design option is optimal for several people.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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