Design living room 18 sq m and 12 m2 room interior design

Design living room of 18 square meters (33 photos) combine recreation areas, reception and working


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  • 2 Furniture in the living room
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To date, the design of the living room of 18 square meters can be made in any of a variety of styles and their branches. You can easily create a unique and colorful design that will taste not only your family, but also to all guests.

During the Soviet Russia almost all the small living room interiors in the country were not very different from each other. Since the early 90s, this established tradition began to change.

Design living room 18 square meters

Among such abundant variety of styles and designs it is often quite difficult to focus on anything in particular. I would like to make and then, and then.

To avoid such a situation, you need to clearly define the main points, without which the design of the living room of 18 square meters can not exist.

Modern living rooms include several rooms, and with them and their functionality. This layout is very good for owners of apartments in which there is no possibility to give some room for reception, meal or office.

That is why the interior of the living room in your apartment must be properly designed competent experts in this field. They will help you to distinguish between rational living area.

interior room of 18 square meters

Interior design example of a living room of 18 sq.m.

This approach is called zoning space. It will allow you not only to visually enlarge the living room, but also improve its functionality.

The most common area in the living room

  1. Rest zone

Upholstered furniture in combination with a small coffee table provide a great place for relaxation for the whole family. Here you can comfortably spend time in front of TV or a good book.

Design living room 18 square meters

in the living room Sitting area

Very often in the area placed a large sofa with a TV. Thus, cold evenings you can discuss with your family TV show or simply share your impressions of the day.

Interior living room of 18 square meters should be directed, first of all, to rest. That recreation area is to be number one in this list. Here you can spend time alone and with friends.

  1. Place for receiving guests

For this zone is characterized by the obligatory presence of the table (can be round or rectangular) and chairs.

interior room 12 sq.m

An example of combining two areas: recreation and reception in the living room

Secondly there should be enough for the case of birthday parties or other celebrations.

  1. Work zone

Each interior room of 12 square meters should be equipped area where you could work. Especially if your apartment does not imply the existence of a separate room under the cabinet.

interior design living room 18 square meters

EXAMPLE working area in the living

So, place a computer or a regular desk, shelves with necessary literature and connect you to the necessary computer equipment.

Furniture in the living room

Furniture - an essential attribute of each room, especially the living room. Of course, you'll need chairs, coffee table, wall and seating area with sofa.

This is a necessary minimum of furniture, which will ensure comfort and functionality, if you perform interior design living room of 18 square meters.

Before you buy furniture, make sure that your choice has fallen on a high products that meet all the standards, and are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Since the living room is the most people, the furniture should be sturdy and reliable. Therefore, for sofas and chairs is best to use leather upholstery, which can be easily cleaned with a damp.

As for the colors, and then you can experiment, but it is better not to choose light colors upholstery. In this case, you will protect yourself from unnecessary problems with spots on its surface.

Wooden interior room of 18 square meters

Also design - design living room of 18 square meters must be submitted to the universal and a small coffee table.

In specialty stores can now be found as standard versions of this piece of furniture, and a very original and extravagant design. Most importantly, this table fit into the overall interior style.

Please note that during the initial stages of planning your design living room of 18 m2 should be as focused on the preservation of the space.

To do this, you should choose a sliding furniture. For example, a wardrobe, pullout sofa bed or folding chairs, which can be easily removed if necessary.

Various pieces of furniture are placed depending on the characteristics of your room.

One option for the living room can become a stylish interior placement near walls. So, you can keep the center for a dining table or playing area for children.

The lighting in the living room

Performing design living room of 12 square meters, avoid errors related to the room lighting. This factor is very important in the perception of the integrity of your living room.

On the windows do not hang too dark and massive curtains or curtains. They will load the atmosphere.

Design living room 12 square meters

Bright work space in a small living room

If the living room is arranged in such a way that most of the day the sun shines brightly, and we would like to hide from it, then use the system of blinds and light curtains in pastel colors. As for the chandelier, they should also be chosen not too heavy.

Use a variety of lamps. Place them around the perimeter of the ceiling. Thus, your living room will be warm and beautiful.

If you have not been able to stop on any style or design variant of the room, you can easily choose the design of the living room of 18 square meters in magazines or on the Internet.

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