Repair ball mixer: video tutorials, setup and repair of taps and shower

Repair ball mixer for bath and shower


Table of contents

  • 1 Step by step repair of the mixer
  • 2 Bathroom Faucets
  • 3 Shower cabins
    • 3.1 Benefits
    • 3.2 repair principle
  • 4 Summing up

Ball faucets for the bathroom, allowing to adjust the water volume and temperature by turning a handle, are very popular. However, along with the ease of use there are operating problems: water leakage and poor regulation of its temperature, which necessarily entail the repair of the spherical mixer.

In this article we will discuss what is required for professional repairs and how to spend it quickly and efficiently.

Repair ball mixerThe device is a single-lever mixer is quite simple. The bead core is installed a hollow stainless steel, in which the mixing water. Through holes 2 enters inside the hot and cold water, and exits through the third port a desired water temperature.

Set the ball in the sleeve-cartridge can be easily removed from the case. Ball slip rubber saddles, adhering tightly to him under the influence of water.

The most frequent problems of operation of the mixer:

  • leakage;
  • weak pressure;
  • too hot or cold water.

Most often leakage occurs due to clogging of the space between the seat and the ball. Rotation is regulated by a ball rod which connects it to a lever. By adjusting the position of the ball, namely, its contact holes and feeding tube can reduce or increase water pressure.

The reason for the weak pressure - clog the valve. In this case it is necessary to pull the aerator and clean the mesh structure and return to the starting position. Thus repair single-lever mixer will be made, and in order to avoid its repeated failures is recommended to install water filters in the supply pipes.

Step by step repair of the mixer

Apparatus ball mixer

  1. Before repair shut off valves to avoid water leakage.
  2. Allen weaken the screw holding the handle mixer. Remove the handle of the ball valve is easy to sip up.
  3. After removal immediately see a threaded connection. By pressing the notch with a screwdriver, cranking it counterclockwise. Be careful, there is a risk of damage to water hoses when you scroll through the entire crane. Remove the chrome-dome with a pair of pliers, remove the part of the plastic underneath.
  4. In cases where the proceeds ball mixer - repairs need to seal the plastic. A sealant layer may be worn or contaminated sediments. In case of blockage of plastic to be cleaned of rust and other solid deposits using detergents.
  5. Take out of the ball mechanism. When metal wear or rubber seals inside replace its parts.
  6. Seals with springs serve to slow the ball movement and wear with time. Therefore require replacement, as well as springs.
  7. After installing the new seals, apply a drop of sanitary lubricant that will not allow the mechanism to quickly wear out.

Note! Different models of mixers require the use of different lubricants, for example, repair mixers grohe necessarily carried out using lubricants Grohe syntheso.

  1. We set the ball in place, ensuring coincidence of the recess and projection on the ball at the top of the crane. Insert plastic "shield", the fuse must coincide with the recess on the side of the crane. Shield tightens down with pliers.

    mixer device

  2. Return to place chrome dome and the plastic ring, adjusting the severity enable tightening ring. Set the handle and turn the screw. Repair mixer complete with their own hands.

Bathroom Faucets

Crane with a long bend, which can be used in the sink and on the bath for a long time has become an indispensable element in the repair and design of the bathroom. Universal mixer for bath - is not just a tap from which water flows.

By this mechanism is often added to the shower hose, switch and mount for the shower head. Such a device performs three functions simultaneously and pleases its cost budget owners. Also, do not forget about the purely decorative effect.

On the market there are several types of mixers: dvuhventilnye, ball, push-button. The first option - the old and traditional, but for fans of the classics they fit perfectly. A great option repairs bathroom in retro style.

Ball taps - more advanced design, the most popular models are Oras Saga and Grohe.

Incidentally, mixer repair oras saga does not differ from the standard repair ball mixers and can be performed even novice plumber.

There are also more original types of mechanisms: Cascading and thermostatic. Mixer stage simulates drop waterfall. If you add more and lighting in the bathroom, you can create a unique atmosphere.

Thermostat the lovers of new technologies, regardless of water temperature in the tubes can be configured comfortable jet tap temperature. To repair these models will need an experienced specialist, constantly having to deal with these types of mixers.

Shower cabins

Repair grohe mixers

shower mixer


designers often refuse In small bathrooms by placing a full bath and shower set, which has many advantages.

Firstly, it takes up less space, and secondly, allows you to adjust the flow of water from all sides and even make massage, in addition, in many booths set radio that allows for bath time fun and benefit. And, of course, attractive price.

repair principle

Mixers for shower cabins - this is a standard shower head with a hose.

After a long operation repair mixer shower is inevitable. The most common breakdowns hose is leaking or defective shower head.

Shower hose can flow for several reasons: the destruction of the sealing rings, damage due to mechanical impact attenuation thread union nuts, disturbance of the metallic braid.

In the above situations, it is recommended to buy a new hose - the original for this shower or else the same, but better quality from well-known manufacturers.

Shower head - it's not such a simple design as it seems at first glance. Typically such a changeover mechanism allows multiple water supplying mode, and for this it is necessary to use many moving parts inside each of which may be fractured.

Main types of failures: Nozzle clogging and scum deposits tight turn mode switching lever, damage to the external coating and loss of the decorative form. It is recommended not to spend the time to repair and buy a watering can of good quality and carry out its installation.

As we can see, mixer repair is not quite so difficult. We hope that our step by step guide will help you quickly recover your crane and return the familiar comfort.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.