Beautiful kitchen: design for wenge, Italian-style and others, video and photos

Beautiful kitchen - design (60 photos): classic style, provence, country, modern and high-tech


Table of contents

  • 1 General requirements for the kitchen interiors
  • 2 Overview of stylistic solutions
    • 2.1 Classic
    • 2.2 Provence
    • 2.3 Country
    • 2.4 modern
    • 2.5 High tech
  • 3 Output
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Design and decoration of the kitchen - not secondary issues. And it's not just about aesthetics: to properly plan room equipped with the observance of certain rules, cooking process will be faster and safer, and do we will progress much tired smaller.

And when you consider that in many homes and apartments kitchen plays a role and the dining room, you need a responsible approach to the selection of interior and decoration is evident.

Create a truly eye-catching interiors difficult, but still possible

Create a truly eye-catching interiors difficult, but still possible

General requirements for the kitchen interiors

Work on the design involves not only the selection of colors, wallpaper, flooring and accessories. Design - is an integral concept that should include everything - from the common idea of ​​planning to the last detail, without which the process of work in the kitchen will not be as comfortable as possible.

It is important that all the details of the interior blend harmoniously with each other

It is important that all the details of the interior blend harmoniously with each other

Requirements for the arrangement of the premises can be pulled out quite a lot, and because the main ones we have tried to describe in the table below:

Demand Characteristic
Functionality The first thing you should pay attention - this is the user experience. plan kitchen should be aimed primarily at the preparation (and, possibly, at the reception) food. Accordingly, the interior as a whole and its individual parts should pick up on the basis of this goal.
Security In the process of work in the kitchen, we are constantly interacting with both the products and with the furniture items, as well as kitchen utensils. All items must be picked up with a such a way as to minimize the risk of injury.

That's why you should give up the furniture with sharp corners, from fragile glass surfaces from flammable components, etc.

Practicality The cooking process is accompanied by constant contact furniture and other interior objects of water, various liquid and solids, as well as exposure to high temperatures.

That we did not have to do repairs every year, and even more often, to build the room it is desirable to choose resistant materials, such as furniture purchase, which will withstand regular cleaning with detergent funds.

stylistic unity Whatever the design of our kitchen, it is desirable to withstand all the elements in the same style. Mixing of different directions is also possible, but in this case you should either zoned space, or accept the fact that the appearance of the premises will be far from ideal.
beauty And only after we have thought out all the above steps, you can focus on the actual design of the kitchen. Today there are many technologies that will make the room not only practical, safe, but also very beautiful - and the beauty of this will be achieved not at the expense of our comfort.
Beauty and functionality it is possible to combine

Beauty and functionality it is possible to combine

Of course, comply with these requirements may be more than one version of the design. That is why in the next section we will look at what should be the design of the kitchen in a particular style.

Overview of stylistic solutions


Option Interior in classical style

Option Interior in classical style

Classic style focused more on finishing kitchens in country houses, than equipping the premises in the model homes.

It is characterized by such features:

  1. Use any of an array of furniture, or high-quality imitation with rich carvings, and other accessories.
  2. Household appliances or masked behind furniture fronts or stylized antique (Use of polished brass and bronze, laths, rivets, instead of digital analogue scales, etc.).
  3. Lighting is realized by setting pendant with glass or fabric shades.
  4. The decoration of the room, and in textiles (curtains, tablecloths) is dominated by bright colors.

This finish is usually very brand, because wasting time on cleaning you will have to regularly.
And leave the floor or countertop light wood without cleaning can not be - they quickly lose their attractive appearance.


Provencal style - it is an imitation food in the house located in a village or a small town in the south of France or Italy.

The design is dominated by these trends:

The room in the style of Provence

The room in the style of Provence

  1. Furniture - Wooden, It is simple and elegant. Headsets or painted in bright colors, or artificial sostiryvaetsja.
  2. As is the case with classic style, home appliances are styled antique.
  3. It uses a maximum of natural lightBecause implementing such a project is only in the event that you have in the room there are one or several large windows.
  4. The decoration applied ceramic tile with a matte surface, natural and artificial stone.

Instead of the traditional tile inserts will look good mosaic of glass and glazes.

  1. Key style elements for Provencal cuisine is textiles. For registration not buy products made from natural fabrics - linen, cotton, jute, etc.
Italian version with dark wood

Italian version with dark wood


In country style has several separate areas, but one thing unites them - the desire for maximum simplification of lines and adherence to tradition:

  1. For these interiors the best choice would be heavy furniture dark shadeFrom which will benefit concise kitchen design - wenge stained oak, beech and other species should be fine.
  2. Modern kitchen appliances should be used to a minimum. On the contrary, it is quite appropriate in this room will be a heavy cast-iron stove with wood or coal.
For the country style is characterized by the maximum use of natural materials

For the country style is characterized by the maximum use of natural materials

  1. kitchen wall or sheathed with wood or painted in a neutral shade. But the floor is better oblitsevat ceramic tiles, imitating natural stone: it will be practical, and quite beautiful.
  2. For a given direction characterized by a minimum amount of the textiles. Fabric made except that the small curtains on the windows and napkins for the table. Of starch tablecloths and rugs on the floor should be abandoned.


If the options described above are better suited for decorating kitchens in country houses, the style of Art Nouveau - a good choice for apartments in high-rise building:

Modern stylistic decision in bright colors

Modern stylistic decision in bright colors

  1. For the headset, select furniture with smooth facades, almost unadorned. The easier it will form - the better.

It is not necessary to spend money on real wood.
There will be more appropriate products MDF with laminated or plastic doors.

  1. The same applies to kitchen equipment - give preference to devices made in a minimalist design.
  2. The modern kitchen is in need of zoned lightingBecause besides common ceiling lamp (lamp suitable bubble circular or conical shape) is required to install a local illumination countertop.
  3. Instead, use curtains or blinds more practical blinds.

High tech

Many people want to equip the kitchen in the most modern style, and this desire can only be welcomed.

However, in the implementation of the "high tech" is quite complicated, but if you follow the advice of professional designers, the facility will produce a lasting impression:

The embodiment of technology and minimalism

The embodiment of technology and minimalism

  1. The walls are the most concise - is best suited to the color of bright colors (gray, beige).
  2. Select furniture with facades of polished metal, glass and mirrors. We try to minimize its amount, releasing as much as possible the area.
  3. Actively use modern technology (For example, instead of the gas stove can be set perfectly flat induction hob).
  4. We pay special attention to the light: We need both general light and adjustable spot lights. Optional pole will be the presence of decorative LED lighting.


Above we have only the most popular options for interior decoration. Planning the design of the kitchen in the Italian style, or by developing cutting-edge interior design, it should be remembered that in addition to the appearance and functionality are important, and convenience. If in the process of working on the situation you encounter any problems, get answers to any questions you can be in the commentary to the article.

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