Italian bedroom: a classic furniture set, a Russian manufacturer, a photo of a modern white wardrobe

The Italian bedroom is very luxurious and expensive The Italian bedroom is particularly luxurious and expensive The bedroom, made in Italian style with furniture of the appropriate production, allows you to plunge into the royal atmosphere, or rather - in times of rulers. Aristocratic and laconic, which has a bedroom set, will rivet glances and delight its owners. In combination with the excellent quality of furniture and first-class materials, unreal compositions for the interior are obtained.

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Bedrooms of Italy: design features

In any nationality, the room in which a person relaxes, sleeps and makes love, pays much attention. Furniture for such premises should be the most convenient and functional, and the interior details - having a comfortable atmosphere.

For an Italian bedroom it is recommended to select furniture from natural wood with soft upholstery For an Italian bedroom it is recommended to choose furniture from natural wood with soft upholstery

In order to create a real Italian bedroom, you need to adhere to certain points in terms of decoration:

  1. Walls, most often, monophonic. Coloring, monophonic wallpaper or decorative plaster - perfectly suited. Used colors: terracotta, yellow, beige, brown, peach, white.
  2. The floor can be realized in two versions: stone or wooden.
  3. The ceiling is white. This is an unconditional rule. Decoration can serve as stucco molding, but in a small amount and at the edges of the ceiling.

The modern Italian bedroom is the embodiment of the luxury of those years in the present project, a kind of nostalgia. A harmonious combination of nobility and aristocracy, before which no one can stand. Fortunately, for the creation of a characteristic color, the corresponding furniture is sold in most shops from the Italian and Russian manufacturers.

Italian furniture for bedrooms

The atmosphere in the most intimate room should combine convenience and functionality. About a beautiful appearance and speech can not be, because this condition is fundamental. When choosing furniture in the first place, the view falls on the image, and only then on the functional component. All Italian headsets are made of solid wood. Therefore, the price has always been and will remain at a fairly high level.

Classic wood shades used for bedroom sets:

  1. Wenge;
  2. Amber;
  3. Nut;
  4. Ivory;
  5. Oak( enameled).

You should choose such furniture for the Italian bedroom, which will not merge with the floor You should choose such furniture for an Italian bedroom that will not merge with the floor.

Due to the fact that Italian furniture is the most popular in the world, there are a lot of fakes. In order not to "buy a pig in a poke" and not be disappointed afterwards, ask the seller-consultants in the store to have the relevant documentation confirming the quality. Forgery of goods and brands in any sphere will always be irreversible and, at times, an uncontrolled process, but when buying furniture from Italy, be sure that you become the owner of the original.

The inflated price for Italian furniture is fully justified. Touching the wooden elements, you will feel the real smell of the forest and feel the natural beauty of the massif. Believe me, the invested funds will be fully justified by the unique design and unique appearance.

It is necessary to choose Italian style and similar furniture as bedroom design only in large-sized rooms. This is due to the fact that the interior details are quite massive.

Bedroom set in the Italian style

Luxury becomes available and buy elite bedroom sets, made with a display of the style of Italy, now can afford not only kings. In the complete set can be as a few items( bed, wardrobe and several pedestals), and a lot of accessories( padded stools, couches, sofas).Everything depends on the financial possibilities and dimensions of the room.

Italians love closets. They are functional and practical, do not take up much space and there are a variety of variations.

Among the main attributes of the Italian bedroom is a cupboard with a large mirror Among the main attributes of the Italian bedroom should be noted cabinet with a large mirror

Sleeping ensembles are presented in a great variety of options:

  1. Modern notes of Italian style. A combination of wooden texture with the design of the 21st century.
  2. Airy lightness. Baldachin above the bed, gentle shades of wood and a refined style of bed. In thought immediately appears the sleeping place of the princess.
  3. Aristocratic restraint. Minimum of patterns, maximum practicality and functionality.

These are only three options, called "popular".Italian style - this is a real classic. Strict with a pronounced beauty, aristocratic and unique appearance. The Italian furnishings set the style of the room and make it unique. Russia is the largest supplier of furniture, in connection with which the excitement and demand for this design is growing every year.

Beds designed in Italian style are equipped with a drawer additional drawer. They are designed to store clothes or necessary trifles, so as not to clutter the cupboard or bedside tables.

The assortment of shops is rich and for children's beds in the Italian style. Sleeping places made of wood, equipped with a powerful headboard, look very original. A distinctive feature is the high construction of the bed, so that any child will feel as if on a royal bed.

Bedrooms in the Italian style: an undeniable classic

The style that came to us from the country of the heady sun and flowering vineyards sets the tone for the room. In combination with wooden sets and decoration elements, you get a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. What else does a person need for happiness?Come after a hard day and plunge into the atmosphere of calmness - that's fun.

As decorative elements for the Italian bedroom, pictures with a three-dimensional frame As decorative elements for the Italian bedroom, pictures with a solid frame

are ideal. Additional comfort for the room will be provided by desk lamps. The refined forms of the lamps emphasize the beauty of the bedroom and bring a touch of relaxing pacification.

In the furniture of the bedrooms in the classic Italian style, there is no room for superfluous details, therefore all the items in the room are strictly ordered:

  1. The bed is located deep into the room, closer to the window.
  2. Cabinets and dressing tables are located at the entrance.
  3. The couches and couches should be by the bed.

This organization of space allows you to not clutter the room and use the room competently. Using in the interior of a minimum of paintings, figurines and other small things allows you to concentrate on the main thing - beautiful furniture.

Classic white bedspreads used for bedroom sets emphasize the elegance of the interior. Neutral shades used in the decoration of the room are diluted with bright and catchy wooden textures. Continuous contrasts in the Italian style of the bedroom are seen in the photo of the finished projects.

Interior of the Italian bedroom( video)

The only full-fledged place of privacy in the house is the bedroom. There is harmony with oneself. Italian bedrooms - this is the embodiment of luxury and unchallenged, attracting and enchanting. Still think in what style to make your recreation area?If the dimensions of the room allow, and you are ready to spend a lot of money( justified later) on real furniture from Italy, then forward to the implementation of the set goals!

Design of the Italian bedroom( interior photo)