Design bedroom 15 square meters with balcony: the interior of a small nursery with a crib wenge

Design a bedroom 15 sq m (36 images): Select the room decoration, textiles and furniture


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  • 2 Decorating bedrooms
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Getting to work on large spaces of your apartment, it is important to remember that a large area means the specific design techniques.

For example, planning to design bedroom 15 square meters (and for most of the bedrooms in our apartments is quite substantial area) we will try to make the room comfortable as possible, and for this it needs to be visually more reduce. But - all in good time!

Design a bedroom 15 sq m

Selection of premises

What you need to consider when planning a bedroom design?

The first is the location of the premises. Ideally, if the bedroom will be located at a maximum distance from the front door - so your sleep and dream of your loved ones will be as calm.

The next key point in planning design bedroom - is the presence and location of the windows. For "The Lark" who prefer the most up early, preferably a bedroom with windows on the east: and you'll fall asleep easily and wake up with the first rays of the sun.

But the Owls, who are able to stay awake nearly all night, better to choose a bedroom with windows on the west, to quietly sleep in the morning.

In the same way, planning to design a small bedroom with a balcony, it is necessary to consider the size and location of the balcony, as well as - if it is glazed.

Design a bedroom with cot

bright bedroom

Decorating bedrooms

Needless to say that finishing the bedroom is very important. From what materials will be used in the finishing ultimately it depends on your comfort - which means that their choice should be approached responsibly.

And take into account the need not only decorative, but also purely utilitarian properties of finish. Traditionally in the bedroom using materials with high thermal and sound insulating properties.

Repair the walls with his own hands this room is better to hold the wallpaper with a pronounced texture. As for the choice of colors, it is best to stick to a calm palette. Bedroom suited green, purple, beige, unobtrusive gray color.

Promote vitality waking and good recovery of the labor forces of the day Mosley will have several red accents in the colors of the bedrooms. But do completely red bedroom is not: The design of the walls deep red wallpaper will put pressure on the psyche.

Plain walls are good if the bedroom will be hanging curtains with a big, bright pattern, or laid a carpet. But if the pattern on the wallpaper visible enough - it is better to use in the interior plain fabric.

The floors in the bedroom is also better to make the most of "warm" and soft. As a floor covering suited to the thick tube or napless carpet substrate which coloring will blend in its finished walls.

Design a bedroom with balcony

Carpeting in the bedroom

Well, if you are planning to design a bedroom with a crib (combining the bedroom and children's), then carpet, and the walls can be made brighter, because your child will spend in this room pretty a lot of time.

Textiles in the bedroom

One of the key roles in the design of your bedroom plays textiles. Home textile theme bedrooms are inextricably linked to the design of windows (curtains) and beds (blanket or padding of soft parts). The walls and floor in this case, play the role of the background - and this is another reason to make them unobtrusive.

Choosing or creating your own design curtains for the bedroom, it is best to stay on the curtains medium density. Such curtains on the one hand reflect a bright sunlight and soften the contrast of light and shadow, and on the other hand - still provide sufficient light bedrooms in the daytime.

If your bedroom windows face south, or you decide to plan the design of a bedroom with a balcony, includes a large "blind" window, the curtains better complement the thick curtains, or blinds shutters.

Design a small bedroom with balcony

The curtains in the bedroom

Note! By selecting textiles in the bedroom is best to choose a bed cover from the same fabric as the curtains. And if you also pick up bed linen with matching design and shade at one to two shades lighter - the effect will be simply stunning.

The furniture in the bedroom

Well, of course, we can not ignore its attention this design element bedrooms as furniture.

After repairs in the bedroom having a large size is better to install furniture large size, because a bedroom - a room that does not like the excess of open space. Therefore it is better to fill it with a large bed and a solid wardrobe than several smaller pieces of furniture - they will lose a large area.

But in a small bedroom closet squeeze is unlikely to succeed. Bed, bedside tables, dressing table - here, perhaps, and all.

As for the material for the furniture, the best would be either natural wood furniture, either - furniture with fabric upholstery.

Furniture made of wood (or imitation) is able to fit in almost any bedroom design: wenge, mahogany, oak and other colors and textures appropriate in this room as nowhere else.

Bedroom design wenge

Bedroom decorated with wenge wood

Choice of the furniture - is a matter of personal preference only, but it is worth remembering that "the main protagonist" in the bedroom is the bed. And that bed will "set the tone" around the headset.

By and large, it is the right choice of finishes, curtains and furniture (especially - beds) and determine how comfortable will our design bedroom 15 square meters.

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