Bedroom in the style of the shebbie-chic: interior and photo, design by yourself, for the girl in the attic

The style of the shebbi-chic is a fusion of such style trends as country and baroque The style of shebbi-chic is a fusion of such styles as country and baroque. . To some people, the style of "shebbie-chic" seems unfamiliar. Its characteristic features in the interior are always recognizable. The bedroom in the style of the shebbi-chic in a city apartment is a real immersion in rural life with all the resulting color. If simple and faceless styles based on minimalism do not have anything remarkable and are based on strict use of a certain color range and furniture, then this design direction has something to boast about.

        • Bedroom in the style of the shepherd-chic: opting for romance
        • Designing the bedroom using the style of the shebbie-chic: the basics of
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A bedroom in the style of a shebbie-chic: opt for romance

Direction takesTheir roots in England. It was there that it appeared in the 80's and to this day enjoys great popularity. The name speaks for itself: in translation from English "shebbie" - this is shabby, and "chic" - it's shine. It would seem that there are two absolutely opposite concepts, but how perfectly they resonate in the interior, complementing each other and creating unthinkable contrasts.

Many do not share the love of "shabby luxury."Shabby and slightly unfashionable furniture, old photographs, a lot of accessories( blankets, pillows, carpets, paintings, pendants) - how it's all romantic and reminiscent of a cozy grandmother's house in the countryside!Light negligence and seeming mess in the bedroom are a she-beek-chic style!

In the bedroom, made in the style of the shebbi-chic, white and pink often predominate In the bedroom made in the style of the shebbie-chic, white and pink color often prevails.

Buy vintage items on flea markets. With the help of small transformations themselves, they will play with new colors and perfectly complement the appearance of the room!

Recently, this style has been used to transform the attic. It is there, under the roof, where a lot of windows and everything is flooded with bright sunlight, the project looks especially colorful. When designing a sleeping place in the attic, make sure that the room is warm. Despite the abundance of pillows, blankets and carpets, nevertheless properly thought-out heating plays a key role.

Designing a bedroom using the style of the shine-chic: the basics of

As you know, each direction has its own distinctive differences even in terms of color and texture. Fortunately, there are no bans in the lobby as such and you can equip the premises at will. It is necessary to stick to one rule: all subjects must carry in themselves some kind of romance.

Highlights for the embodiment of a bedroom in the style of a shine-chic:

  1. Only light colors. Floor, walls, ceiling, curtains, furniture, accessories: everything in the room must be soft pastel colors. As predominant shades: beige, mint, blue, pink, purple, peach.
  2. The ceiling must be white.
  3. No aggression in the lines. Only smooth and curved shapes.
  4. Walls can be either monophonic painted, or with wallpaper for floral motifs or multi-colored vertical lines.
  5. The floor must be wooden.

In the bedroom in the style of the shebbie-chic, a tall wooden bed painted in white A high wooden bed, painted in white, will fit into the bedroom in the style of a shebbi-chic

In a room decorated in the style of a shebbie-chic, it's nice to be. The abundance of objects makes you look at the room and pay attention to all the details. Wherever you look, but everywhere there is, what to see!Often, many refuse this style due to the use of a huge number of items, calling them "dust collectors".That is, that is: in the room, made for the sake of the shebbi, you need to spend more time cleaning.

If you are more inclined to cold minimalism, then the bedroom in the style of the shebbie-chic is not your option. The abundance of flowers, delicate shades and many details of the interior "load" the room, but they do it so skillfully that it turns out a kind of rural romance.

Reflection of the shebbi-chic in the interior of the bedroom

Despite the fact that the style echoes with the last century, yet the designers well tried. Negligent antiquity is now in fashion, so it is not necessary to walk around the old flea markets in the hope of finding a suitable bed for an interior. There are many modern furniture items in stores, but with an echo of the 80s.

The bedroom interior becomes truly romantic and gentle thanks to the use of the parts:

  1. More vintage items!Pictures and figurines from the 80's and 90's will be an excellent decoration of the interior and will introduce a certain antique color.
  2. Textiles are everywhere. Carpets, carpets, blankets of several kinds, uncountable number of pillows, knitted or sewn toys, cloaks on furniture. The bigger, the better.
  3. Flower motifs. They should be reflected in wallpaper, bed linen, paintings and much more. As an option - you can independently decorate the table or chair with flower ornaments in the "decoupage" technique.
  4. Large chests as chest?Of course!

As a floor covering for a bedroom in the style of a shebbie-chic, a wooden floor of a brown shade As a floor covering for the bedroom in the style of the shebbi-chic, the wooden floor of the brown shade

is good. By the way, as regards the bed, it must meet certain requirements. Since the style of the chebby differs from using only natural materials, the sleeping place is allowed to be made of metal. Ornate designs with a large headboard only emphasize the vernal appearance of the room.

Bedding is better to choose two options: either pure white, or with floral designs.

Details deserve special attention. Blankets and pillows are presented in uncountable quantity, therefore the owner of such bedroom will feel "the princess on a pea".

Add a romantic interior room details made by yourself. Mirror can be exposed in a wooden frame, painted with paint and apply a special composition, through which "instant aging" occurs. The coating on the eyes begins to crack and form visible cracks.

Do not be afraid to create. With your hands create accessories for the room is very simple. Sew a pair of pillows or toys for the bed, zadekorite regular and unremarkable flower vase in your favorite shades. Design does not limit your imagination.

Chebbi-chic in the bedroom: who is fit for this design

Men feel a bit uncomfortable in the room, made in floral motifs. Despite the fact that it looks like a grandmother's house in the village, it does not make it any easier for them. Everywhere flowers and ruches, so beloved by girls. A unequivocal verdict - for a couple such design can be used only in case of mutual consent and visual representation of photo interiors to a man.

The bedroom, made in the style of shebbie-chic, is very popular with teenage girls The bedroom made in the style of the shebbi-chic is very popular with teenage girls

The bedroom in the style of the shebbi-chic is ideal for a girl or a girl. Little lovers of romance and tenderness will appreciate this design. The combination of cute items with a large number of textiles is charged with positive energy for the whole day. To wake up in such a room is a pleasure, which will not be when the room is decorated with gloomy and sullen designs in minimalism.

Stylish bedroom in the style of the shebbie-chic( video)

The shebbi-chic is an old modernity. The emphasis is on worn-out items and plain-looking items, which, it would seem, have long ago been thrown away. Fortunately, they can be used as accessories in the style of a cheby, in which any old thing will play with new colors and decorate the room.

Bedroom interior in the style Chebbi-chic( photo examples)