Wallpapering: video, gluing in the corners, walls pasting

Wallpapering: video instruction (60 photos) sticking in the corners and the combination of coatings


Table of contents

  • 1 Glue in the corners
  • 2 combine wallpaper
  • 3 Pasting of walls
    • 3.1 Sequence
    • 3.2 execution of works
  • 4 Summing up
  • 5 Photo Gallery

If you have decided on their own to carry out repairs in the apartment or house, sooner or later face the need to finish the walls. What to choose? Wallpaper has been and remains the most common and versatile finishing material. Wallpapering: videos, photos and expert advice, this is all in our article.

In addition to use as interior decoration, some types of wallpaper can absorb the sound and diffuse daylight and artificial light.

sticky video wallpaper

In most cases, only the walls are pasted over the room, at least - the ceiling. Consider the sequence of works in "inconvenient" locations.

Glue in the corners

Proper sticky web in the corner

Proper sticky strips in the corner

  • Even if the projection seems perfectly flat, it is not necessary to start wallpapering their own hands with him, adhering to the edge of the edge of the sheet. Typically, the strip is superimposed on the internal projection so that the sheet wrapped on 2-3 cm.

Canvas glued lap, it allows, after the glue has dried to obtain a flat surface. Be sure to overlap walked away from the window, then it will not be visible in the sun.

  • To finish the outer tang also allowed to overlap a few centimeters. After sticking do not press the sheet bend, wait for bonding the second sheet.
  • The strip on the other side is stuck on top corner, and stretched and smoothed around the projection after drying the web.
  • Unnecessary centimeters can be cut with a spatula on the projection line.

That's how simple and uncomplicated Wallpapering in the corners - video, prepared by our specialists, clearly show the process of the subtleties.

combine wallpaper

Sticker butt on an external corner

Sticker butt on an external corner

To combine several sheets of patterned, pre-mark wall and estimate the approximate location of each band. Depending on the size of the pattern is left up to 30-50 cm allowance image snapping.

A sheet impregnated with an adhesive, sufficiently flexible, so it can be moved along the wall of about 5 minutes to align the drawing.

Pasting of walls with wallpaper is usually carried out butt. If the gluing process on the coating occur creases or air bubbles, flatten sheet or sponge roller.

Pasting of walls

smoothing blade

smoothing blade


Gluing process itself is divided into several stages:

  • training materials;
  • drawing vertical lines - a guide for the first sheet;
  • gluing;
  • gluing strips;
  • combining and smoothing the coating.

Note! More convenient to pasting the walls together when one sticks the strip, while the other holds her bottom and following the vertical. This significantly reduces the time performance and improves its quality.

Not least as pasting belongs adhesive mixture which is selected depending on the type of coating and the substrate.

execution of works

For light fabrics using wallpaper paste based on methylcellulose, heavy same variety - fabric, vinyl and fiberglass glued using a composition based on PVA

Prepared rolls cut into strips and coat with adhesive. To this sheet is placed on the floor face down with a roller glue is applied uniformly distributing its longitudinal and transverse movement over the surface. After swelling sheets can proceed to the main process.

Getting glue from a vertical line drawn at 15 cm from the corner. After pasting the entire room to check the quality and get rid of small defects. Watch the video - Wallpaper and do it right!

Now you know how to carry out the walls of wallpaper pasting.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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