Design a long narrow bedroom: ideas for decoration

The design of a narrow bedroom (30 photos) features renovation and selection of furniture


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Bedroom - a very important room in the apartment. After a busy day it is the atmosphere of calm and comfort, reigning in it, allows a person to relax and gain strength. But how do you arrange the room uncomfortable areas, for example, narrow design make the bedroom? Consider the options in this article.

First of all, think about how to visually enlarge the space in the room, it is necessary before the repair of the bedroom. Some tweaks will make the room bright and wide, besides making it more square.

narrow bedroom design

Repair wisely

improper placement of the mirror and bed

Improper placement of the mirror and bed

Several techniques for coping with the problems of the narrow interior of rooms:

  • Parquet or laminate floor can be laid on the diagonal. This will allow visually increase the size and design to make long, narrow bedroom more harmonious.
  • Walls and ceilings should be painted in bright colors
    But if you select one of the longitudinal walls a darker shade and place it on the mirror, it will expand the room.
  • Zoning room can be performed through the use of textured paint or wallpaper. Separation bedroom into a recreation area and a dressing will design more comfortable and more beautiful.
  • A mirror placed across from a window, a great element for increasing the space. A reflection of natural light make the room bright and cozy.
  • Artificial lighting should not be too bright and concentrated in one place. To design a small bedroom is better to use small spotlights, scattered all over the ceiling and allocate the necessary area. Angles are better smooth dim ambient light.

Choosing furniture

bed with a niche for linen

Bed with a niche for linen

Bed. The main part of the rest of the room. Keep in mind that no matter what form any room, it is desirable to still use a wide double bed, rather than folding sofas and other substitutes. It was she who creates the necessary comfort for rest and relaxation.

Note! A sofa-transformer - it is a living attribute, but not the bedroom. Do not try to save space by replacing the double bed on anything else.

It should adhere to certain rules when selecting and installing the furniture in the bedroom:

  • Bed made of natural materials, such as solid birch, will look more appropriate than metal. It fits harmoniously into the overall design and decorate the room.
  • Choose lightweight construction at low or no legs them. With a massive bed headboard will look ponderous and load space.
  • Includes a bed in the room is usually removed from the door. It is advisable to put it to the end wall - so it will not obstruct the passage, however, if the room is wide enough, you can put it across the room, which will allow for better zoning space.
  • Make sure that the bed is not reflected in the mirror - it can have a negative impact on comfort during sleep and well-being of residents.
  • Bedside tables - a tribute to vintage interior better not to use, creating long design bedrooms. Replacing tables on high chests, we save space and make the interior more modern.

Cabinets - it is a separate part of the interior is quite important for the bedroom. Large and deep cabinets are not suitable, because clutter the space. Furniture design bedrooms with their hands should be shallow, moreover, if it will be mirrored doors - this will help expand the space.

Several techniques that improve the design of the narrow Bedrooms:

  • The bed itself may serve as a wardrobe, because linen drawers can be placed directly underneath. Usually a place under the bed is not used, and if the feet are high enough, there it is possible to hide from unwanted clothes chest.
  • Corner shelves or drawers - great furniture for a small space. They soften the interior, smoothing corners and, in addition, can accommodate a lot of things.
  • Guided by the principles of minimalism, making out a narrow design of the bedroom - extra furniture will clutter the space, so the bed and a wardrobe is enough.

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