Corner showcase for the living room: glassware, cupboard in a modern interior, a white display window Photo

For storing memorabilia in the living room there is a special furniture For storing memorabilia in the living room there is a special furniture The living room in our apartments is the most loaded room. Functional purpose of the living room is huge. Here we have dinner with the whole family, we accept friends, we organize holidays. For these reasons, it is customary to furnish the room in such a way that it contains all the necessary things, as well as many memorable trifles. In order to store all things, it becomes necessary to purchase special furniture.

    • Corner cabinet for living room: purpose of acquisition
    • Role of corner cabinet for living room in modern interior
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    • Convenient corner display for utensils in the living room
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Corner cabinet for the living room: the purpose of acquiring the

Showcase is a cabinet with several bokosbubbled walls of different material, for example transparent. To date, this type of furniture is used in conjunction with the exhibition premises, as well as in apartments in the usual residential interior. The corner window will allow you to save space by occupying an empty corner.

Corner cabinet-showcase saves space in the living room Corner cabinet-showcase saves space in living room

Such furniture:

  1. Differs in compactness.
  2. Creates the impression of a luxurious interior decoration.
  3. The display case is suitable for large and small spaces.

Modern furniture manufacturers please the consumer with a wide assortment of corner showcases in the living room. As a rule, the facade of the corner window is made of glass. Thus, things exhibited behind the glass will prove to be accessible to your eyes and guests' eyes.

You can place the most exquisite items and accessories for a glass display case, which on one hand will be reliably removed, and on the other will be available for review.

And it turns out that in addition to the function of storing things, the corner display case has a function of decoration. But since the corner display case is still a cabinet, the main function of it will be the storage and organization of things. That part of the display case that is not glazed, can quite accommodate many useful things and sparingly organize the space in the living room. The appearance of this furniture can relate it to any style in the interior. The choice depends on the individual wishes of the consumer.

The role of the corner cabinet for a living room in a modern interior

It is generally accepted that a showcase is a bulky cabinet. But modern manufacturers offer a wide range of showcases of various designs. Pick up in such a chic variety of showcase for the suitable individual needs of each quite easily.

You can easily find a window that will be built into the general interior or if necessary to be attached to the wall, and also just stand on the floor.

A variety of corner showcases allows you to choose the right model for any interior A variety of corner display cabinets allows you to choose the right model for any interior

If necessary, you can use a showcase for zoning the room:

  1. Thus, the showcase will perform the function of dividing the room.
  2. In this case, the design of the display case can look so that the items placed in it can be seen from anywhere in the room.
  3. Also adjusting to all current trends, modern manufacturers use in the decor of furniture built-in lamps and various lighting.

It will be especially important to store a collection or dishes to increase the brilliance and luxury of objects.

In the form of showcases are:

  1. High.
  2. Wide.
  3. Low( similar to the chest of drawers).
  4. Narrow medium height.

Sometimes modern types of slides with open shelves and glass doors are also considered shop windows.

Glass corner showcase for living room

Showcases are classified according to several characteristics and characteristics.

One of the purposes of the corner glass display is the storage of dishes One of the functions of the corner glass showcase is the storage of utensils

For the specific type of storage of items, showcases are available for:

  1. Libraries .If you have accumulated a large number of books, and you are very fond of reading, place your books behind a glass display case. Beautiful book covers will decorate the room, and give the room an atmosphere of sophistication.
  2. Utensils .If you own a beautiful porcelain set or you have a lot of crystal dishes, then placed behind a glass, it will not only please the eye, but will also be reliably protected. In addition, access to such utensils in the unforeseen case is simplified.
  3. Personal collection .Angular window will help ergonomically organize any of your collection. It is not only good to place it, but also to ensure safety from external factors.
  4. Elite alcohol .Placed in a show-window beautiful bottles of alcohol will create the impression of a bar.
  5. Confectioneries products .They will serve as decoration of the premises, and also the showcase will reliably cover any product, even fragile fire. Closed showcase, will hide the sweets from the kiddies, thus, saving them from temptation.
  6. Photos .Photos that should not be placed on the walls of the room, I will look good on the shelves of your showcase and create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness of the family nest in the room.

Place on the open shelves the most beautiful things and accessories. Showcases of medium size are usually placed in the center of the room near the wall. In such cases the brightest things are stored. It can be memorable gifts, souvenirs brought from vacation, crafts of your children, etc. The most important advantages of a corner living room are that, when it is placed, it occupies little space, and at the same time such a showcase does not get stuck in the general interior.

Convenient corner display for utensils in the living room

Each hostess agrees that during the arrival of guests, especially not scheduled, any kitchen utensils should be at hand. Acquisition of a beautiful and original corner showcase in the living room will relieve the kitchen and at the same time decorate the living room. The family service, crystal and porcelain placed behind the glass transparent door look wonderful in the living room.

At the same time to store in such furniture fragile dishes more than reliably. In the living room, it is less susceptible to mechanical damage than in the kitchen.

On the dishes stored in the display cabinet, the dust settles less

for dishes stored in the display cabinet

ASD5ASAS Advantages of the display case:
  1. The cookware is less susceptible to dust.
  2. Removes dust from the dishes easily with special tools, without removing it from the display case.
  3. It is free from temperature changes.
  4. You can get the porcelain tea service from the showcase at any time.
  5. At the same time, it looks very attractive for such a showcase. Especially if you chose a modern model using a different kind of illumination and lighting.

Also, if the dishes are not only fragile, but also expensive in price, then it is very easy to demonstrate it through the glass door, because there is no need to take risks and remove it from the display case. The cost of such furniture is quite diverse. And it can afford consumers with different incomes.

Various materials are used in the manufacture. Color and size may vary. It is not uncommon to have a white corner displaycase that repeats the texture of a tree. The fittings are used in a variety of ways. The accessories can set the tone of the stylistic characteristics of the display case.

Corner showcase from natural wood ( video)

All pluses of corner showcases on the face. If there is any doubt, it is worth buying such a kind of furniture, then develop them by visiting a furniture store. In the furniture store, it is possible not only to appreciate such furniture, but also to choose the right product for the price category.

Examples of corner showcases for the living room( photos in the interiors)