Bedroom design with rectangular blue wall in the apartment in classic style

Bedroom design (photo 36): the project, the choice of color scheme and style of the interior features


Table of contents

  • 1 bedroom project
  • 2 The choice of color solutions
  • 3 Bedroom in blue tones
  • 4 Identifying with style
  • 5 Modern bedroom interior
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In this article, our renovated school will talk about how to create a bedroom design of your dreams, as well as present the most interesting versions.

During repairs, the owner of any bedroom is transformed into a designer. He carefully thinks through every detail of the new interior to enjoy later in the achieved results for many years.

Bedroom design

At the same importance is given to the appearance of a bedroom. Of course, it should be in harmony with the overall style apartment, but has inherent features only to him.

bedroom project

Create a bedroom interior design begins with his sketch in a pattern on paper or digital image. If the furniture is purchased, or if you want to leave the old, the alignment of planning, in terms of its size.

Those planning to purchase or order the production of furniture, it is better to do it after making a sketch, as the latter can make their own adjustments.

The center of the bedroom is the bed, and therefore the arrangement of furniture in the room begin to think it is with her. It is often placed in the middle of the room, perpendicular, at least in parallel to the light source.

After placing the bed, placed around her other pieces of furniture, and think through the finish.

When choosing a plan, consider the following:

  1. any bed will be placed:
  • Single (single or multiple);
  • double.
  1. if there is a message bedrooms with bathroom - whether passage is convenient;
  2. whether residents watching TV while in bed;
  3. in addition to sleep, for what other purposes will be used by room:
  • as the study;
  • as a place of a day of rest;
  • to accommodate a sports simulator, etc.
  1. where it will be stored clothes / underwear.

Tip! If the full width of 1.6-1.8 double bed is not placed, it is possible to acquire a double or a so-called "French" bed, its width is about 1.4-1.5 m. However, this is less convenient.

Finding the answers to the described issues, you can begin to create a bedroom design.

The choice of color solutions

Bedroom design in classic style

Beige in the interior of a bedroom

Color solution - one of the main aspects of the bedroom wall design.

the most popular are:

  • Pastel colors. Delicate peach, pale pink or beige create the room a feeling of lightness and space. They are suitable for the bedroom, which is used during the day to relax. Here you can watch a movie or read a book without falling asleep while
  • glamor. Saturated pink and lilac shades similar to them are generally considered "feminine" colors, so suitable for the bedroom of a young girl. They also fit perfectly into the design of the bedroom with the partition that separates the dressing room. If you are not willing too extreme an option, you can choose a lighter shade of purple
  • Browns. It looks elegant bedroom "chocolate" color, but it is better to dilute the light (white or beige) elements, so that it did not seem grim.
  • White, light gray. Oddly enough, the colors chosen in the decoration of the bedroom-office. They give the room a very clean look and help you tune in to the job.

Bedroom in blue tones

Bedroom design in the apartment

The combination of dark blue with white in the bedroom

Design blue bedroom deserves a closer look, because it is the most successful color option.

Shades of blue and blue calming effect on a person and its relaxing tuning body on sleep.

To use color wisely, you need to know the features of its application:

  • Navy blue. This solution is suitable for large rooms with high ceilings as visually diminish it. In low light dark blue looks like a black, so this should be the bedroom and plenty of natural light, artificial light and thoughtful. Effectively it will look like a small dilution with white.
  • Dark blue and white stripes. The combination of white can be taken as a basis for design. Strips should be of equal. You can add a plain color patches, for example, place a white chair by the window and the curtains in the bedroom design to perform in very dark colors.
  • Bright blue. It is used in the bedrooms, windows that rarely get much sunlight. Warm rich shade of "warm" room. It can be even more "warm" celadon.
  • Turquoise. This color repair bedrooms in a small apartment and shades such as pale blue and mint, visually "cool" room, so perfect for the bedroom, where the windows open to the sun side.

Identifying with style

bedroom design with a partition

Bedroom in the Gothic style

As we have said, the design of the bedroom in the apartment has to be combined with other rooms, and at the same time have their own style. Here, even the most daring solutions can be applied.

Most often, the owners stop at classic or appeal to the branches of architectural art with distinctive features.

The above-colored solutions are designed for bedroom design in a classic style, which involves the smooth and correct line of furniture.

Fans of a more original interior, you should pay attention to the different historical styles, such as:

  • Gothic. black interior elements should be present. Saturation dark depends on the wishes of the owners. It is enough to be black bed and the window frame or black curtains and a pair of dark pillows. Bed and chair legs should be forged.
  • modern. Forms of furniture simple and harmonious, the whole layout is characterized by high functionality. This bedroom design involves flowing lines and floral motifs in the decoration. You can choose furniture wood colors or experiment with contrasting combinations, such as a combination of dark blue and pink, red or orange.
  • Renaissance. Optimal design of rectangular bedroom. On the far wall is placed a bed and along the perpendicular to it - a wardrobe, desk, etc. Dominated by ornate ornate elements is mandatory luxurious chandelier. Furniture can be artificially aged.
  • bedroom interior design

    The bedroom in the style of the Empire

    Empire. In this style are the best design and has designed exclusively for sleeping. Such premises a little "ponderous", but incredibly cozy. There should be heavy drapes, metal decoration, probably ancient (or aged) picture. Furniture pick of dark colors such as chestnut color. Prevailing colors - red, cherry, rarely purple, gold pertinent elements (pattern, fringe).

  • avant-garde. A suitable design of a small bedroom. Complete rejection of the classical forms. The interior must be present something unusual, such as a podium for a bed or the original ceiling. The bed itself is performed in simple lines, often it looks rather minimalistic.
  • Ekletika. Quite an original style, characterized by a combination of furniture in two or even three different styles, combined with each other, as well as trim, with a single color scheme. It is assumed, and the pursuit of a similar texture. Especially suitable in the event that if you stayed any old piece of furniture that you do not want to change, but prefer a more modern decor.

Tip! If you want to give your bedroom in the Empire style more modern look, you should use leather furniture.

Modern bedroom interior

bedrooms design

The bedroom in the style of avant-garde

No matter what style you do not stop, bedroom design, in any case, must be up to date, so it can blend in with the rest of the apartment, as well as household appliances.

Elements that add modern design can be:

  • multi-level ceiling with extraordinary curved tench;
  • illuminated niche television framing zone;
  • built-in ceiling lights;
  • Glass panels with photo printing;
  • cork panels on the walls and other original "chips".

Now, having the necessary knowledge about a variety of stylistic solutions, you can create your own bedroom design, slightly expanding or significantly modifying the proposed options. The main thing is to connect the imagination and design idea did not take long.

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