What wallpaper to choose for a living and how: what color is suitable for the hall?

What wallpaper to choose for the living room (42 photos). Original materials. Traditional wallpaper. Combining. Matching styles and materials


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  • 1 The interior of the small living room
  • 2 Original materials or traditional wallpaper
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Living room - one of the most important rooms in the house, because this is where we take guests, arrange a feast, and spend quite a lot of time with his family.

Thus, the design begins with the answer to the question of what to choose wallpaper for the living room?

What wallpaper to choose for the living roomAfter all, they help to make the room attractive and festive, will hide the irregularities of the walls and change the visual perception of space. So, we proceed to the selection.

Just think about it before you buy, what color to choose wallpaper for the living room. First of all, examine the parameters such as room lighting, its advantages and disadvantages, think about the impact of a particular color on the psyche.

Thus, for large and well-clarified rooms fit pretty bright colors that fill the room with energy and stimulate to action, set to a positive. These shades are orange, purple and green.

If you prefer a more soothing colors, for the use of accentuation pattern in bright colors.

But many of us do not have a large seating area, and have in their small apartments or very small rooms. In this regard, the issue of a small area is very important.

The interior of the small living room

Perfectly suited bright wallpaper pastel and warm colors in the interior of the living room, they visually increase the room. Beige, sand, grayish coating will help you make the room bright and airy.

Living room interior in dark colors

living room interior in dark tones, balanced light

Thinking what to choose wallpaper for the hall this size, forget about major patterns or small ornaments. The first will focus on the modest size of the room, while the latter also will reduce its.

But if you really want to design your room variegated hues, trim them, pick up other items for more than quiet tones.

Of course, I want to make sure that the hall was solemn and festive location, but how to choose a wallpaper, so as not to overdo it in this zeal.

Use a cover made of natural fabrics. So, gold thread woven into the structure, give elegance and charm to your interior.

Original materials or traditional wallpaper

A bit of originality

If you are tired of primitive and you think, how to choose the original wallpaper, stop on the canvases of different types of plant fibers (cane, bamboo). Their main advantage is the environmental friendliness.

bamboo finish

bamboo finish

While unusual for us to remain a foil wallpaper. They are suitable for interior room, which is designed in the classical and contemporary styles.

Finish foil will not only look beautiful, but also improve the sound insulation of the room.

Also thanks to them in the room to be quite warm in the winter and very hot in summer.

traditional solutions

If you do not know how to choose the wallpaper for the room, pay attention to the traditional materials, such as vinyl, paper or interlining.

Fabric wall decoration

Fabric wall decoration

Equally popular and fabric wallpaper (silk, linen or velvet). This clearance will make the living room a cozy and elegant.

With a wide range of colors, textures and patterns, such finish will satisfy even the most demanding owner.

The big advantage is the presence of a Teflon coating that is designed to protect the fabric base from the sun, dirt, odors.

In addition, they do not require special care, because the treated anti-dust composition.


If you just can not clearly define the problem of how to choose wallpaper for the living room, you can use several types simultaneously.

Combining them correctly, you can achieve excellent results. Combining classic method - pasting wallpaper one wall with a print, the others - self-colored coating.

If you decide to use this option, keep in mind that the color of fabrics with a pattern should be in harmony with the tone of the other coatings.

Matching styles and materials

  • Room in classical style has its own characteristics in the design. For such a space should be selected finishing warm pastel tones with embossed monogram or antique.
  • For the avant-garde style is better to choose a bright coating or options with randomly placed colored spots of various shapes and colors.
  • Living room in a modern style, you can pick up both bright and pastel colors, guided by personal taste and the overall picture of the interior.
    Art Nouveau Hall

    Art Nouveau Hall

  • For the hall in the style of minimalism note the monochrome color scheme. The main colors in this style are considered beige, white, black, gray. Most often chosen for decoration are two basic colors and one for accentuation.
  • The color palette of Provence style is marked off-white, beige, terracotta, navy color.
  • For room country style will be characterized by both pastel and vibrant colors.
  • If you decide to arrange a room in a high-tech style, the answer to the question, what color to choose wallpaper for the room will be the materials of bright colors, because they harmonize well with steel and metal.
  • To place in the Gothic style is characterized by red, yellow, blue, brown. Very popular different shades of gold, silver, green and ruby.
  • If you want to decorate the hall in the Japanese style, choose a coverage range of light (beige, cream and white).
  • If you're a fan of Scandinavian style, you probably know that the walls should be made out in natural light colors, for example, milk, green, gray.
  • And if you are in spirit oriental style in the interior, stop for a rich and variegated colors, which can be mitigated by soft brown.

To date, there is a huge selection of styles, colors, patterns and textures - all so that you embody all the most interesting design fantasies and plans.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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