Kitchen 7m: registration 6 squares with sofa and finishing 5 m and 7 m square

Kitchen 7 m - design (42 images) in black and green colors, the choice of lighting


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  • 1 Examples of the color registration
    • 1.1 The black
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renovated kitchen - a complex and painstaking process, which is accompanied by a lot of small problems, and a huge variety of design options premises. Especially it will be difficult if you have a small room, for example, a kitchen of 7 meters - in this case the design should allow you to get not only attractive, but also functional room.

Once the basic repair compact kitchen has been taken, decide the color gamut, as well as kitchen furniture, accessories and lighting installation.

Kitchen of 7 meters Design

Examples of the color registration

The black

Black refers to the achromatic color. Surface painted black, will absorb and reflect different colored beams with equal power.

This color will look great in combination with chromatic orange, red or yellow. These colors will blend in well and dilute the excessive restraint black.

Despite its style and glamor, kitchen design 5 meters in black will not be the best solution. This is because the black to visually reduce the room, and will weight its individual elements.

Kitchen design 5 meters

Example interior in black

Developing kitchen interior 6 squares, use black for the floor would be appropriate only in part. You can resort to the classic combination of black and white checkers in the figure. In this case, the interior will become extraordinary rigor and elegance. Emphasize this effect, it is possible, by placing a very light furniture.

kitchen interier

Checkerboard floor in the interior

The shades of green

Interestingly, the wavelength of light of a given color is approximately equal to 500-550 nanometers. It consists of two colors - yellow and blue.

The greater the content of blue to green, the cooler will be its shades. If, however, the green will prevail yellow, shades are warmer and more juicy.

Planning 7m kitchen design and using green paint or wallpaper on the walls, you will create a very quiet interior.

The kitchen of 7 meters

Interior in green tone

When choosing a color combination for finishing the kitchen with his hands, be sure to follow the combinations according to the circle of Goethe's natural colors.

The kitchen 5 meters

circle Goethe

As for the combination of the green with other colors, it is best to combine it with not one, but two colors. For example, it may be yellow-orange and blue-violet.

Terms of Use circle.

The figure shows lines which mean:

  1. The most successful combination of colors.
  2. Less harmonious combination.
  3. Colors, angled 90 ° - a good solution if you pick 2 or more colors.
  4. Separate monochrome combinations thereof. This color scheme is used, if you are not very fond of colorful and contrasting premises and want to design the interior in the same tone.

Tips for choosing artificial lighting

Most often design 7-meter kitchen assumes the presence of artificial illumination.

This is due to the small size of the room. Properly arranging the backlight, you can visually change the area and highlight the most successful parts of furniture.

  1. And natural color spectrum. The main criterion for the selection of lighting is considered to be a certain number of lamps with warm light spectrum. Multi-colored lights is recommended to use only as decorative lighting.
  1. Keep in mind all the requirements.

Note! Performing kitchen design 7 square meters, it is very important to take into account all the requirements. First of all, it is the boundary of illumination equal to 26 W / square meters under incandescent lighting and 30 W / m², if you use halogen lamps, 9 W / m² for fluorescent lamps and 4 W / m² for LED.

  1. Is not confined to the upper light. Using only the upper lamp in the evening on the cooking zone will fall shade.
  2. Lighting working zone. The lighting of this area is the most important and responsible. This includes cooker, kitchen sink, refrigerator. If you position the rotary lights on the ceiling, you can send a light beam in the necessary cooking zone.
7 m Kitchen Design

EXAMPLE illumination of the working zone

In such an embodiment, the lighting device space will appear more spacious and light.

In order to more thoroughly illuminate certain elements of the work area, use fluorescent lamps, mounted below the ceiling. When the choice is very important to maintain their style. You can use the fluorescent lamps warm or daylight. Their marking will be LD or LTB.

  1. To complement the lighting fixtures of a kitchen and create comfort and convenience, use light bulbs up to 40 watts and place the lamps at a certain distance from the wall.
  2. Lamps on the wall cabinets. This type of lighting is an option.

Note! Do not forget that any illumination from the bottom wall to reveal all its defects.

lamps are also widely used in cabinets and closed shelves.

  1. If you run a kitchen interior with sofa, hang the lamp directly above a resting place.
  2. Built-in lamp or point. They may be used, if repaired, or drywall ceiling mounted tensioning system.

However, to save energy point all lamps should be divided into 2 or 3 groups. Each of them should include a separate switch.

  1. Choosing different lighting options, do not forget about safety. Do not place lamps and sockets closer than 60 cm to the kitchen sink.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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