Design bedroom 10 square meters: the interior of a wooden house, country, cottage

Design bedroom 10 square meters (39 photos) Interior planning, selection of furniture and decoration


Table of contents

  • 1 interior planning
  • 2 selection of furniture
  • 3 Decorating, increasing space
  • 4 Creating comfort
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Most owners of small apartments in old houses are concerned about how to arrange the bedroom. Necessary and desired furniture fit, and to avoid crowding, and to issue a beautiful interior. In this article, our renovated school will talk about how to create a design bedroom 10 square meters.

The room of this size is quite popular, and allows room for all the essentials. With the help of special design tricks it can do more, both visually and functionally.

Design bedroom 10 sq m

interior planning

Each element of the bedroom 10 square meters of interior should be carefully selected, he can give a small expansion space. But the combination of such methods as a whole and will be able to make the design a little more spacious bedrooms.

Having defined the methods used, the plan for future room is applied to the paper in a random drawing. Then proceed to a more detailed thinking through clearance. Find the right idea, which can be taken as a basis, to help Internet.

If you have watched a lot of pages, but nothing has attracted, try searching in Ukrainian ( "Design spalnі kіmnati") or English ( "bedroom design") and see what is offered overseas designers.

Once the idea of ​​design is determined, it remains to put the items that you want to learn, then add the remaining needs and design can be considered ready. It can then be transferred to the screen to see how it will look in three dimensions, and then proceed to his execution.

Let us consider in more detail how it is to pick up the furniture and decoration, to create an "increasing" design small bedroom 10 square meters.

selection of furniture

Large double bed in a small bedroom, unfortunately, does not fit, so if you are going to sleep married couple, have to settle for "a queen" or a double bed, a width of about 1.4 and 1.6 m respectively.

Tip! Double Bed is available with a strong desire and a 10-meter bedroom owners. To do this, you must purchase a bed-transformer or a convertible corner sofa.

When choosing a bed, and its location should adhere to the following rules.


  1. place of sleep as possible should be isolated from the noise, so the bed should not be placed close to a window or door;
  2. it is appropriate to lower the bed with legs or even without them, because it will make the ceiling above;
  3. from the chest will have to give; it is possible to replace boxes placed in the same bed; Now in the assortment of furniture stores there are models with practical handles on the drawers to use podkrovatnoe space as efficiently as possible;
    Design small bedroom 10 sq m

    Boxes placed in the area under the bed

  4. it is not necessary to use a massive cut back;
  5. you may have to place the bed against a wall, which is not as convenient as two separate passage, but can save a few square meters.

Without wardrobe can not do, except perhaps the case, if you create a bedroom design in the country and you do not need to store a lot of things.

Rules for choosing wardrobe:

  1. it is best to make a product to order, using the characteristics of the premises, such as a niche, if any;
  2. if the room is the correct form, it will fit well into the built-in closet to the ceiling;
  3. do not forget about the mirror surfaces; reflecting door design will make a small room is more spacious, like doubling it;
  4. It will look quite impressive and frosted glass, which also creates a false impression of expansion.
    Bedroom design in a wooden house

    Wardrobe with frosted glass

Tip! Small cabinet can be supplemented with a mezzanine around the room. They will not take up valuable square footage, and at the same time form an additional storage space.

The design of the villa bedrooms are not burdened with a large wardrobe, bedside tables fit perfectly. Their height must necessarily be less than the height of the bed to which they are placed as close as possible.

Decorating, increasing space

All finishes should also be aimed at increasing the space.

To do this, use these tricks:

  • Wall Wallpapers bright colors; it can be beige, peach, yellow, light green, light blue, etc.
  • will look good horizontal stripes; such decor "raise" the ceiling;
    Design spalnі kіmnati

    Horizontal stripes on the walls increase space

  • But if you prefer the pattern, it should be small and not too conspicuous;
  • should be avoided wallpaper with glitter, they are "weighted" room;
  • snow-white or pale blue ceiling, on the contrary, makes it "easier", causing the association with an open-air;
  • the floor is desirable to make the light, the color is combined with furniture; if you create a bedroom design in a wooden house, the floor is better to perform a slightly darker color than the walls.

Tip! The diagonal layout laminate or parquet enlarges the area.

Creating comfort

Planned a sufficient number of elements affecting the addition of space should be added, and the elements that create comfort.

Extremely comfortable design will look bedrooms with fireplace. The apartment uses an electric fireplace, and a country house is appropriate and current.

However, the fireplace should pick up strictly under the overall style of the room:

  • Fireplace in the classical style characterized by the presence of right angles and proportional, strict lines. The accommodation slender columns on the sides.
  • Nouveau style is extremely popular because it looks good in small spaces. This fireplace will differ flowing forms and high-end functionality.
  • High-tech applied to fireplaces involves the use in the manufacture of the innovative technology, the abundance of metal and glass, is possible in finishing plastic. Such a product has a rather simple lines and will look very modern.
    Bedroom design in the style of the country

    Electric fireplace brings just as much comfort as a natural

Bedroom design in the country house will look at home, if the floor lay a carpet with a long nap. If on the floor or bed bright linoleum laid parquet, carpet color can match the tone of the floor.

The rooms of about 10 square meters of floor should be light, but if you do choose a dark (brown, black, burgundy), should lay his contrasting carpet (beige, cream or other combines shade).

Those who create the design of the bedroom in country-style, instead of carpet is best for a small braided rug or mat.

Bedroom design with fireplace

Mat complement bedroom in country-style

In addition to these items we recommend to carefully consider the lighting. In the bedroom, the light should be soft.

This effect can help to achieve:

  • ceiling lamp in the form of spheres or hemispheres - a ball or hemisphere should not have holes;
  • Lamps with shades - classic lampshade may look quite old-fashioned, for a more stylish interior design fit shades of frosted glass;
  • tiny spotlights - they need to build in such a way that the room got no direct and reflected light, such as cornice moldings or headboard.

Using these recommendations, you can easily create a pleasant and comfortable interior.

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