Can I hang wallpaper in the paint: oil, acrylic, on concrete

Can I hang wallpaper in the paint (45 photos). Determining the type of paint. Features sticking to oil, acrylic coating. Pasting concrete walls


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The owners of the old Soviet apartments in the repair process certainly raised the question whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the paint.

It is this finishing material is often covered walls in the Khrushchev, but to prepare the painted surface - is quite a difficult task, which will have to spend a lot of effort and energy. Let us see whether it is possible to glue the fabric, not scraping the walls of the old oil or with water-based coatings.


Consider whether you are willing to risk the quality of its repairs and pokleit new coating directly to a painted wall? Subsequently, there may be problems associated with the partial delay leaf from the base, the appearance of bubbles and irregularities on the canvases or full sheets falling away from the wall, which would entail the need to re-repair and other investments funds.

Naturally, the complete cleaning of the walls of the finishing materials - this is a problematic exercise, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. Indeed, not easier to glue wallpaper to paint?

Determine the type of

The color scheme of decorative materials

The color scheme of decorative materials

To perform the pasting quality, first and foremost, you need to determine the type of coating used on your walls.


  • Oil. It has a smell repels moisture after drying forms a "protective layer" on the wall.
    Removed layers.
  • Acrylic (latex). This finishing material has no odor, fits well to the wall and is absorbed into it, is firmly fixed in the structure.
    Also it possesses water-repellent properties.

To understand whether we can apply wallpaper to paint and how to do it, try to remove part of the coating with the spatula. The oil will fall off pieces of acrylic same - hold tight and removed only a small portion.



When difficulties arise with the definition, you can use a proven way for any universal coverage.

If you do not know how to paint wallpaper glue, and do not want to putty and primed the wall, use the simplest method.

Take high-quality glue, as well as any wallpaper, except vinyl. Pasted over the plane just to be clean. Naturally, the quality of work is not guaranteed.

The use of high-quality soil will help to solve the question of how to hang wallpaper in the paint. Apply the first coat thoroughly prime the entire wall, in the case of the good stuff, you can even stack a tile on the tile, not to mention the gluing fabrics on a layer of the old finish. After priming desirable putty irregularities.

Paint Type: Learning to work properly


acrylic coating

acrylic coating

So, is it possible to hang wallpaper on acrylic paint? To do this, we have to prepare the surface by treating it with a mixture of the solvent and primer. Such a composition is absorbed into the walls, creating an artificial hollow in which the adhesive will be able to gain a foothold.

After drying, re-treat the wall with soil. Additionally apply a layer of highly diluted adhesive. When you are finished with these layers and can begin adhesive wallpaper.


Possible oily texture coating

Possible oily texture coating

Is it possible to glue wallpaper to the oil-based paint? Here we have a whole two ways to prepare the wall. The first - more simple, but also less reliable.

  • Use a spatula to remove the wall finishing strip of small width. Then gruntuem, this treatment will allow more or less securely on the wall paintings.
  • Another way - large processing wall with sandpaper, which will create an uneven, and further priming. The use of high-quality soil allows the paste over the wall, preserving the quality of work for a long time.

Pasting concrete walls

The concrete surface

Concrete surface with irregularities

Since we are talking about the basics of non-standard, it is worth mentioning the usual concrete wall as a base. Can I hang wallpaper on the concrete? Of course, the preparatory activities seems like overkill, but what if the cloth and so will stay.

Alignment of the concrete wall

Alignment of the concrete wall

It is worth noting that wholemeal fabric, especially expensive fabric and natural specimens, is very demanding to the evenness of the walls, and the concrete base is a plane, completely covered rytvinkami and tubercles - what kind of a job can be a it?

To prepare a concrete wall for pasting, it is aligned with brick, it helps to balance the basic irregularities. Then comes the stage stripping bases sandpaper and remove dust and dirt.

After drying, the wall must be plastered and make quality primer composition meets the necessary specifications. The selected primer mass must have a high degree of water resistance, providing protection against mold and mildew, and, of course, the fabric is securely fasten with the plane.

Note! Wallpapering on the concrete wall can be performed only in rooms with low humidity and a complete lack of drafts.

Now you know how to apply wallpaper on the paint, and are ready to apply their knowledge in practice. Good luck in repair!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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