Modular paintings in the interior of the living room photo: for the hall modern, wall design

Beautiful modular paintings are beautiful decor elements that can stylishly decorate the interior of a room beautiful modular pattern - this beautiful decorative elements that are able to stylishly decorate premises When making the living room design, there are many methods and secrets to the miraculous birth of the interior. One of these solutions for improving the design is the installation of modular paintings. The kind of such paintings came to us from European countries, and if by the beginning of the fans of these images there were not so many, but now they are gaining immense popularity.

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Forms modular paintings and photos for a living

paintings, which are divided into modules, of course, attractedby view of themselves because of their originality and beauty. Such paintings do not clutter the walls like old canvases, but on the contrary, emphasize their peculiarity and visually expand the space. Also they look very laconic. For these reasons, and not only they deserve the love of designers around the world.

When decorating a living room with modular paintings, you need to know at least a minimum of information about what their types exist.

Choosing modular paintings for the guest room, it is necessary to take into account the design of the room Selecting modular pattern to the guest room, be sure to take into account the features of the design space

Thus, among the modular paintings are the following types:

  • Pictures of two elements;
  • Paintings consisting of three parts;
  • Pictures from five elements;
  • Paintings consisting of six or more parts.

It is important to remember that, regardless of how many parts the picture consists of, their themes should be one. Each of the parts should, as it were, complement the second, third and so on. Often, the modular paintings used in the interior of the living room, drawn on canvases. On this kind of canvas, you can depict anything from landscapes to family photos.

How to decorate a living room paintings

modular course modular paintings easier and easier to just buy, especially at the present time to do it is not difficult. However, the most valuable are the pictures made by hand. To make a modular picture with your own hands is not so difficult and there are several ways how to create such beauty. It is not necessary to explain that the purchased paintings are not sold in one copy, and not even in two.

The purchased picture a priori can not be called unique until the end, but your own imagination and the ability to work with your hands will create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

A creative accent in the interior of the living room can be a modular painting created with your own hands Creative accent in the interior of the living room can be a modular pattern, which is created with his own hands

So, should have already announced these ways:

  • picture on the foam;
  • Embroidered modular painting;
  • Painted modular painting.

The first of these methods is the simplest. It is necessary to choose a drawing of the picture and divide it into several parts of the A4 or A3 format, so that the picture is more cumbersome. Let's return to the process, after dividing the picture into parts, it is necessary to print it on canvas or on glossy paper and paste with usual PVA glue on the foam. After the glue dries, attach the hinges to each of the parts of the future picture. And now, the hand-crafted work itself is ready, it remains only to fix it on the wall.

The second way is perhaps the most difficult. It is necessary to find a favorite pattern for embroidery, preferably large enough so that the picture is not too small. The embroidery scheme should also be divided into two or three parts and embroidered separately. After completing the embroidery, you need to hang each of the parts in a pre-selected frame.

It is very important to take into account the thickness of the frame itself, it should be minimal, so that the overall view of the picture is not spoiled.

Finally, the third option: it is suitable only for those who can draw. The technology is the same as in the previous methods. You can place the parts of the painted picture both in a glazed frame and paste it on the foam.

Modular paintings in the hall: how to choose the right

There is one of the most important rules in the question of selecting a picture. The color palette of the painting should ideally resemble the interior of the entire room as a whole. Do not forget about the topic.

For example, in the interior zones are perfect clear and understandable images. In addition, such pictures do not need to be studied for a long time.

In the bedroom, the best option is to choose a canvas with calm images and flowers. In this room, landscapes, portraits, or flowers made in gentle and pastel shades will look great. Such a picture will help relax and calm the nerves after work.

Perfectly in the modern interior of the guest room will fit a modular picture with an unusual and beautiful pattern A modular picture with an unusual and beautiful pattern will fit into the modern interior of the guest room

The children's room is best equipped with simple pictures that will be understood by the child and will please him every day. An excellent option will be modular paintings with images of animals. Also for the child a wonderful option will be a picture of his photos, which will show how he grew from year to year.

As for the kitchen, then it is necessary to act in the best traditions of its design. In the kitchen area is perfect for modular paintings, which depict vases of fruit or vegetables. Also a great option will be modules from outline pictures. When decorating a living room, you can give vent to your imagination.

Here you can install pictures of any subject, namely:

  • Landscapes;
  • Animals;
  • Portraits;
  • Images of modern buildings;
  • Family photos.

The main thing to remember about the most important rule, the picture should be suitable for the general interior of the room, otherwise it will not only not decorate the overall appearance, but will also spoil it. Also it should be taken into account that the picture must be hung on a completely empty wall, on which there is no TV, clock, or any other piece of interior.

Modern modular paintings in the living room

Often, in the interior, both the living room and any other room lacks spectacular decorative elements, without which the room will seem incomplete and will be completely deprived of comfort. Indeed, the lonely furniture and pillows look quite boring and monotonous.

Beautiful paintings can well become the main and spectacular accent in the interior of the living room Beautiful paintings can easily become the main and spectacular accent in the interior of the living room

Small details such as window decoration, amusing floor lamps or sconces, as well as a variety of pictures, will help to give the interior a highlight and, if only about ten years agoThe picture was a single indivisible whole, now the modular paintings, that is, images divided into modules, have become fashionable. It is a kind of huge puzzle mounted on the wall.

At present, there are an infinite number of modular paintings that can decorate the hall of an apartment or a house. Modern designers offer a lot of variations of modular paintings that will not only decorate the wall, but also complement the design of the room. Along with the usual modular paintings, which are depicted on canvases, there are several more of them that surpass the original version of this design development.

For example:

  • Modular paintings on glass;
  • Modular paintings from foam plastic.

Pictures on the glass are distinguished by their durability and moisture resistance. Often, such paintings are made of durable glass, which gives them resistance to mechanical damage. Foam plastic pictures are especially popular in Europe, in Russia they have not taken root so much, and their use in decorating the living room design is minimal.

Selection rules: modular paintings in the interior of the living room( video)

Traditionally, this kind of pictures are usually hung on a loose wall above the sofa or sofa in the living room, as well as on an empty wall in the corridor, or on a free kitchen wall. Whatever it was, a modular picture will decorate any room and interior, and give it a special charm and sophistication.

living design with modular paintings( Interior photos)