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The baroque hall is characterized by pomposity and high cost For Hall Baroque is characterized by pomp and expensive Design of expensive finishing materials intended to create a theatrical and dynamic way of living, emphasizing the authority and power of the house owner. Baroque style originates in France as far back as 1850, in Russia the style appeared in the XVII century in the design of Golitsyn's residence. This is a very pompous style, absolutely the entire decoration of the hall must correspond to its chic and forms attributed to the style of the Baroque.

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Living Baroque: the conditions for its creation

Baroque architecture has certain shapes with oval, round and rectangularGOVERNMENTAL elements. A special sign of the Baroque style in the interior are columns, art paintings and stucco sculptures.

To decorate a baroque living room you need a large room To make a living Baroque need a room large

For this scale finishes and chic certain conditions are necessary: ​​

  • Sufficient room volume will give the maximum opportunity to recreate the Baroque interior;
  • Surfaces of walls and ceiling are inseparable whole at registration, they decorate with a list and sculptures;
  • Walls are decorated with various moldings, frescoes, frames and stucco, the wallpaper should be selected with different embossing and patterns;
  • For interior decoration in the Baroque style, use rich colors with the use of gilding;
  • All furniture is made to order with artistic elements of carving, expensive textiles.

Baroque style is absolutely not suitable for small living rooms. From the above, it is clear that the design of the interior will take up all the free space. And for the greatness of the Baroque, it is important to have a large space for movement.

In the presence of a small space in the living room, you can perform a semblance of baroque using the basic colors and various figurines from stucco molding.

A small baroque living room

As you know, nothing is possible unless there is a great desire. In a small living room it is possible to embody the design idea of ​​the Baroque style. It is important to observe the ratio of free space for movement and occupied by furniture.

Small rooms can also be decorated in the Baroque style, highlighting some of the characteristic features Small rooms can also be decorated in the Baroque style, highlighting some of the characteristic features of the

The small Baroque living room may not have all its features, but only indicate its membership:

  • The first sign, Indicating this chic style will be the color scale, the basic shades of white and gold perfectly emphasize the design;
  • Lush curtains in expensive design or decorated with a lambrequin on pick up convey the theatricality of the baroque;
  • Custom made furniture may not be very cumbersome, but must have a textile patterned upholstery and is threaded.

complement to the interior in the Baroque style can be a variety of statues, beautiful chandelier, wall sconces and paintings, framed by elegant frames.

Baroque hall design

In the large living room, there is an opportunity to convey as much as possible all the chic and richness of the Baroque style. Often such an opportunity is in large cottages and new buildings. Private houses with staircases can perfectly convey the breathtaking grandeur of style. The design of the baroque style hall is based on furniture.

Particularly impressive is the baroque hall in a private house looks particularly impressive hall in Baroque style in a private home

It should match the style of the main indicators:

  • Baroque furniture has large dimensions, special softness and comfort;
  • All non-textile surfaces must be glossy, gilded;
  • Legs of furniture necessarily curved;
  • The color of the upholstery is deep dark with bizarre patterns and gilding;
  • The color of wooden surfaces should also be dark, luxurious furniture from noble wood species looks.

The most suitable wood for the Baroque style is the oak or red varieties of trees. Fabrics are the main highlight in the design of the hall. For a chic design, rather effective fabrics of velvet, silk, satin and brocade are used.

The Baroque living room should have additional accessories:

  • Gold-embroidered velvet cushions;
  • Antique items;
  • Vases and porcelain;
  • Large mirrors framed by a gold frame.

The Baroque style is a real art. He underlines the special status of the owner of such a living room. It carries the history of the development of the style from the 17th century with all the changes and additions. Unimaginable beauty will not leave indifferent any guest.

Modern Baroque Living Room

The modern Baroque living room is distinguished by some more modern elements. The presence of a style in the interior is indicated by stucco molding on walls and ceilings and some interior items. As a rule, in modern designs baroque is combined with other styles or leave one area made by the baroque.

In the modern living room, a combination of Baroque style with other directions In the modern living room, a combination of Baroque style with other directions is allowed

The most suitable styles for combining with baroque:

  • Contemporary;
  • High-tech;
  • Classic;
  • Retro.

In modern designs, baroque is used more to create a cozy atmosphere than for ostentatious luxury. The performance of a separate zone in the living room very clearly accentuates her attention. In addition to pomposity, the Baroque style has a special convenience of furniture made of expensive materials.

Modern baroque is called neobarokro and rather bears in itself elegance and minimalism, while retaining traditional materials and forms. The color scheme is also somewhat different from the traditional baroque. The combination of colors in the neo-Baroque was softer, the white color changed to beige, and the bardo to soft blue.

The gilding and the maximum naturalness of all materials remain an unchanged element. In modern baroque leather upholstery appeared. And if you want, you can add something to this style, making it a unique art of modernity.

What distinguishes baroque from rococo

The styles of baroque and rococo are very similar, in fact rococo originated from baroque. He first appeared in France in the XVII century and became fond of his femininity and softness.

Baroque style, unlike rococo, is characterized by the presence of symmetry in the interior Baroque style, unlike rococo, is characterized by the presence of symmetry in the interior

The main distinguishing features between these styles are:

  • Rococo carries asymmetry and dynamic forms while baroque is an example of symmetry;
  • Baroque is more theatrical style, and rococo is more aimed at creating coziness and even intimacy in the interior;
  • The rococo style does not require large areas of space, baroque, on the contrary, does not accept any kind of restraint and is performed mainly in large, spacious halls.

The Baroque style is characterized by large, voluminous interior items. Rococo, on the other hand, welcomes small details and special grace. Rococo was a kind of protest at the time of the Baroque. In the rococo, architectural buildings were not designed, only interior decorations showed the whole charm of the style.

Rococo is not just a period of history and style. It's a whole era with unimaginable architecture of buildings and inner halls. Chic styles are very similar to popular in the modern world, reviving them in a new color.

Perfect Baroque repair ( video)

Time for small apartments is nearing completion. And this place is sought by large, spacious houses, which give full opportunity to the revival of the Baroque.

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