The design of the room in a small apartment: a minimalist, avant-garde, classical

room design in a small apartment (48 photos): basic styles


Table of contents

  • 1 Rules of registration of the hall in a small apartment
  • 2 main styles
    • 2.1 European
    • 2.2 Classical
    • 2.3 Vanguard
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Interior room - a business card apartment, which tells visitors about the social status of its owner, so it is a modern and stylish design are now gaining in importance. Often the appearance of the home decoration and furniture are starting to pick up, guided only by their taste and intuition, and can not always make the right decision.

Such unsuccessful experiments can be costly, especially if you develop the design of the hall in a small apartment, for a small room possibilities are more limited.

The design of the room in a small apartmentOur repair school will try to solve this problem and will tell about the rules which should adhere to, developing the design of the hall in the apartment, as well as consider what style of interior would be appropriate.

Rules of registration of the hall in a small apartment

Modern renovation in the room will become a home not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Housing should like, first of all, by the tenants, so the chosen concept should coordinate with all family members.

Well and elegantly decorated with carefully chosen accessories certainly have to taste. How to make it happen?

Just follow the following rules:

  1. In the first place functionality. Modern furniture industry completely ready to fill your room, but remember that you are creating this space for yourself, for your comfort, and it should not be a tribute to fashion. You should not clutter the room with unnecessary things, seed is what you will use.

Tip! Some modern families do not use the TV, but leave it in the hall, because "so it is necessary." Refuse stereotypes and in case guests visit buy a monitor with a TV tuner, which will be an excellent alternative.

  1. A place for all. Of course, in the hall you will receive guests, but most of the time it will take just family members. For this reason pobespokoytes the presence of "their" place for each of them, put a comfortable chair for the head of the family, and come with soft carpet for a small child.
  2. competent aesthetics. Before purchasing an expensive stereo or lay parquet of the most valuable wood species, assess their financial capabilities objectively. Do not make super-expensive "flavor" of the interior. Decoration and furniture of the price level will be combined much better than the diverse things.
  3. The secret is in the details. Think through to the smallest detail all the elements, even decorative. Remove the sight of numerous souvenirs from different journeys, they will make the room smaller, better buy a few large and spectacular vases or figurines.

main styles

The basic styles, designed for modern design rooms are:


Usually this line like youth. Hall combined with the kitchen, creating a room-studio. Finish fairly straightforward, since it is only the backdrop for exclusive furniture and interior design elements, such as an unusual pattern or design curtains.

Room European-style

Room European-style


It suggests an abundance of architectural details - diverse carving, painting, the use of stucco and wooden paneling.

Minimalist direction of the classical style

Minimalist direction of the classical style

Tip! Will look more modern classical interior minimalist direction supplemented concise lines of said architectural elements.


The main emphasis is on colors that should be saturated and bright. It is desirable to add as much as you can contrast in color, shapes and sizes of furniture.

Facilities at the forefront of style

Facilities at the forefront of style

should not rush when choosing a particular style. Think about each of the options and make a decision, relying not only on your taste, but also to the proposed rules. In this case, the design of the hall in a small apartment does not seem to be a problem, and you can easily create harmony in your home.

Summing up

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