Floor repairs in the kitchen or cosmetic overhaul: how to do the steps, the estimate

Repair floor in the kitchen (33 photos): types, forms and coating materials


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  • 3 Coating materials and features of their installation
    • 3.1 Linoleum for the kitchen
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    • 3.3 Ceramic tile
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Undoubtedly, one of the most important stages of the kitchen renovation is the restoration of the floor covering. Ideally, the coating should not be afraid of no water, no fat, no mechanical damage.

Also, the floor in the kitchen renovation should give surfaces a new, sustained at a level appearance.

Types of flooring for the kitchen

floor repairs in the kitchenTo the kitchen floor could meet all the requirements, will have to invest in its repair is not only money and effort, but also all your rich imagination.

Options for the kitchen renovation and the flooring are quite varied. The coatings are classified by several criteria:

  • the form;
  • materials used;
  • surface color.

sex is often a form of classical even, but the kitchen combined with living room often implemented multi-level floor, allows for zoning.

As floor lining are mainly used:

  • linoleum;
  • laminate;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • granite;
  • liquid linoleum.

Color surfaces may be plain, with a single pattern or texture on each unit of the coating, and general pattern, collected from a set of assembly units.

Let us consider what constitutes each of these embodiments, as well as what are the characteristics of their installation.

sex Form

Different from the classic, double or multi-level floor is often provided to develop a design project. Such a floor may construct only large spacious kitchen, which thereby separated from the working space dinner table location.

Form is given a further stage of casting the screed, the implementation of which usually involves major repairs.

For surface classically performed poured usual flat tie, after drying, which is mounted facecoat. tiered floor unit also begin with the usual screed, and after its drying exhibit stops, giving the required shape of future steps and pour another layer of concrete in the formwork.

Tip! To make it easier to achieve a perfectly flat surface in the regeneration of the screed, it is possible to use special self-leveling compounds.

Coating materials and features of their installation

Repair the walls in the kitchen

Trim excess pieces of linoleum

Linoleum for the kitchen

  • Linoleum is a very practical and attractive for the cost of materials, will be a great option if you plan to produce low-cost redecorating the kitchen.
  • In contrast to the Soviet dull coloring options, modern linoleum colors represented by a large and interesting variety of patterns, textures and colors.
  • Linoleum will last at least 8-10 years, moreover, it stands high wear resistance, excellent thermal and sound insulation qualities. It is easy to clean, which is also a big plus for the kitchen.
  • Lay the linoleum in the kitchen is quite simple. First, you need to spread out on the surface of the sheet and allow it to rest in bed for at least a day. Then you should give it the desired shape by cutting unnecessary parts cut corners by using a metal ruler and knife construction.
  • Alternately throwing linoleum edge, a spatula onto the base layer and applying a special glue lining material.
  • If necessary interfacing two pieces of linoleum should impose them on each other and overlap to make the segment level with a knife. Thus, you get a perfect joint, which is greased joiner's glue coating to impart integrity and impermeability. We can only accommodate a plinth.


Is a worthy alternative impractical wooden floor, it is more resistant to scratches. Excellent simulates any kind of wood, including exotic, as well as tile, marble and granite.

on kitchen remodeling estimates while using the laminate as a floor covering will not be critical, because when all its external and operational merits of the price of the material is relatively low.

To finish the kitchen with his hands is better to use a laminate with enhanced water repellency, since the material does not like prolonged contact with water.

Laying laminate should be made on a perfectly flat, solid, dry, clean surface. If it is placed on a concrete floor, a vapor barrier is necessary in order to lay a polyethylene film.

Before laying give material "acclimatize" for this purpose it is left in a room for two days. Laying laminate should be so that the seams between the boards are parallel to the window light, then they will be less noticeable. Modern material is provided with special connecting locks, that does not require additional fastening or adhesive or screws.

When laying observe offset from the wall in the range of 10-15 mm, since the change in temperature conditions laminate can expand.

Stack plates in longitudinal rows from each of the side walls, neatly snapping each successive plate in the lock of the previous edges finished surface hidden under the baseboards.

Cosmetic kitchen renovations

The process of laying laminate

Ceramic tile

Probably the most popular floor covering, which is used, making repairs in the kitchen floor.

For floor use a special floor tiles, which can simulate a variety of natural materials.

Laying can be carried out directly on the dried screed. On the floor with a spatula with serrated edges coated tile adhesive layer applied thereto and tiles. Each segment is aligned level, gently tapping with a hammer with a rubber butt.

The thickness of the seam between tiles is governed by special crosses and should not exceed 4 mm. Sutures are treated grout in the color of the tiles.

Estimates for the renovation of the kitchen

Proper installation of ceramic tiles

Other options

Before making repairs in the kitchen, consider combining multiple types of flooring. This technique is often used in coating raznourovnevogo floor, for example, the working area trim tiles and dining - laminate.

Once all the installation work will be completed, you can safely invite guests to watch the kitchen renovation.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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